Main Hand Item Detector

Sometimes you might want to give player an armor when they hold a sword, or you might want to give them fireworks when their hand is empty. But you are unable to do this. Don’t worry this addon adds brings commands for detecting what the player is holding in mainhand.

By using this pack you get the functionality of detecting items in main hand.

Currently It supports detection of swords and empty hand.

It also supports detection of whether the player is on ground, is sneaking, is dead or not, is sleeping

You can see the video to see how it works. If you like the pack let me know I will add more items in it.

This addon is for mapmakers, command block experts, etc. 

Support me by subscribing my youtube channel tinedpakgamer on the way

Preview video

Watch the video to see how to use the pack.

By using this pack you get the functionality of detecting items in main hand.

Currently It supports detection of swords and empty hand.

You can see the video to see how it works. If you like the pack let me know I will add more items in it.


Suppose  You might want to kill a player whose hand is empty. Just place a command block. Make it repeating and always active. and enter the command kill @a[tag=air]

Just make sure you have the behavior pack is active and everything will go fine.

If you have any issues you can ask in comments.

Changelog View more

Following features are added in detection:-

  • pickaxes
  • axes
  • bow
  • crossbow
  • potion
  • splash potion
  • lingering potion
  • armors
  • sneaking
  • dead players
  • sleeping
  • player on ground

Added the following things.

  A detailed description

  Example on how to use.


Just open the file. It will be imported.

Next open the settings of the world. Go to behavior pack option. And activate detector pack and then open the world


Supported Minecraft versions


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40 Responses

4.53 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. TumpWrangler says:

    Very cool. BUT I’m making an addon that will need something like this. Is there a way to detect specific items and armor if worn? If not, can you please try anyway? I’m really excited about making my addon.

  2. Darkness123 says:

    you probably stopped developing since your YT channel has been deleted. so i guess i wont be seeing a reply or whatever. ah well

  3. Darkness123 says:

    looks promising however the download link does not seem to work? due to requiring permission to download it (it asks user to sign in and request acess)

    Also may i suggest using mediafire which is common for developers.

  4. Guest-2633888944 says:

    1. Can u add clocks, snowballs, sticks and diamonds
    2. Can u add it so it detects if it has been renamed or enchanted plus 1.16 support?

  5. for an updated version search my blog tinedpakgamer blogspot

  6. Guest-2340887625 says:

    1.16 didn’t add much as far as commands go. They didn’t even include the attributes command they added this update, so could you update this to work with more items? Also liked the top comment’s burning and sunlight idea

  7. Guest-4002366003 says:

    Here’s a suggestion this idea might not be possible to add but if it is please add these

    1.If you’re burning you’ll get the tag “Burn” or “Burning” if you’re not burning it will remove it

    2. If you’re in sunlight, it will tag you “Sun” if you’re not in sunlight it’ll remove it

  8. Guest-9172020047 says:

    Not working I think its corrupted

  9. The file is corrupt because of google drive apps. i had no backup if anyone has it send it at [email protected]. I will upload back when i made it again

  10. Guest-8523448241 says:

    can you add throwables like snowble trident and egg?

  11. Guest-5280999943 says:

    This is amazing! As a function pack developer I live this!
    Could you please add detection of Shields in the offhand? Thanks!

  12. Raner1ha3 says:

    but can you possibly make a counter?????????? i know it sounds stupid but this will be so much usefull at a lot of things like shops

  13. This is excellent! I had no idea you could use animations controllers like this. Awesome job.

  14. Guest-7716225297 says:

    Could u make an addon where u can enchant items with sharp 100 and more id love that and you seem like you could do that since nobody else will and u focus on commands thingys

  15. Guest-7090033038 says:

    Whoa! Finally what i’ve been waiting for! Thanks for making this addon dude! It’s great! For the future updates, i suggest you to prioritize adding this first :
    • Tools (pickaxe, axe, hoe, shovel);
    • Weapons (bow,crossbows);
    • Armors (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots, elytra);
    • Support items (arrows, shield, totems, fireworks);
    • and Potions (normal, splash, lingering)

  16. Yes i know that everyone wants this mod to every item. But the reason i didnt do this is because mojang will soon release mcpe 1.16 . this version should come with this functionality already available. So making all items detectable is useless. But if you want more items in this mod. Than tell me which items you want i will add those

  17. Guest-6348867265 says:

    This is actually Great! VERY nice job and thanks. But was wondering is there any way to make it detectable if you use the item or attack with it? that would be a cool second project if you want one!

  18. Guest-2003804201 says:

    I got a problem… This is great but… It doesnt work with other mods i have no idea if its possible to do so but id rather have a sword mod than an item detector tbh… If you could make this work or if anybody can give me a tutorial on how to paste this mod into a sword mod or something id love that! Btw im on xbox so id need an xbox tutorial!

  19. Looks useful, but you can do this to a certain extent already with vanilla Minecraft. This probably makes it way easier though. So cool.

  20. OMG. ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! that was exactly what I needed for my pvp-map… thanks 🙂

  21. Guest-7981014559 says:

    This is going to help me so much for my kitpvp + abilities map , if you could please make this work for every single item. I will love you if u do. 4/5 – 5/5 if it works for all items later on… Please update!

  22. Guest-7552229061 says:

    5/5 I’ve always needed this

  23. Guest-9950675446 says:


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