Mansion Findell 2 (Discovery Update) [Creation]

The Mansion Findell is a huge mansion situated on the top of a hill in a huge forest biome. There are a lot of different activities spread out all over the map which in some cases will send you away from the mansion and out on small simple adventures. For example, you can participate in a boat race, renovate one half of the mansion or search for a shipwrecks. It’s great for anyone who are looking for a fun adventure in an open-ended world.

Creator: MarmotteNapat Minecity
Updated: 1 September, 2017 (read changelog)


Here is a list of all the different activities in the map which you can spend your time doing.

  • Builders: Renovate one half of the mansion and customize it to your liking
  • Treasure Search: Find hints inside the mansion and then use them to find the shipwrecks
  • Multiplayer contests: Parkour, boat race, PvP, hide and seek and more
  • Roleplay: Just hang out and roleplay
  • Explorers: Find the hidden elytras and then find a way to the roof where you take off for flight
  • Survivalist: Explore the forests, caves and mines


  • New Buildings
    • Church
    • Tavern
    • Training area
    • Haunted house
    • Sphinx
    • Tree house
  • New Attractions
    • Maze
    • Elytra path for those who like parkour in the sky and elytra
    • Cemetry
    • 21 shipwrecks
    • Rollercoaster
    • Parkour track in the trees
    • 15 burried treasure chests
    • Mini-golf
    • Training area for practicing:
      • Horse race
      • Battle on horse
      • Obstacle race
      • Archery
  • New Quests
    • The Legend of the 21 Shipwrecks
    • Finder’s Keeper


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112 Responses

4.87 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. Angela McDavid says:

    Can there be a cart race track somewere?

  2. grace m says:

    OMG, this map is the best map ever and so fun to play with. 😀

  3. RyoStonewell says:

    do you think you could try to add a big temple ruins that resemble the chaos temple from sonic?

  4. Sparkle The Little Gamer says:

    Everything in just one map! You made Impossible to possible! Hands off to you. Well done!

  5. Anya says:

    This mansion is awesome but the parkour is confusing because I can’t tell which is the right way to go.

  6. Why says:

    I spawned in the middle of nowhere 😔

  7. #annoyed says:

    Really annoyed. I’ve downloaded this map several times and each time it’s chunks of the building and huge blocks of land is missing EVERYWHERE!

  8. yoiber says:

    hola amigos me pueden decir donde encuentro esta mansion plis ya la descargue

  9. Creeper person says:

    Download link doesn’t work. Please fix this I really want this map.

  10. Xxreapersamaxx says:

    Please can I play thanks

  11. Drake says:

    As a Findell and new fan of Minecraft, (I know, a bit late to the party) I had to take the time to come here and express my amazement with this. Personally, I don’t have the time to build anything this cool. But you did! So thank you for being awesome!

    Keep up the good work.

  12. TheGamerGirl says:

    It just gives me a broken building and a bunch of holes in the ground. ☹️

  13. ClarenceTube says:

    Great Map I Rate 5

  14. Pikaman1923 says:

    This is the best map ever!

  15. Don't believe 3am says:

    Hi this castle looks huge

  16. Hallie says:

    Also if u can’t tell me exactly where u can just leave me clues if u want (shipwrecks..haunted house) I’m going on now to try find this haunted house XD

  17. Hallie says:

    Sorry, I don’t have Facebook I’m 14 XD
    Could u maybe just tell me basic details on here? If u can’t that’s fine.

    Oh yeah btw I found the sw in the beach on the boat path, but can’t find the treasure map for next clue?

    Keep up the amazing work. Can’t wait for next update.
    Hallie ☺️

  18. Megan says:

    The boat race is kind of useless though

  19. Megan says:

    SO MUCH EFFORT. I love this it is lit bro. If I ever get a YouTube channel, I will probably use this world. Kudos to the creator! 🤗

  20. Teddy Bride Mayor says:


  21. Merisays says:

    It’s ok, pretty cool, but PLEASE fix the sign in the front. It looks terrible. And I’m not sure what the big block in the tree is, either. How are you supposed to do the parkour course as well? The mansion is nice, but the outside could definitely use some aesthstetic improvements.

  22. Hallie says:

    Omg Love this map so much! It is flipping amazing. Just the detail and effort that went into it.. how long didn’t it take u to make it? Something like this would have taken me two years XD Now I have a few questions to ask…

    1- how far away are the shipwrecks? It says far.. but I don’t likegoing far away in case I get lost (Done this wayyyy to many times before )

    2- where’s the haaunted house?

    3- how come only one (shipwreck) quest in the tavern works? Says not ready yet?

    4- when is the next update?

    5- i found the first clue.. but where’s the shipwreck?

    6- any more clues for the shipwrecks?

    Also, some things I would like to see in tje next update..

    A school house
    Horse stables? XD
    Idk what else..

    Definitely the best mc pe map ive EVER played. Keep up the good work.


    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Hey! I’m sorry for the late reply!
      I will tell you all you want to know. Add me on Facebook. My name is Nicolas Mathieu (i’m in a parachute outfit on the pic)

  23. Merisays says:

    I think this is the best creation map I have EVER played. Incredible detail, ecspecially in the mansion, so many mini games, kept me busy for a few hours and I still enjoy it. I can’t imagine how long this took to build, but hopefully it was worth it, because this map is incredible. There are still parts I haven’t explored yet!!

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Thank you so much for your support!
      I’m really glad to see that you have a great time in my map 🙂 I make all this for people like you who are aware of the efforts I spend on this!!
      Thank you very much 🙂

  24. Kyle says:

    I found a weird skull temple out randomly, what is it?

  25. Helen says:

    It’s so cool!!!

  26. XxLisa44xx says:

    Hello here I really need some help why I just got to mediafire and I was clicking download for like 30 time and it doesn’t work 🙁 😿😿😿😿 I really need help


    ❤️ It


    I have the first one but this one looks even better(I thought the first one couldn’t get any better….looks like I was wrong)

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Hey thank you so much for your great comment! 🙂

      PS: (Some easter eggs of an eventual update are hidden in my map)

  29. EnderCoolIndo says:


  30. Lucas says:

    Where are the ship werckes

  31. Tux says:

    Make a large ship called Woodbeard’s Booty LOL.

    Idea was from playing a game called Bit Heroes, and in Raid 3 it’s based on pirates… Uh… Yeah I’m gonna go now…

  32. Night Fury 1307 says:

    LOOKS. SO. GOOD. 👍

  33. UltimateAmerica says:

    Wow! That mansion is SO big! I like it a lot!

  34. Raphipod says:

    First of all, great map you have made here.
    I thought i choose the Building path and make this Mansion to a hotel.
    Of course ill put more redstone in it.
    So that you think:
    On the outside its an old castle
    And from the inside a modern hotel.

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      First of all, thank you for your comment and for choosing my mansion to make your hotel!

      Secondly, I think it’s a great idea you have 🙂

  35. Chloe mellor says:

    Omg I love this so much! It’s so confusing tho lol

  36. FallenSpark9505 says:

    BEST THING EVER!! So good but where is the shipwreck?

  37. Gracie says:

    awesome map!! when do you think new update will be out? i’m really excited!

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Hey! I’m sorry for the late replay!
      Thank you for your support! And hopefully, the update is ready!! 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy it!

  38. Hi says:

    What’s the fourth clue?
    There’s only empty space after the bookshelves

  39. Atom Intel says:

    This map was web-chocked I wonder why?

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Hey! Sorry for the late reply!

      The readon why this map was web-choked was because the player had to remove the webs and decorate the place. It was kinda making the mansion looks creepy and old! I hope it answer to your question 🙂

  40. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool, and even better with the Greek Mythology Texture Pack! So detailed and beautiful!

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Hey! I’m really sorry for the late reply!
      Thank you very much for your great encouragements! And I never heard about the texture pack you mentionned, but i’m happy you like it.

  41. Crazy Minecraft girl says:

    Rally big and has a lot of cool rooms and I love the diving board it’s soo cool

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Aw thank you so much ^^
      The July update will be even more cool!! Stay aware of it when I will release it 🙂

  42. Ariana says:

    This is utterly amazing. The detail that went into this is incredible. I would never be able to build something as outstanding as this. Today I’m going to get my 2 other friends and explore this because it is humungous! I can’t wait until July for the new update!

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Wow 🙂 Thank you so much for your support 🙂

      July update will be huge and I hope it will be even more exciting 🙂

  43. Lilcash417 says:

    Hey I was wondering what the third hint is ?

  44. Lilcash417 says:

    Hey I can find ANY clues for the shipwreck! Can you give me a hint as to where to find the clues?

  45. Dana kais says:

    Hi I’ve seen the pictures and I really liked it sadly it’s not downloading:( I don’t know why if u can help me or any thing please reply thank you.

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Hi, maybe you could try with other websites. You just have to search “Mansion Findell” on google

  46. EarthNotch10843 says:

    I can’t play the map because my computer wouln’t allow it to be imported

  47. Cody says:

    Hey great map but I have been waiting for a school map for a very long time can you build one? Please!

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Thank you 🙂
      I am currently updating Mansion Findell with a lot of new content and new activities, so I don’t think I will work on a school for the month of July…. sorry 🙁

  48. I am someone says:

    Looking at it as a builder in the general picture, I’d say it’s decent but cool, though I have to say:
    1) try not spamming glass windows everywhere
    2) the two bricks you’ve used for the walls and roof don’t really work (in my opinion)
    3) maybe use more variety of blocks
    Just some tips if you’re ever planning on improving in the future, I think it currently looks cool though.

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Hi, 🙂
      Thank you for all your suggestions! I planned an update for July, by the way 🙂

      This update will contain a lot of new structures such as a church, a customizable ship, a rollercoaster, a maze, etc., but I don’t think about modifying my mansion :3 Moreover, I don’t know if you visited the inside, but glass windows are there to offer the best view on the outside and the 3 halls are very colorful and I think it will stay this way 🙂

  49. Dat person says:


  50. Karma says:

    Amazing! I loved how much effort went into this!

    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Aww 🙂
      Thank you so much!! It took one month to verify every little details and to be sure everything would run well 🙂

  51. MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

    Hello, Thank you all for your support 🙂 I really appreciate it and I want to tell that I might make an update during this month. Here are the some things I think about:
    -a garden maze
    -an archery/parkour track
    -an elytra path
    -a church
    -stables for animals
    -a rollercoaster
    -“Gold Digger”
    -“Every Ship Needs a Captain”
    -“The 21 Shipwrecks”

  52. Alyson Law says:


  53. Shahraz says:

    Wow this is realy amzing cool!!!

  54. Dannarobro says:

    Where is the shipwreck

  55. Chiss (Former Mineplex Owner) says:

    Wow. This. Is. LIT.

  56. Alextheboss7018 says:

    Good very awesome mape

  57. Yh5789 says:

    Very nice

  58. Michael a Andre says:

    Oh my mansion … it’s out ..yey thanks a lot creative creator😊

  59. Ryan says:

    This is the best map ever

  60. Ryan says:

    This is the best map ever

  61. Andray says:


    • MarmotteNapat Minecity says:

      Thank you very much! If I make an update, I will add 19 other shipwrecks 🙂
      And to do the shower, there are 2 steps:
      #1: Write this: /gamerule commandblockoutput false

      #2: use a block of command and make it on “repeat” (it will be violet”. Then, in the command block, you write all this: /setblock ~ ~4 ~ water 0 destroy

  62. MinecraftSlayer16 says:

    Cool, really cool.

  63. Finn says:

    Wow great map! First comment!

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