Mantles+ v1.2 Update | Compatibility Update! |

Like Monster Hunter? Like Minecraft? I got something your you! Introducing Mantles+, an addon that adds 16 Pieces of armor that correspond with a potion effect to give you a hand with your survival endeavors.

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Update v1.2: Compatibility Update!

  • Mantles now comfortably wrap around you and your armor instead of being an inflated piece of armor. (Visual Improvements)
  • Mantle stats on the item match the effects.
  • Fixed any typos on the mantles.
  • Mantle stats have been Re-Balanced.


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The Mantle Fabric doesnt appear anywhere on the crafting table and you would have to know the actual recipe to be able to obtain it
Works pretty well but the Night Vision mantle on this addon causes the sky at night to constantly glitch and flash back and forth.
Im sorry but I play with alot of diffrent addons, and with that said this is one of the most polished, creative addons ive seen on this site please applaud urself :)
0 stars. Doesnt work.
"My disappointment immeasurable, and my day, ruined."
Awsome addon. You earned your self a new
subscriber and a like on the trailer