Mantles+ v1.2 Update | Compatibility Update! |

Like Monster Hunter? Like Minecraft? I got something your you! Introducing Mantles+, an addon that adds 16 Pieces of armor that correspond with a potion effect to give you a hand with your survival endeavors.

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Update v1.2: Compatibility Update!

  • Mantles now comfortably wrap around you and your armor instead of being an inflated piece of armor. (Visual Improvements)
  • Mantle stats on the item match the effects.
  • Fixed any typos on the mantles.
  • Mantle stats have been Re-Balanced.


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Im sorry but I play with alot of diffrent addons, and with that said this is one of the most polished, creative addons ive seen on this site please applaud urself :)
0 stars. Doesnt work.
"My disappointment immeasurable, and my day, ruined."
Awsome addon. You earned your self a new
subscriber and a like on the trailer