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Published on June 23, 2014 (Updated on June 23, 2014)

Mario Craft

Mario Craft is a mod which got similaries to what Super Mario Bros 1 looked like for NES and Game Boy Advance. The map is built in a 2D way, but as it's Minecraft it's obviously 3D. Have a look at the image below to get the idea of the concept. 


  • To play type /enter
  • Play levels created by yourself or play levels other have created
  • Block interration: jump blocks and breakable bricks.
  • Certain blocks unbreakable
  • Place blocks and access chests


  • To build type /build
  • Access every blocks
  • Access the side control GUI with: fly up, fly down, fly still, end flight, time set day, place block on feet, TMI inventory editor (id)
  • Infinitive health
  • The most easy and perfect way to build levels to play yourself and share with others


  • No fall damage
  • 8 block horizontal jump
  • 4 block vertical jump
  • Sprinting
  • Classic in-game music

Special Blocks

  • Jump Block: if you step on it you will jump 15 blocks into the air
  • Breakable Brick: jump and hit it with your head and it will break
  • Coin Brick: jump and hit it with your head and it will be a used brick and drop a coin (you'll be able to collect coins in next version)
  • ?Block: jump and hit it with your head to get a powerup (the powerup abilities will be in the next version)

Block List

  • Used Block (ID: 174)
  • Platform Block (ID: 175)
  • Grass Platform (ID: 177)
  • Dirt Platform (ID: 180)
  • Dark Platform (ID: 182)
  • Coin Brick (ID: 176)
  • Plant (ID: 178)
  • Pipe (ID: 179)
  • Jump Block (ID: 181)
  • Breakable Brick  (ID: 183)
  • Item Block (ID: 184)

Maps Created by Users

  • Road to Bowser by Darth377 (medium difficulty) - Download
  • Make a reply in the comments area with the information about your map if you want it added here!



  1. Unzip the MarioCraft folder
  2. Cut and paste marioMusic folder to the root of your SD card
  3. Apply the texture
  4. Enable the mod

Creator: Dart377

Installation Guides

I Dont Have Java Edtion Can You Make It Non Zip?
Somebody give a tutorial how to install the addon to your minecraft world cuz im confused
(Maxio1511 on other account) nvm i just figured out that its only on phone devices
Tem q apertar nos 3 pontinhos e apertar no Download diréto
this is stupid you cant download it
There’s no button to download
Can I install this on iOS?
It's cool
I can't go to Dropbox!!!!!
I can’t download!
What version type do you need to get the mod??????????
0.10 I would guess.
Hey, uh... Could You Update This to 1.2?
Surachman Adhiyaksa June 23, 2015 at 1:41 am
Why when i use the texture pack my block launcher chrashing?
Because the texture pack is outdated.
how do you download
Click the grey download button in the bottom of the page.
It wont pach it sed that failed to import modpe script how do I pach it. Plese tell me how to pach i realy want mod.
My safari can't download
Tried this link?
I cant install the music. Tutorial?