MarvelCraft Addon

This is an addon which adds four superhero armors, a bunch of new tools and weapons and also a couple of evil villains to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Equip the armor and weapons and participate in epic battles with villains such as Venom, Loki or any of the other ones which have been added. It’s a battle between good and evil and it’s up to you to decide who win!

Creator: Hexdro, Twitter Account

Superhero Armors

Some of the armors in Minecraft have been replaced with the armors of Superheroes. Neither of them offer any extra abilities or powers. However, you can use one of the weapons (which are listed further down on this page) to get some superpowers.

  • Iron Man = Iron Armor
  • Spiderman Costume = Gold Armor
  • Captain America’s Suit = Diamond Armor
  • Deadpool’s Costume = Chainmail Armor


The following weapons have been implemented to offer a more powerful range of tools and weapons which you can use to battle the new villains in Minecraft.

  • Iron Man’s Gauntlet (Bow): Shoots laser which causes both explosions and some fire
  • Captain America’s Shield (Fishing Rod): One-shot kills most enemies
  • Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir (Snowball): Strikes lightning and causes a small explosions
  • Hawkeye’s Bow (Bottle ‘o Enchanting0): Causes a big explosion and some fire
  • Black Widow’s Gun (Egg): Deals quite a lot of damage, less accurate
  • Spiderman’s Webshooter (Ender Pearl): Instantly teleports the player to where the web lands, one-shot kills most mobs
  • Deadpool’s Katana (Iron Sword)

Here you can see Thor’s Hammer (also known as Mjölnir) in action.

The most powerful weapon appears to be Hawkeye’s Bow which replaces the Bottle o’ Enchanting. It’s clearly incredibly powerful but serves as the perfect tool for anyone who want to be a superhero.


Some mobs have been replaced by new evil mobs which will try to harm the player if they get the chance. Make sure to grab one of the new weapons before you try to kill any of the following mobs.

  • Chitauri (Zombie Pigmen): Aliens from the Avengers movie
  • Ultron Robot (Skeleton): One of the evil robots from the Age of Ultron movie
  • Advanced Ultron Robot (Stray)
  • Mystique (Wither Skeleton): One of the mutants in the X-Men movies
  • Venom (Zombie): A nemesis of Spiderman
  • Loki (Husk): Loki in the Avengers movie
  • Villagers have been replaced by Wolverine, Starlord, Thor, the Black Widow, Cyclops and Doctor Strange

The only friendly mob which has been replaced is the villager which has been replaced by some superheroes. For some reason they are weak and won’t fight back if they get attacked. Hopefully that’s just a bug which will be fixed in a future update.



  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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119 Responses

4.63 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. vincent wilson says:

    cool thing

  2. Yehoshua Watson says:

    I have a quick question. Does Iron Man fly?

  3. Aaron says:

    You should’ve made the original shield the captain America shield. It would’ve been better if you didn’t use a fishing rod but good job!

  4. Hanale says:

    I was hoping for a chitauri Leviathan but ok

  5. Anonymous says:

    Samsung pls

  6. Nateplays minecraft says:

    How do I download it please respond immediately

  7. Joemayi61 says:


  8. w3lol says:

    To be honest, you should replace the spiderweb thing with the snowball. And then you can travel with the snowball but you can do this anyways with commands: /execute @e[type=snowball] ~ ~ ~ tp @p/a/[your_username] ~ ~1/[any_moderate_number] ~

  9. Bendy The Dancing Demon says:

    Add thanos pls

  10. Pheonix 5 says:

    I think spidermans web shooter could’ve had improvments

  11. Pheonix 5 says:

    Thor’s hammer dosen’t work how do you use it agin?

  12. Zidil132 says:

    Oh man every time I press download pack it always takes me to inappropriate 😱 , websites. Mcpedl PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  13. Xxfiretearsxx says:

    Star lord is not in the game, or he’s rare, I spawned so many villagers I crashed my game and not a single starlord

  14. DayyLikeNight says:

    Cool add on, just one problem:
    Thors hammer doesn’t strike lightning.

  15. PurpleShep says:

    Pls add chitari scepter it’s a really good addons but I would like the scepter

  16. OliverQueen says:

    Pls add scepter

  17. OliverQueen says:


  18. PurpleShep says:

    Loki I love him now because the new Thor ragnork

  19. Update it says:

    Updated. It please

  20. Update it says:

    Updated it please

  21. Lazermaster says:

    For some reason I know it says marvel but plz add in dc too

  22. William says:

    When are you going to update the addon

  23. Raveen says:

    Come on I only got it to strike lightning and it crashes me and I got a new iPad from the store and it still crashed so I pretty Mutch wasted a lot of money for it and still did not work please fix 😭

  24. Gaming pro says:

    Hello I am downloading the resource pack but It is downloading texture pack

  25. Anonymous says:

    you should have sth different suits have special powers

  26. David Wagstaff says:

    Every time I use Thor’s hammer it crashes. Can you fix that please?

  27. Raveen says:

    Thorns hammer is to laggy wen it hits some thing it crashes and I really want to strike lightning please fix that

  28. Lol says:

    Whenever I throw mjlnir my game crashes

  29. PinkSheepYT says:

    Wow. Hello all my prankster gangsters. How you all can talking about me?

  30. SanstheComic626 says:

    Great addon except that whenever i through thors hammer i get a massive lag spike and then a crash

  31. Cool says:

    When I use the hammer it crashes

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Deadpool says:

    Plz make a D.C. Addon it would be really awesome

  34. Anonymous says:

    Make a D.C. Addon iron armor for batman snowballs as batarang enderperels for his grappling hook leather armor for flashes armor and so on

  35. Anonymous says:

    Make a D.C. Addon snowballs as batarang iron armor as batmans armor and leather armor as flashes armor

  36. The Redstone Miner says:

    It would be cool if you added Star-Lord’s armour and weapon

  37. Nathan says:

    This is probably the best add on if ur looking for a superheroes add on…but it would be great if the armors have special effects…example deadpool’s full set gives you regeneration 5 health boost 9 and other effect…btw best add on ever

  38. Anonymous says:

    The. Best addon ever really cool tnx very much

  39. CapD07 says:

    Cool i have it on my tablet

  40. Brenden Casmir Nihill says:

    Can someone help me download this every time I open it it sends me to adfly and it won’t let me download it

  41. OliverQueen says:

    He won’t make a D.C. One he took out my comment

  42. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a D.C. Marvel one with Batman and flash and stuff like that

  43. Anonymous says:

    Could you make a DC addon

  44. Bobjohns says:

    Can you also make the ender pearl shoot cobwebs as well please by updating this Addon?

  45. LarsLAGD Gaming says:

    Please make a one piece craft add-on plz plz

  46. Jason says:

    Editor please say to hexdro to make doctor strange addon and I also have. youtube channel the name is Jasondaniswara it only has 19 subscriber thank you if you subsribe

  47. Jason says:

    please make doctor strange addon use potions please

  48. Jeff says:

    Please make a hulk now JUST U WILL BE THE BEST NO JOKE BUT can u make it with a different throwing item and hulk leather armour so I can add them all together please make it

  49. Justin bieber says:

    This is the best thing ever because this is my first time useing a new thing thats a addon i never ever used a addon so im excited

  50. Inder says:

    This is my first time useing this is this great?

  51. Oweeeeen says:

    Yes make iron man fly

  52. TheMutantCreeper says:


  53. TheMutantCreeper says:

    My favorite one is thor hammer!

  54. PrincessPizu says:

    hey guys! watch my channle “PrincessRizu”.
    i work with Aphmau, and you guys already know that i am Katelyn in Mystreat.
    i hope you guys have a great day seing me in here. and don’t forget subscribe and SHOW some love with that like button. hope you guys have a wonderful day

  55. Dan the pro says:

    Editor tell the creator to make a update where iron mans suit can fly

  56. Arnav Pawar says:

    Enjoying it!

  57. johnny says:

    real helicopter addon plz, 2 seats, doesn’t only hover, plz make a helicopter addon like that plz.

  58. holuvavo says:

    Someone make a Simpsons AddOn please…

  59. Gurli Gris says:

    Hello there. When I click next on adfly it takes me to App Store and shows me a random ad… Pls fix this 🙂

  60. Minecrazy153 says:

    This is Great

  61. Arjunamust says:

    Great Addon

  62. XD says:

    This version work in ?

  63. XCreepdudeX says:

    Make Subnautica Add-on

  64. PeterTen28XD says:

    Nice! 😀

  65. Anonymous says:

    What about a addon with all the superheros that would be super amazing good addon by the sway thank you so much for this addon

  66. aozaTheAddonDownloader says:

    Ok What? xD

  67. Dan the pro says:

    Editor can you tell the creator to make a update where iron man’s can fly

  68. PhantomBro95 says:

    Wow!, Cool! I Love Iron Man!!! 😀

  69. BlazingIce says:

    I could finally become SPOODERMAN

  70. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    And your the best and also black panther would be cool to

  71. Cooldog45 says:

    Man, I’ve spawned so many villagers but I can’t seem to find star lord. Is he even in the addon?

  72. DarthCrafter18 says:

    Dude please make a D.C. One with Batman and Superman and the flash but make the flash iron because he’s my favorite

  73. Donnie says:

    Can you make a batman addon to please.

  74. Liam says:

    I have been working on my own addon. How would I go about making a skeleton have the bodyshape of a player or zombie? So I can do a custom skin.

  75. Størm says:

    YAY! Thanks to the creator for making this happen for iOS.
    I hope I see future updates for this mod with new heroes 😛

  76. Da beast says:

    Hi editor, can u add an Addon like this but for dc? And also add villain suits that would be cool

  77. Odin says:

    Someone should replace the leather armor with thor’s armor….HIS MUSCLES BE DA BEST

  78. Jamison says:

    I lobe it’s! Can you mKe a DC superhero addon. And have the flash in it please respond

    • Itsmilkykai says:

      Yes please do this that would be like my favourite add on and like he said make sure the flash is in it. If you do make this add on thx if not oh well

  79. Soutch says:

    Can this work for beta?

  80. Ethan says:

    Please make a Pink Sheep addon. It would be awsome to see sheep with mustaches. I also want Homie Dolphin to be in it. If you do not no these things, go check out the pink sheep Youtube channel.

  81. Odin says:

    Where have you been all my life….

    By the way edutor, how did you know Thor’s hammer was named Mjolnir :). I thought i was the only one who loved Norse Mythology.

    Thanks MCPEDL and the creator of this addon 🙂

  82. maisong says:

    Yes! Finally! Thank you so much. What map is being used by the way?

  83. Jetmaster231 says:

    first comment, good add-on

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