Fly UI

New look with Fly UI. If you are tired of the look of default Minecraft UI, then Fly UI is one of the solutions. Fly UI combines the design idea of several editions of Minecraft. 

Fly UI contains the idea of ​​Minecraft Earth design, Minecraft Dungeons music, vanilla elements and the author’s work. 

Creator: _marcjones_ (Twitter Account)

 How does it work?

Fly UI completely modifies some vanilla screens.

Main menu (start screen)

Settings screen

Profile screen (default tab)

Profile screen (preview tab)

Persona screen (character edit)

Play screen (worlds tab)

Play screen (servers tab)

Add server screen

World templates screen

Create new World/Realms screen

Loading screen (resource packs etc.)

Loading screen (World)

Loading screen (Realms)

Saving screen (World/Realms)

Login screen


Don’t like the default background/music? Fly UI DLC for you!

1. Fly UI DLC: Dungeons – Pumpkin Pastures

Description: Contains alternative background and music from Minecraft Dungeons.

Download: click here [OneDrive] [without AD]

Distribution of Fly UI DLC to other sites is prohibited without the permission of the creator. This is exclusive to MCPEDL. 

For RU: другим сайтам запрещено распространять FlyUI DLC без разрешения автора. Это эксклюзивно для MCPEDL. 

Recommended GUI scale is 0. There may be problems with the display of various elements on different platforms.

Terms of use

You can:

You can’t:

  • edit code .
  • use files/code in other resource packs (the code structure is unique and it is easy to verify) .
  • copy site materials: description, images etc. (original MCPEDL page).


  •  you can create your own DLC based on “Fly UI DLC: Dungeons – Pumpkin Pastures” (with your own background and music) and leave a screenshot/video on Twitter with the hashtag #FlyUIDLC. The best DLC’s will be published here.
  • you can’t publish Fly UI DLC to other site.
  • you can make a video about Fly UI DLC.
  • you can use Fly UI DLC .

All rights reserved!

Changelog View more

Design and Aesthetics update .

If you used Fly UI Beta, delete it. This is important for the correct installation of this update.

NOTE: If you have any questions, first study the description of the add-on and Installation description. Leaving a comment describe the gameplay experience.

2 July 2020 - 1.16-


  • re-added Login screen

- it is technically necessary. Some features don't work without a Microsoft account.


  • DLC packs!

- exclusive to MCPEDL.

- contains alternative background and music.

- players can create their own DLC's for Fly UI (read the description above).

  • updated Main Menu

- new tiled design!

  • updated Settings screen
  • updated Create new World/Realms screen
  • updated World Templates screen
  • updated Profile screen

- added Default and Preview tabs.

  • updated Persona screen (character edit)
  • updated Add Server screen
  • updated Play screen (default/friend/servers tabs)
  • updated Loading screen's

- new animated thematic icons.


  • soft colors
  • pleasant music from the Minecraft Dungeons


  • added 'Minecraft Five' font
  • removed original 'Noto Sans' ttf font
  • new unique code structure

- means creating screens from separate components (like puzzles).

- facilitates the development and finding bugs.

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed invisible screens when you click the Play button

Bug Fixes (from Fly UI Beta):

  • fixed: settings is not displayed during the game
  • fixed: world editing settings not displayed
  • fixed errors from the error log
  • fixed lags and crashes


Build: 1.14-, (FlyUI hotfix update)



• updated menu background

• added recommendations in splash texts


• fixed dark theme

• fixed dialog font color

• fixed display of button names (Bedrock 1.15/1.16)

• featured servers are displayed correctly




• in development again!

• supported version of Minecraft 1.14.1 and later

• updated Main Menu Screen

• updated themed backgrounds

• added zh-CN translate

• added splash text to the Main Menu


• featured servers are displayed again

• fixed option “Subscriptions” in settings

• fixed gameplay screens (command blocks, trade etc.)

• fixed custom animations

• fixed several crashes

Happy Lunar New Year!

The development of the "Fly UI Add-on" is temporarily discontinued.


 v1.14-ui1.0.4.2EU (12.14.2019)


• users no longer need to login to a Microsoft account to play with Fly UI


• updated themed backgrounds

• updated Progress Screeen

• updated screens animations

• other minor changes

Bug Fixes:

• custom servers are displayed again

• game version is now displayed correctly

• combinations of some buttons no longer cause crashes

Know issues:

• there are problems with all gameplay screens (trade, commands block, etc.)

• new screen animations cause a delay

• the technical part of the addon is not updated to the new version

The development of the "Fly UI Add-on" is temporarily discontinued.


 v1.14-ui1.0.4.2EU (12.14.2019)


• users no longer need to login to a Microsoft account to play with Fly UI


• updated themed backgrounds

• updated Progress Screeen

• updated screens animations

• other minor changes

Bug Fixes:

• custom servers are displayed again

• game version is now displayed correctly

• combinations of some buttons no longer cause crashes

Know issues:

• there are problems with all gameplay screens (trade, commands block, etc.)

• new screen animations cause a delay

• the technical part of the addon is not updated to the new version

Update v1.14-ui1.0.4.2EU (14/12/2019)


• users no longer need to login to a Microsoft account to play with Fly UI


• updated themed backgrounds

• updated Progress Screeen

• updated screens animations

• other minor changes

Bug Fixes:

• custom servers are displayed again

• game version is now displayed correctly

• combinations of some buttons no longer cause crashes

Know issues:

• there are problems with all gameplay screens (trade, commands block, etc.)

• new screen animations cause a delay

• the technical part of the addon is not updated to the new version

Update v1.0.3 stable

• supported v1.13/1.14

• updated Popup Screens

• added Night Mode for Popup Screens

• Halloween UI Theme added for the Halloween holidays (from 29.10.19 to 05.11.19)

• reduced size of some files of the Fly UI Add-On

• fixed some bugs

• UIData overlays method is now used for display the Custom UI Components

Some updates will be available by updating the link in the future. If you want to receive some updates, visit this site and check the relevance of the addon file. Current version: 1.0.3 

(0.0191029.4), if you saw 1.0.3(0.0191105.2) on OneDrive - update!

Update (09/13/2019) v0109345612.beta (Beta 2):


• updated Main Menu Screen;

• updated Settings Screen;

• updated How To Play Screen;

• updated Play Screen;

• updated Add External Server Screen;

• updated World Templates Screen;

• updated World Create Screen;

• updated Login Screen.


• font "DefaultFont" is now controlled by Data-Driven;

• TTF fonts added: MojangRegular, NotoSansRegular, MinecraftSeven;

• updated the algorithm for blocking a user who does not have a Microsoft account.


• fixed a error where the user could not sign in the game with a Microsoft account (Xbox only).

Known issues:

• Gameplay items (Command Block, Chat etc.) have green components of the UI. This will be fixed in the next update.

Update v1.0.1 public beta (path), August 10, 2019


• updated Start Screen;

• updated Settings screen;

• updated How to Play screen;

• added changeable background (plains/snowy plains/savanna);

• added mandatory login screen into Microsoft account;

• added "Debug" option.


  • Wait 5 seconds and click Skip Ad (top right) > Ignore the "Please press 'Allow' to continue" page - After this, the Mediafire page will appear.

Note: I do this to make sure that I get support and continue to update the project. I'm sorry for this, but it is important for me and for you.

  • Click the download button and wait for the download to finish.
  • Open .mcpack to launch Minecraft (resource pack is imported automatically). Instruction for iOS here.
  • Go to Settings > Resource Packs > Apply the Fly UI.
  • Enjoy! 


Supported Minecraft versions


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168 Responses

4.39 / 5 (70 votes)
  1. Rayg says:

    Very Nice UI but Can You Make Exit Button? it Useful for me

  2. Velcerd says:

    Great UI mod! This and Core UI stand as the best out there to date!

    I can only sing praises to this creation of yours.

    If you’re still taking in suggestions, would it be possible to incorporate the panoramic view for the background image?

    Thnx again for this awesome addon.

  3. xXNava.NationXx says:

    Does anyone know how to make custom UI?

  4. Guest-9542837749 says:

    What’s the resources pack in the background?

  5. Guest-9317482659 says:

    Hello when I click skip add it redirects me to a weird page. could you try to make the link more convenient please?

  6. Guest-9295524809 says:

    Screw you, i cant play thank to the microsoft account signup button

  7. Guest-5516653257 says:

    So I really like but I think there’s a bug whenever you open a screen like trade screen or inventory screen etc the color suddenly changes instead of a fade and it drives me crazy

  8. Guest-3149576874 says:


  9. Guest-8463758642 says:

    I was very excited to get a better UI pack, but when I tried to download it, I couldn’t. Is there a way to fix that?

  10. Guest-1912119968 says:

    Bug report and suggestion
    Hello! I love the UI but when i open my inventory and exit the dark is still there for a split second. im a Pvper so thats a pretty big problem also i use a pvp texture pack and i would love it if you can make it other pack friendly thx!

  11. XeoMaker says:

    Can i have permission to use this pack in my map?

  12. Guest-1249038354 says:

    Hello there! Is there any way to remove the bottom bar with blocks and chats from vanishing after i while in-game? If so thanks

  13. Guest-1013414284 says:

    Hello. U said we could make our own DLC with custom background and music right? Well idk how to put in custom background tho…

  14. Guest-4452338730 says:

    Can you pls get it on inedrive like you have that dlc because i cant open mediafire link please

  15. Guest-4868749258 says:

    Does this work for mcpe v1.14.60.5?

  16. Guest-6637510573 says:

    Can you make it a zip file bc .mcpack files are fucked on IOS1.13

  17. Guest-3709118788 says:

    Can u please update the download link to media fire cuz it isnt media fire it’s an other website I was about to get virus on my phone so please dont use this website please I want a media fire link please

  18. Guest-5898942544 says:

    It’s just taking me to the adfly website

  19. Guest-1054969233 says:

    I have a problem I download the mod but said me that is needed another mod, what I do?(pleseee)

  20. LittleGman29 says:

    This is an AMAZING pack! It makes my minecraft better and everything! But there’s a bug.. When I put the pack on, restart it then put on another pack, my screen keeps flashing. And the only way to take off the pack is by deleting it from com.mojang. I would really like if you could fix that. Other than that, this is amazing pack!

  21. Percyception says:

    I like the UI! It’s great! It makes my Minecraft more beautiful!

  22. Guest-5971419268 says:

    Bug report…When loading a world template, i am unable to create it

  23. Guest-5037827609 says:

    When you go to a link shortening site there is an infinite connection and that’s it ;(

  24. Guest-3015620919 says:

    descargo lo que le falta a la ui

  25. Dragekk says:

    Maybe add animated background (fire, leaves, particles), pause screen, and add texture setting to change start screen to look good on pc

  26. ViceRabbit says:

    Hi! This UI looks very good, but I have a suggestion; I know you have said that “The GUI on furnaces, chests, inventory, etc are not changing”. I know about that but can you please, accept the fact that many people want you to change the GUI on furnaces, chests, inventory’s and stuff. Just a reminder that this is just a suggestion. On the other hand, this UI is pretty good!

  27. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    How do I play with this add-on if I have unlicensed minecraft and I don’t have an account?

  28. Guest-2098236805 says:

    There is a bug when ever I will go to settings global resources and when ever I will try to click on a resource pack to activate it the game will start glitching and blipping to fix it i will be needed to restart minecraft 1.16

  29. Guest-2795812813 says:

    Bruh the stupid like wont work it just immediately redirects you to some random website riddled with viruses, plz fix I really want to use this pack, my review might change after fix

  30. Guest-8307904018 says:


  31. Guest-2948205858 says:

    I like this add-on, I feel bored with the old Minecraft look and fortunately I found this add-on, now I have a new Minecraft UI look!,a little advice: can you change the Minecraft inventory UI to look a little more like the UI inventory in Java?

  32. Guest-3730730054 says:

    Dang it! I really want the UI pack but can’t pass adlfy(even though that thing sucks anyway) Really wanted this on my phone ._.

  33. Guest-2571958649 says:

    Bug: For some reason, when selecting a option in the main menu (Play, Settings, Marketplace, etc.) after selecting it shows that I selected the achievements button instead of what I pressed.

  34. I’m rethinking me review for one reason only, I can’t find where the storage area is in settings, so I can’t find my mods or cached data. It is a great UI, but I desperately need this featue!

  35. Guest-5732492544 says:

    having issues with adfly…

  36. Dragekk says:

    Creating world from world templete not work
    When joining to someone world/realms should be more information like downloading pack progress

  37. Guest-3685726849 says:

    Hallelujah! FLY UI IS HERE!!!

  38. Guest-4857884211 says:

    Add. Version for 1.14 pls

  39. Zach Marc says:

    I’m literally stuck at the start screen it just says sign in like the Microsoft thing I’m stuck there’s no exit button to the ui

  40. LightningCraft_YT says:

    SO COOL!

  41. OMG…I don’t know how you did this, but it is amazing! My favorite UI of any Minecraft version!

  42. Chungui23 says:

    Hello Marc Jones, when I click play, the screen will freeze and won’t load, and when I apply it to any world, it won’t load.

  43. Guest-7661129408 says:

    Not work on 1.16😢

  44. Guest-7053320738 says:

    Hi do you got discord I want to offer you something

  45. Guest-1492252841 says:

    Hi why isn’t the black rectangle thing isn’t covering the whole top part of the screen?

  46. Warrior56YT says:

    Very great pack! There’s just one problem that I have a violent nerve against: The NotoSans font is everywhere and I don’t like the look of it. I would suggest making a Minecraft pack that replaces the smooth font to the original default font or being able to choose between fonts in the menu. Other than that I would rate 3 stars.

  47. TwiliteSkittle says:

    Legit the best GUI I have ever seen in the history of Minecraft Bedrock! 😀 Keep up the good work!

  48. Guest-4222590840 says:

    A random 5 star

  49. Guest-1859324431 says:

    I have bug on play button it not show that way I want I am on version

  50. Rebel25 says:

    I love this so much, but the fade in/out time on the inventory is too long.

  51. Josh_Spark says:

    The fade when opening inventory is too long. But either than that it’s great!!

  52. Guest-4917160955 says:

    how do you get older versions?

  53. Guest-9065566872 says:

    this literally reminds me of Roblox on Xbox one

  54. Guest-8855753276 says:

    I found 2 things I don’t quite like:

    1. For some reason, the Join Realms button doesn’t work 🙁

    2: The fact I can’t just access my servers I saved easily without having to enter the ip and port over and over again just bothers me a ton.


  55. IceCreeperPE says:

    Oh Didn’t Know.

  56. Guest-6697902495 says:

    The latest update kinda bothers me. Specifically the Chinese background. I use the previous version instead because of the new background. Can the next update not have a China background please? If not for that I would rate 5 stars. And there is also a problem that won’t let me play on featured servers.

  57. Guest-1720923229 says:

    why is the closing and opening of inventories so slow? where do you store that so i can fix it. ty

  58. 流炎lwh says:


  59. EndLord says:

    This is awesome! Great work!


    on packs settings (most bottom image) is not × button please fix it, it makes playing on touchscreen devices so unconfortable

  61. Sammy says:

    The pack says that the manifest is missing or something, Is this something I’m doing wrong or an issue with the pack?

  62. eoaga says:

    the manifest is broken

  63. lachlyn270 says:

    is there anyway you could make it so it supports 1.12.1 please

  64. ProGamer672 says:

    Very Good!!! 🙂

  65. Encie says:

    Could you modify the inventory of survival and creative mode?

  66. Golden says:

    The Font Is Not Working For Some Reason Im Using and fly ui is my only texture pack that is enabled on my global resources pls fix it The Google Noto Sans Thing Font Is Not working it only works when i type in chat and when i send it to the chat it still is the default font not google noto sans

  67. Golden says:

    This is the best ui i ever seen

  68. Herobrine says:

    can you add × button to texture pack options(image for night mode for popup screens)
    also play selection need update it would be great if two different selection exist
    singleplayer multiplayer

  69. KTR Builds says:

    I really like this addon and my only feedback is on the first screen, could the buttons be in the middle instead of to the left? Great addon nevertheless!

  70. DANKMEMEMASTER021 says:

    featured servers doesnt work but despite that, GREAT!

  71. SubGplayz says:

    Hey! could you please add your realms section to the top? i really like the design but i need easy access to my realm.

  72. ATXL Studios says:

    Fix link pls

  73. Astral Marseille says:

    No multiplayer and server, please fix but aside that, it’s a very nice UI

  74. HazmiRasid says:

    where’s the server sign tho.. and change the main menu background because Octoiber already ends. and if you go to marketplace. the background will be changed back to the normal background

  75. An Unhappy User says:

    I can’t see the default servers

  76. Guestyz says:

    There is no multiplayer, add it

  77. Phil Arra says:

    Great UI, but are you planning on updating your Bedrock AI Addon.

  78. Dragon Ninja official says:

    I don’t want say sign in 😭

  79. HazmiRasid says:

    can you make one for 1.12.1? id defenitely give it 5 star. it look so sick and smooth

  80. The play screen is from Education edition bruh

  81. aspring14 says:

    Not in the beta, I rolled out of this but it is a cool pack.

  82. Rum says:

    This add-on has a great design
    Can this be done in Japanese?

  83. Random Minecrafter says:


  84. i tried to download but it did not work

  85. Koba says:

    Dark mode please

  86. Oio says:

    I still annoyed by the signup button…
    I dont even have xbox acc….
    Still cool tho!

  87. DisputedRelic87 says:

    I was so exited to try this. But I’m very disappointed! 😰😰😰😰 WHY?! CLF.TO USES AN UNSUPPORTED PROTOCOL!!??? FIX please and I will be like 😁. Use adfly or mediators!

  88. ImATotalTrashMamal says:

    Please update your Bedrock AI addon pls? I really like your UI interface and i even download it! But i need your Bedrock AI!

  89. burger with moldycheese says:

    If this was added for 1.12.1, I’d definitely download this. But since it’s only allowed for 1.13, I will give this 3 stars. But overall it’s a great looking pack!

  90. DisputedRelic87 says:

    Cannot download! FIX DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!!

  91. SammyDoesNotExist_ says:

    It looks great. I’m not really a fan of the nota san font tho so if it is toggable then that’ll be great

  92. Anonymous says:

    Looks great, but please make a dark mode! I put one dark mode pack on and now I don’t want to go back. Still 5 stars though

  93. TylerTheHybrid says:

    What About The Invite Friends Feature?

  94. Ahsan says:

    Nice job! But it could be better if you make the texture pack as well

  95. Secret man 66 says:

    Pls continue bedrock UI

  96. Noob says:

    Change skin menu has missing textures :d, overall, it reminded the new ui for 1.11 and I love it, I give it 4/5, this rating can change overtime

  97. lasty says:

    Very cool! Best UI for Bedrock Edition!

  98. EthanGamerTV says:

    Finally marcjones made another Addon!

  99. MD enthusiast says:

    It reminds me a lot more of the launcher or website than Material Design… not too bad though.

    Please move the chat to the left!

  100. Mattia says:

    Nice 👌😀

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