Matt’s Minigolf: Food Edition

Do you like minigolf? Well, here’s your chance. Matt’s Minigolf is a series of maps which feature the sport of minigolf in Minecraft. This time you will take on 10 different challenges which are each based on a food item. Donuts, pizza slices, tacos – you will find it all here. The objective is quite simple. Throw the ball on the floor and it will slide (because of the ice which is hidden underneath the carpet). Get the ball in the hole to score. It’s best played together with other players.

Creator: MattH44TwitterWebsite


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5 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please add more its so fun yay!!!!??? I mean add more holes
    Add like chips or potatoes and fries

  2. VibrantFrog1428 says:

    hey really cool map looks great. in the top description you had spelled donuts not doughnuts

  3. GamingWithEthan says:


  4. GamerBW95YT says:

    Cool Tho.
    < O /
    / \

  5. A Very Rare Jackie Chan fan says:

    It’s awesome!

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