Matt’s Mods Bundle (13 Mods!)

Matts mods are some of the most downloaded mods there currently is. Here we have gathered all Matt’s mods and put them in a nice bundle.

Arrow TV Show: Adds new cool features to arrows. (Android/Maybe iOS)

Rainbow Arrows: After shooting an arrow a rainbow trail of the arrow will be seen. (Android)

Insta-Bridges: Auto-generates a bridge to the arrow’s target. (Android)

Disco Ball: Creates a disco ball with cool lights. (Android/iOS)

Lasso: Throw a lasso on animals. (Android)

NukePE: TNT upgraded. (iOS/Android)

Mo’Crops: New crops added (Android)

Cracked Items: When mining you run a change of retrieving a cracked items. Combine 4 cracked items and get a solid item. (Android)

Frozen the Movie: Inspired by the movie. (Android)

Essence TNT: Elemental TNT advanced (Android)

Colored Carpets: More colored carpets (Android)

C4: Use a remote to detonate TNT. (Android)

Exploding Animals: Tap animals with flint and steel to make them explode. (Android)


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  1. Unknown says:

    Wish I had Android, it would do much much better.

  2. Eliot says:

    What mods do you recommend for the iOS minecraft pocket edition

  3. Help says:

    I went to the website but I don’t now what to do

  4. Perdo Ng Ho Hoe says:

    Two mods of sites I wanted to go makes me feel both of them have scarceware

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