Maximum Enchantment

Have you ever thought about the maximum level of enchantment items and armor? If so, then the map “Maximum Enchantment” will help you. On this map, all items are enchanted to the highest possible level for the game – 32767. You can become a god, without add-ons and mods!

When you enter the world, first look in the chest.

As mentioned earlier, all the objects on this map are enchanted to the highest possible level for the game – 32767. There is a diamond kit, shield, bow, trident, crossbow, fishing rod, unusual stick, scissors and elytra.

If your items thrown to the floor are not picked up, and the mobs are standing still and not moving, most likely your minecraft is frozen. Close it and remove it from the loaded memory of the smartphone / tablet, open it again and start the world. On a computer / laptop, just close the window with minecraft and open minecraft again and start the world. Everything should work.

Due to the enormous power of items and armor, you can be far from spawn. Use the command /tp @s 1 1 1 and use any of 4 buttons to teleport to spawn.

Changelog View more

 The new cover of the world and the world should now be imported correctly


Download link now works.

Item names are fixed.



Click on the MaximumEnchantment.mcworld

click on the "enable notifications" button (you may not include it by canceling the request)

Press "See web articles"

Wait about 15 seconds

Press the right corner "X"

Watch the video

Press the right corner "X"

Press continue

Wait another 15 seconds

Press continue again


Tap on the download

Minecraft will install them.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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21 Responses

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  1. Guest-1144315723 says:

    Fix it please + ADD Riptide Trident and Loyalty Trident (There’s a throwing one and a transport-in-rain-one!)

  2. Sufs gaming says:

    Freaking import failed

  3. Guest-4225856291 says:

    Import failed

  4. Guest-2463104675 says:

    Map does not import

  5. Guest-4290965754 says:

    100 and 10 percent broken…. Don’t waste your time going to linkverse and watching all those videos.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cant you just give us a zip or mediafire so we dont have to to look at vids or ads

  7. Guest-7268273785 says:

    Import failed

  8. Honestly, there isn’t much point to this map existing… there are already several programs that allow you to get this same type of gear in any world.

    This creator likely used one of them to create this map to upload.

    If they made a map based around these items, this would be a little more interesting, but in its current condition, it doesn’t serve much purpose.

  9. Guest-7024715620 says:

    Import failed

  10. Sufs gaming says:

    Why can’t you give the link to ad fly
    You noob

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