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This add-on has a theme about the Mayan civilization, it is a very interesting add-on, so I don’t know what you are waiting to download it!

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The Mayans were a civilization that mainly inhabited the Yucatan peninsula, being one of the main civilizations in Mexico, with mathematical contributions and contributions on space

Summary made by π play

This add-on adds a lot of swords! All swords are fully craftable, something important to note about the add-on is that all swords are related to some Mayan god.

So, I will show you all the swords, along with their recipe and their qualities and effects

Itzamana Sword

Damage 29

Effects: Health Boost, Regeneration, Health Boost, Speed

Hunab Ku Sword

Damage 26

Effects: Conduct Power, Fire Resistance, Speed

Yum Kimil Sword

Damage 22

Effect: Village Hero

Kauil Sword

Damage 18

Effects: Absorption, Regeneration, Resistance

Kukulkan Sword

Damage 34

Effects: Fire Resistance, Strenght

Muzenkab Sword 

Damage 13 

Chac Bolay Sword

Damage 43

Effects: Fire Resistance

Ah Kin Sword

Damage 21

Effect: Fire Resistance

Xtabay Sword

Damage 13

Ek Chuah Sword 

Damage 19

Effects: Strenght and Village Hero

If you don’t want to craft this, you can give the swords with the next command:

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I modified the link of download of the addon Mayan Swords 

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