Maze Generator

This add-on enables you to generate mazes inside of the game however you want. It can be in any layout you want and design the walls in any way that pleases you. 

Here is a quick demonstration on how to use the add-on:

How to obtain:

There are two ways obtain the maze generator item.

– Look it up in the creative menu

– You can type the command “/give @s maze:generator_spawn_egg”

How to use the addon:

• Setup your layout. The floor must be made out of quartz. The purpose of this is to tell the algorithm where are the boundaries of your layout. It does not matter if you put walls, the add-on will only generate the maze wherever the quartz floor is.

• You can put it up to 3 blocks below the surface and it will automatically carve out the walls for you. It doesn’t matter the design of your walls or how high is it. For this one, I used glass as a top layer and it worked without any issues.

• If you are wondering what would happen if you did not place the maze generator in quartz block, well, nothing is going to happen.

• But if you replaced that block with quartz, it will work again. And since it detects the entire floor to be made out of quartz, it will continue generating the maze until all of the available space is filled.

Note: It is totally up to you on where you would want to put the starting point and the finish point. The maze is always going to be solvable no matter what. It generates a lot of dead ends (which is what you would want in a maze) and there is always going to be one solution to go from point A to point B.

Here is an interesting shape that I made. The walls have a height of 3 blocks made out of purpur pillars and sealantern and of course, the lowest layer, the floor is quartz. It is not the best and I’m sure you can do better creations than this.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can dm me at my discord withnout#8935 or in my twitter @withnout


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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  1. Ftere says:

    Seems good, but I have a terrible idea… If someone knows blocktopografh and being able to make a superflat quartz world…
    It will be great!

  2. meiru says:

    Add the ability to create walls automatically

  3. This is a very well made maze generator! The quartz layout feature is sooooo amazing, instead of having to select positions (as you would in WorldEdit), you just have to build its layout, which allows you to control almost everything about it. I don’t even know what to say, just… well done!

  4. Herogamer340 says:

    Its awesome!

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