MazinPack RTX Addon (Windows 10 Only)

MazinPack with RTX on! This addon for MazinPack has PBR (Physically Based Rendering) support for ray tracing. It makes it possible to have the realistic reflections and lighting effects of Minecraft RTX while still having the simple look of MazinPack.

Note: This addon can only be used on a Windows 10 PC with an RTX graphics card!

Important: lolmarkdude2 (the creator of MazinPack) gave me the permission to create this addon.

With the MazinPack RTX addon:

Without the addon:

The MazinPack RTX addon improves the MazinPack by enabling PBR. Because it is an addon, it only works with the original version of MazinPack combined.


System requirements:

  • Device: PC (no mobile phone or console!)
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Supported graphics cards: RTX 2060, RTX 2060 S, RTX 2070, RTX 2070 S, RTX 2080, RTX 2080 S, RTX 2080-Ti, TITAN RTX
  • Minecraft version: 1.15 (RTX beta)

How to install:

Minecraft RTX Beta:

  • Export/backup all your Minecraft worlds
  • Download the Xbox Insider Hub from the Microsoft Store
  • Open the Xbox Insider Hub
  • Go to Insider Content
  • Select Minecraft for Windows 10
  • Click Join (or Manage if you are already in an other beta version)
  • Select Minecraft for Windows 10 RTX Beta
  • Click Accept
  • Wait until the loading animation in the Xbox Insider Hub stops
  • Uninstall Minecraft for Windows 10
  • Download Minecraft for Windows 10 again from the Microsoft Store
  • Start the game
  • The version number at the bottom right corner of the screen should be v1.15.0.11

MazinPack with RTX:

  • Download both MazinPack and MazinPack RTX addon
  • Run MazinPack214.mcpack
  • Minecraft will import it automatically
  • Run MazinPack-RTX-Addon-v1.0.mcpack
  • Minecraft will import the addon
  • Go to Settings > Global Resources
  • Activate both MazinPackV2.1.4 and MazinPack RTX addon v1.0
  • Enjoy!

Note: Before you start writing comments like "can you make it for mobile?" or "mine doesn't work", make sure to read the system requirements and the installation guide carefully!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) RTX Beta



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  1. LAgamer says:

    heres a much better way to get minecraft rtx like graphics on a windows 10 computer without an rtx graphic card:

    1: download minecraft java edition
    2:download and install optifine 1.14.4
    3:download BSL shaders
    4:download hardtop vanillaccurate texture pack for minecraft java
    5: apply both the shader and texture pack
    6: use

    going through this whole process is better then having to buy a new pc with rtx grahics card and getting minecraft rtx beta.

  2. Ajkray29 says:


    • No. 1: This pack is not even close to the Plastic Texture Pack
      No. 2: He didn’t make the textures he just added RTX support for the pack (MazinPack is created by lolmarkdude2)
      No. 3: Ray Tracing is not a Shader

      So stop posting stupid comments if you don’t know anything about the pack/addon

  3. Instructions not clear, blew up my android running on ios 3 😔

  4. MrSunday7 says:

    Im downloading this on my ipad to see how trash the hardware is

  5. Guest-4610247324 says:

    RTX Beta Is Only Available In PC’s (Advanced PC’s). If You Use It On Monile You Don’t Have Any Ge – Force RTX 3.0. Your Phone Will Be Overheated Your FPS Will Fall Into 5 – 10 FPS. And It Will Be Crashed Completely. RTX Is Only Shaders For Minecraft

  6. Guest-3676993765 says:

    are you the one whos gonna update the pack

  7. Guest-3056848730 says:

    Atleast mke ot more minecrafty?… Cause its more like made up minecraft

  8. Guest-5474033392 says:

    To all the mobile users who forgot what an RTX is:

    Y-You’re a fucking idiot.

    • Call Of Nothing says:

      Guys You Can Copy And Paste This Anywhere İf You İnclude My Name İt İs For Stupid 5 Year Olds That Want RTX On Phones Or Tablets!

      You Stupid Moron,You Dumb Fuck,You Absolute Buffon RTX İs Not A Shader.İt İs A Technology That İs Aimed At Making Light Simulation More Realistic.You Need A Nvidia Graphics Card For RTX But İt İs Super Laggy İf You Are Not Using Nvidia RTX Line Of Graphics Cards. So Microsoft(The Owner Of Minecraft)And Mojang(Developer Of Minecraft) Made Minecraft RTX Beta Only For Nvidia RTX Line Of Graphics Cards.You Cannot Put A Graphics Card İn A Phone Or Tablet Because They Need So Much Cooling. Even İf You Put A Nvidia RTX Graphics Card İn A Phone İt Would Be Very Hot You Couldnt Hold Your Phone Or Tablet Because A Graphics Cards Reach Tempretures Of 60-70-80 Celcius With Pc Cooling. That Temperatures Can Burn Your Hands İf You Hold İt For Even 10 Seconds.Thats Why You Cant Use RTX On İOS And Android Even İf You Get RTX Beta Running On A Phone İt Would Probably Explode Because Of Overheating.But I Dont Think You Understand This Because You Are Probably A Five Year Old Looking At Your Logic Profile Picture And Your Beyond Cringe And Edgy Name You Thought Was Cool And That Makes You A Stupid Moron,Dumb Fuck And An Absolute Buffon.I Think No One Needs To Write Another Comment Here Because He Will Probably Dont Understand.

      -Call Of Nothing

  9. Guest-2102732698 says:

    Rip I have GTX ;(

  10. Guest-2932440856 says:

    No sirve en móvil pero bueno a esperar que habance

  11. Guest-9738229387 says:

    Than make a graphic card for mobile.

  12. Guest-5535763774 says:

    Go eat ace go

  13. Guest-2802668648 says:

    Why is it windows 10? I want to have it on phone

  14. Guest-2435059447 says:

    I have rtx on my android i think i can use it?

  15. Guest-7641616040 says:

    Ohie p0rque n0 l0 hAc3s en M0vyl higo d3 pUt4(así sería el comentario de un Niño rata quejándose xd

  16. Warrior56YT says:

    When you set your graphics high and lower the rendering of the game

  17. Hamox says:

    OH mAi gaWD thiS dIdNt waRk oN moBIle yOu cliCk BAter

  18. Guest-4450825856 says:

    If I could rate 5 Stars I would.
    Works great on an Rtx 2060 I approve my good sir!

  19. Guest-3389715525 says:


    make rtx for mobile

  20. bizarresoil says:

    I can already see the mobile players complaining

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