KC Minigames

This Realm is the sequel to our first realm made only a year ago. Our team has taken the time to create a new and improved Fan Realm 2.0! The realm has new and incredible features that make it amazing! Remember this is version 1.0 so realm still contains many bugs, but those will be fixed in the realm overtime!

  • Owner: Mineclan888
  • Realm Owner: BlackAlpaca
  • Co-Realm Owner: MidgetIdiots
  • Lead Developer/Builder: RedSlimeTime25
  • Lead Builder: DXDiamondDroid3
  • Developer: GamingGreninja3
  • Builder: Ejguigaming
  • Builder: captaincookie4
  • Builder: xxRayianxxYT
  • Builder: ZeReaperDark
  • Builder: SharkAttack9998
  • Developer: SapphireCrafty
  • Developer: XPAdventureYT
  • Developer/Builder: Th3LastSh3riff

Games (At The Moment)

  • Murder Mystery
  • KitPVP
  • Turf Wars
  • Death Tag
  • More Games Coming Soon!

Realm Features (NEW)

  • COSMETICS! You can now have fun in the lobby with the new crate cosmetics!
  • SHARDS AND POINTS! When winning games, you will receive spendable shards and points! Points will be displayed on the leaderboard!
  • RANKS! Now the ability to have ownership of ranks in the realm!
  • ORGANIZED AND BETTER GAME STABILITY! You will now have better gaming experience!
  • KITS! In Minigames, choose your kit to play with! (Only Available in Turf Wars at the time being).
  • DETAILED MINIGAMES! Every game has been detailed amazingly just for you!
  • CRATE KEYS! Purchasable using shards in the lobby! Use these for crates!
  • GRAPPLER! Newest Cosmetic added to crates, and more to come!
  • LIVE EVENTS! Live events will happen inside the lobby! Stay on and listen, it could be crucial to the story of one of our upcoming games!

Fan Realm v1.0 BETA

Changelog View more

Minor Bug changes 

Credits edit: KrakenCreations Team

Map name change

-Fixed minor bugs

-Enhanced game mechanics 

-Added new maps for Turf Wars and Death Tag

-Fixed lobby glitch

-New realm map

-Fixed minor ship bugs 


Simply click on the link, fill out the Captcha certification, then wait 12 seconds. It will redirect you to an ad, simply click out of that page, and the page remaining will have the link. Simply click on the link and the download process will begin.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Ben h the best says:

    Please add road runner it’s like on kraken creations realm map

  2. buildingbobthebuilder says:

    captcha doesn’t work can you update the link?

  3. T10YOB says:

    WHy isn’t my map in I submitted, but it’s not there,why? Please reply?!

  4. Doinstuffers says:

    Yes bois New Realm back up 😃👌

  5. GoodBoyDoesThings says:

    Dude this is actually really cool, please add more games soon!

  6. YaBoiRekt says:

    Absolutely AMAZING

  7. Yvonne hilary says:

    I like minecraft

  8. cute idiot man says:


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