MCBE Studio

MCBE Studio is an addon for Minecraft Bedrock 1.12 that make timelapses possible on the bedrock edition of the game. As the scripting API is still quite simple, this addon couldn’t be compared with what replaymod can do on java, but this addon make possible to place keyframes in the world that are interpolated to generate a sequence.

How to use?

On the GUI, there is a button called “Open MCBE Studio”. Due to the lack of event handler in the API for now, the only way on windows 10 to open the main interface is to open any game interface (pause, inventory, chat…), put the mouse cursor where the button is, and exit the interface with keyboard.

On android phone, just tap the button to open the interface.

The main interface contains several buttons :

  • “Generate sequence” make the sequence playable when all keyframes are placed. Edition is not allowed when the sequence is generated.
  • “Place Keyframe” is a button to enter in keyframe placement mode 
  • “Delete sequence” remove the generated sequence and allow again to edit the timeline.

Below the timeline, there are some buttons to go to the previous and the next frame, to the first and the last one, a play/pause button, and a button to play the sequence without any GUI. Just left clic or hit your screen on your android phone to go back to the GUI.

Above the timeline, there are some controls to edit keyframes before sequence generation. For the moment, only keyframe deletion is working, with a button for the current keyframe and for all the keyframes, but options to move a keyframe or insert a cut into the sequence are coming in a future update.

On keyframe mode, punch the marker in front of you to place a keyframe, and to exit keyframe mode, stop moving, and turn to punch the other one.

A number is written on top of place keyframe marker, it indicate the ratio between the distance between the last marker placed and the current marker, and the distance between the last and the one before. If the number is 1 on all keyframes, the sequence speed will be the same. A number of 0.5 will slow the sequence 2 times for example.

Video Showcase (old version)

About addon updates :

Update versions will be labeled using X.Y.Z format. X.Y is the current targeted Minecraft version, and Z is the incremental version number for the addon for this game version.

Except for 1.12, the target minecraft version will alway be the current game release. Support will be provided for the beta only if it’s possible to support both with the same code.

Please leave feedbacks and consult changelogs on github (link below)


About android support

This addon is now compatible with android using blocklauncher. As this application is not an official solution to run the scripting API on android, some android-specific issues may occur and I’m not sure I will be able to fix all of them.

To use this addon on android, just launch the .mcaddon on your phone with regular Minecraft, then run block launcher and enable scripts, then restart block launcher.

A custom UI for the main screen is provided in the android package, that fit the existing touch UI. Other screens will be updated in the next update, depending of your feedbacks.

Changelog View more

New in this update :

  • Large update of all the UI so that the addon works with each screen resolution from 800*600 to 1080p and above.
  • Markers now have quite no hitbox, in order to let to quit keyframe move without breaking the last keyframe or having to move before.
  • Added a button to delete all the keyframes, with confirm messages.
  • Removed debug screen when using beta version of the game.

Update 1.12.3 :

  - Huge code refactor, client and server are now writter in typescript and compiled into javascript. It will make updates largely easier and will then be faster in the future

  - The timeline is now fully managed server-side, that will fix a lot of desynchronisation when pausing, go back and forward and resume

  - Added a screen to thanks each youtubers and donators, labeled with the star

  - The progress bar when generating sequence is now more usefull

  - Added the current version on the Bottom of the main screen

  - Added the ability to exit fullscreen mode. Just left clic to show the UI again.

Now available for all windows 10 users!

- Custom entities now used in keyframe mode :

  • Bigger hitbox, useful when flying
  • Armorstands have gravity again
  • Markers are easier to see

- Fixed some issues with the timeline

- Added some controls on top of the timeline, only keyframe deletion is working

- Pack description now include the current version of the pack, useful to alway have the latest version installed

-Code refactoring

-Credits update

  • Now compatible with android with blocklauncher. Need feedbacks about possible bugs and about the interface provided in the android package.
  • Sequence deletion and deletion of all keyframes have been split in 2 different buttons.
  • Sequence deletion no longer ask to confirm
  • All keyframe deletion button now ask to confirm in a better way
  • Buttons not intended to be used in some cases are now gray out.
  • Fixed some issues
  • Updates credits. (thanks to DJTM for donation)


Only works on 1.12 windows 10 and android with last version of blocklauncher.

Not working with 1.13 betas for the moment.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. perfectodud says:

    help how to click on gui im on pc help pls

  2. GaRfiELD666 says:


  3. RobotRobert2003 says:

    Plz update

  4. Guest-7426316929 says:

    How to fix the link?

  5. ClammyHornet707 says:

    ok so it imported now just to test it

  6. ClammyHornet707 says:

    weather or not this works in 1.14.60 im still gonna try it

  7. Guest-6317199236 says:

    My Phone doesnt support the Script.
    How can i fix it?

    • Guest-7134763332 says:

      I also had this same problem, I think we should use the Blocklauncher app. But unfortunately Block Launcher only works until version

  8. Guest-2977053863 says:

    I am a small YouTuber trying to grow my channel.i want to start a build series but play on iOS. There are virtually no replay mods for iOS and I would truly appreciate it if you added iOS function.

  9. Guest-5955950726 says:

    Yo pls add ios

  10. Cyrmonkee says:

    I wish I didn’t need to use blocklauncher for this

  11. ShootingJigr says:

    Make it work for 1.13, please… I need it for my cinematic shots.

  12. erffli says:

    is it going to update for 1.14 and is there a time-laps feature

  13. Awesome :3 says:

    Yo pls add ios as soon as possible!
    I just have an iphone and i hate it!
    It would be so cool if you could add ios before 2k20!

  14. ThisJobYT says:

    I can’t seem to use this Addon properly, because first off, the buttons can’t be pressed properly, and every time I tried to, I don’t know, set a keyframe or whatnot, I accidentally made multiple keyframes! Second off, the buttons are still the same buttons on Windows 10 Edition, as I can’t click them properly! Please, fix the buttons to where they can be clicked properly!! Just a matter of fact that this addon is literally the worst addon ever!!

  15. olliechris says:

    i can’t see the open mcbe studio button

  16. Alex Walter says:

    Hi Creater!
    There Is A Green Background Button (Open MCBE Studio) In The Top Left, When I Tap On That Button, It Dont Shows The Interface, I Mean, “OPEN MCBE STUDIO” Is Not Touchable.
    Note: 1. I Am In 1.12,
    2. I Enabled Experimental GamePlay,
    3. I Enabled Scripts In Blocklauncher.
    Then Why Its Not Working?

  17. AgRenan131 says:

    There is an error, when you want to return to the menu the game closes, after returning it gives some errors that repeats the “MOB”, my phone is Android LG K4 LTE, if correct I appreciate

  18. zIgorBRYT says:

    when the cinematic finish, the ui desapears

  19. RedStone_XY says:

    Why can’t I load it? I have loaded it correctly

  20. DrLule says:

    ur a phone racist. give iOS a chance.

  21. franswa says:

    Updated discord invitation link :
    (the one in the article expired)

  22. MrFearless says:

    This is amazing! I hope you keep it updated to the latest version of Minecraft, because I will absolutely be using this! I’ll share it among some YouTube peeps to see what they think 🙂

  23. REPORT says:

    Report from EthanHelliwell : This addon crashed my game

    • franswa says:

      Addons are not supposed to crash the game. If your game crashed, it’s because of the scripting API itself that is still an experimental feature. Addon crashs display error as red messages in the chat.

  24. ThisJobYT says:

    What the hell, dude!? Why is this addon only for Windows 10 Edition 1.12+?! Please make this addon compatible with Android and iOS devices as well!! Fix this now you gosh darn it!!

  25. Unicorn says:

    Do you get the world when you download it because if you do I will download it

  26. franswa says:

    Current versions of MCBE Studio are not compatible with 1.13 betas. update will come when api changes will be available. Latest version will be compatible with release 1.12 that should come very soon.

  27. jack says:

    Hi, how can I let minecraftbe losing focus but don‘t pause automatically, I want to record timelaps useing obs in my server. Thanks!

  28. franswa says:

    For everyone who ask for an android support, I tested today with blocklauncher. The addon can launch. However, it looks that buttons are not triggerable. That’s why I will wait until the scripting API get a real android support to focus on supporting non windows 10 platforms.

  29. FuzionWeel1234 says:

    Looks great! I love how it works because it can be used for map Trailers! But i think it cant be used for Servers maybe in Future, can be! Thanks for creating this Addon its really helpful!

  30. BlueCraftPlays says:

    OMG I have been waiting for this. Now I can do much better montages with this add-on. Tyvm. Love yah <3

  31. This looks amazing! I will for sure make a review on my channel, could be great for making trailers for maps!

  32. Alesscreeper says:

    shaders? = Chocapic shaders for windows 10 edition

  33. DrAv0011 says:

    Good work mate, would be so useful for YTbers 😀

  34. Zakallenko says:

    Hi! This addon is amazing and very useful. I will use it when the 1.12 release comes out. Please, can you port CoreProtect Plugin to Bedrock Edition as addon. This addon will be very useful for servers because it allows you to check logs of blocks and catch griffers

    • franswa says:

      I’m not sure it’s possible to have connection with a remote server with addons, for security reasons (because a dedicated server to store and read data would be required for that use). If it’s something that is possible, maybe in the future, but for the moment, my focus is on MCBE Studio.
      Moreover, that use is mostly for servers admins, a plugin for focketmine would be more adapted.

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