MCBEic2 0.1.1 Add-on

IC2 is a very good mod, this excellent mode can only be used in the Java version of “Minecraft”. Maybe you don’t have a computer, but this plug-in can meet many of your requirements. You can play this module in the version of mcbe, without any third-party startup programs, the new version of mc can also play!

The add adds a total of 4 types of ore, namely: uranium ore, copper ore, tin ore, lead ore. They occur naturally like other ores, with uranium ore being the rarest

When you dig these ore, you need to put it in a melting furnace or blast furnace.Just like in the picture

In addition, you also need a forging hammer, which is the basic tool for ic.

Its synthetic formula is: first line: abb second line: ccb third line: abb, a = air, b = iron ingot, c = wooden stick

After getting the forging hammer, you can use it to make various boards. You need to place it in the workbench like this: The second line: abc The first and third lines do not need to put anything, a = air, b = forging hammer, c = Corresponding raw materials, which can be iron ingots, copper ingots or other, so that corresponding boards can be synthesized

Powder: You need to put the raw materials in the middle of the workbench, so that the powder can be decomposed. You can put them in the blast furnace and fire them to get the raw materials.

Tin shell: synthesized in the workbench: the second row: abc, the first and third rows do not need to be controlled, a = air b = forging hammer c = tin plate

IC scissors: This is also a very important tool! Synthesis in the workbench: first line: aba second line: bab third line cbc a = iron plate b = air c = iron ingot

Tin wire: synthesized in the workbench: second line: abc first line and third line do not care a = air b = IC scissors c = tin plate

Circuit board: synthesized in the workbench: first line: aaa second line: bcb third line: aaa a = tin wire b = iron plate c = redstone

Rubber: Synthesized on the workbench: Put the rubber tree with the rubber in the middle of the workbench to synthesize

Blocks: Like the original diamond blocks, iron blocks, etc., the corresponding raw materials (such as copper ingots) need to be placed on the workbench.

The above is the general content, if you still do n’t understand, you can ask me in the comment area!

Changelog View more

This is my own, the template is also, why let me clarify?

Added a link to download a file with the suffix .mcaddon
Added pictures and more detailed introductionSo that it can be easily understood
Make the whole introduction more detailed and complete, it ’s very easy to understand


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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10 Responses

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  1. Guest-1878564109 says:

    No conprendo como se hacen las espadas y diferentes cosas tambien no me aparece la ubicación de algunos objetos en creativo y addmas para que sirve la bateria y los que esta encima de ella ayuda por favor

    I do not understand how swords are made and different things also do not appear the location of some objects in creative and addmas for what the battery is used and those above it help please

  2. Guest-5273507808 says:

    Can we get a full list of all the recipes in the addon please? Thank you.

  3. Guest-2461225410 says:

    Hi, why are there many craft missing? Without main craft it’s not interesting. 🙁

    • BIYUEHU says:

      Hello! I don’t know much English, this is machine translation, if I do n’t understand, I ’m sorry: 1. This is a early adopter, it ’s more urgent when it ’s produced, and there is n’t much content. 2. If you mean IC machine If you need to use a GUI, I have recently researched the GUI, and will be added soon 3. Thank you for your support

  4. Guest-7071057151 says:

    So what is show is what is added as of now correct? Like there isn’t the machines and such correct?

    • BIYUEHU says:

      Hello, I will not be English, the following is the machine translation, do not understand the words I am sorry: If you want to make the machine needs GUI and JS line with the line, GUI I have recently studied, will soon join the machine, and finally thank you for your support!

    • Guest-7323363043 says:

      There is actually machines in the behavior and resource packs, but I think Minecraft hasn’t let people do that yet.

  5. Guest-4615871991 says:

    What does the copper draft do?

  6. Guest-8172374385 says:

    I want to thank you, I waited a long time for this addon, thank you, thank you, I’m very happy, I hope you don’t give up, I’ll be here giving my support, I’m a big fan of this mod

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