McDonalds Addon

Are you thinking of building McDonalds restaurant in Minecraft and you want it to be attractive and not boring. This addon is the perfect one for those who are planning to build McDonalds restaurant in Minecraft. This addon features items, blocks, foods, and entities that will bring life to your McDonalds restaurant. You can also have fun playing this addon together with your friends in multiplayer game.

Some Features of This Addon:

Retextured Blocks:

  • Some blocks are retextured similar to McDonalds textures.

Retextured Paintings:

Retextured Mob Heads:

  • Creeper Head – Crew Worker Head
  • Wither Skeleton Head – Ronald Head
  • Skeleton Head – Happy Meal
  • Zombie Head – Mystery Meal

Crew Workers:

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Entity name for summoning command: mcdo:crew_worker
  • Crew workers have 4 different types. Each of them spawns randomly. They have different sets of McDonalds foods.
  • You can open happy meals by interacting it to them. Happy meals contains McDonalds foods.
  • Drops crew worker head on death.

Ronald McDonald:

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Entity name for summoning command: mcdo:ronald_mcdonald
  • You can open mystery meals by chasing and interacting it to Ronald. Mystery meals contains McDonalds foods and surprising items.
  • Drops Ronald head on death.

Red Chair and Yellow Chair:

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Entity name for summoning command: mcdo:red_chair & mcdo:yellow_chair
  • You can sit on them


  • Has own spawn egg
  • Entity name for summoning command: mcdo:tray
  • You can store items inside it. It has a maximum of 5 slots

Vending Machines:

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Entity names for summoning command: mcdo:coke_vending_machine & mcdo:pepsi_vending_machine & mcdo:sprite_vending_machine
  • You have to use a vending machine coin in order to use vending machines by interacting it to the machine. Each vending machines differs in drinks. One contains coke, another has pepsi, and the last one has sprite.

Custom items added names (/give command) and their custom crafting recipe:


  • coke

  • dollar

  • footlong

  • ice_cream

  • mcBurger

  • mcChicken

  • mcFloat

  • mcFries

  • mcSpaghetti

  • pepsi

  • sprite

  • vending_machine_coin

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Note from The Commander Creeper:

If you are going to feature my add-on on YouTube, make sure to credit me and don’t claim that the creator of this add-on is you.

For those who are interested to donate money for my Minecraft creations, you can donate your money here at my PayPal link:

Dont forget to:

  • Subscribe to me on Youtube (The Commander Creeper)
  • Follow me on Twitter (@TheCommanderCr1)

Changelog View more
  • Added new download link for the add-on.
  • Added some details on the description.
  • The download link/download file for the add-on is now changed.
  • Added custom spawn eggs for custom entities
  • Mob geometries fixed
  • Custom items doesnt replace any other item in the game. They are added.
  • Other entities like chairs can now deal damages
  • Added vending machines
  • Food textures are more realistic now
  • Other items inside mystery meals are changed


  1. Click on the download button below.
  2. You will be redirected to adfly site, wait for 5 seconds and then click "SKIP AD".
  3. If it shows "Please press 'Allow' to continue", wait for the block and allow option to show and then click "Allow".
  4. You will be now redirected to the mediafire download link, and you can download the file now.
  5. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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91 Responses

3.96 / 5 (46 votes)
  1. Guest-4808090141 says:

    Good. Good. Goooooood.

  2. Guest-2581922968 says:

    it also works on version 1.14

    • Guest-4800179523 says:

      If it does not work on IOS do this,

      Download the app Documents

      When downloaded click the little magnifying button

      It will bring you to Files
      Make sure you have Apple Files!!!

      Now click select and click the addon and click on the top left corner a box with an arrow pointing up. Click on it and it will say share, click on copy to docs.

      It should say done! If failed you have bad wifi so try again.

      When it says done it will say use in another app

      Click the x button and click the 3 dots on the bottom left corner of the little orange paper that says the addons name. Click Rename and instead of .mcpack make it .zip and click .zip when it says do you want .zip or .mcpack

      Next select everything except for something with an icon that is like a bunch of words

      Select the folders and the manifest too and anything else that looks like that

      Click compress

      Now click rename on the 3 dots on the Archive.

      Now make it .mcpack and click on it

      It will say use in another app

      Click on that button and click on Minecraft

      It should be successful

    • Guest-8255389617 says:

      This is really bad because it will crash your game because it’s textures are over 128 128 making it bad for ur MC

  3. Guest-5511074438 says:

    Perfect for my mcdonalds resturont!

  4. Guest-2503722611 says:

    it wont work

  5. Minecraft player1 says:

    I LOVE McDonalds so much, so pretty much… THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Help I can’t find the restaurant

  7. Tiny Dragon says:

    it works well but can u fix the sounds for Ronald McDonald it sounds creepy

  8. Anonymous says:

    It works but it says half of it is missing

  9. Anonym says:

    You said, i have to apply both packs. I can see only 1…

  10. Rich77Rich says:

    Every American Minecrafters Dream…

  11. Charlene Graham says:

    It’s not working for me. It nsays that I’m missing something. Please tell me what I’m missing? I read everything on how use it but I can’t get it to work.

  12. Ahmethan says:

    Love It Add-On Works
    Only Problem…THE CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!
    You Forgot To Add Those!!!

  13. MCDONALDS says:

    It won’t let me download it. It keeps on saying not working? Repair your download. And when I try that nothing happens 🙁

  14. Yeet says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! add-on works!!!

  15. Nooby_Lemon says:

    Cool, is it possible for me to just download one item?

  16. ASDFASDFASDF says:


  17. No name says:

    I can eat the food with /give @p Mcdo:mcchicken etc but when my friends try they can’t got a fix?

  18. JustinX says:

    Hey i know its for 1.12 version but hey does it work also for 1.11?

  19. meh name is jeff says:

    It’s really amazing it worked for me thx for making this addon

  20. meh name is jeff says:

    nice addon m8

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a stand-alone soda mod? I want the Pepsi for the memes.

  22. yep says:

    the items won’t spawn and I tried using the commands. I also turned on experimental mode and nothing. The spawn eggs and decorations are showing but no food coins or money.

  23. Hüseyin says:

    Kullandığınız haritanın linkini verebilirmisiniz lütfen?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I tried the addon it is great but when i insert a coin in the vending machine my hud (i forgot what it is called) has disappeared i tried to restart my world it comes back and a few seconds it disappears

    And sorry if my english is bad

  25. Manan says:

    If the food are bot eorking then turn on experimental gameplay and craft the get prepared dish use example: /give @p mcdo:coke. Whatever the item name is.

  26. HTGOD says:

    When i took a prepared dish, my screen failed 😕

  27. Anonymous says:

    I can’t craft the food but I was really exited to play this can you please show us why this isn’t working I also put it on experimental mode.

  28. Unknown says:

    The vending machine was fine but i couldnt craft anything, i tried to figure it out for a hour but it didnt work and i deleted the addon after… i thought it was going to work but it was a disappointment 0 star rating

  29. ... says:

    This was horrible, i didnt work and i couldnt do anything!

  30. DaBestOne says:

    Can you Add Jollibee Please… 😁😁And i really really like this Cool Addon!! Hope you see my comment. 😄

  31. Fawfuls TNT says:

    This addon looks good, but its missing Mactonight and Speedy! [Speedy was the original mascot before Ronald Mcdonald, and Mactonight was one of the older characters in the old Mcdonalds commercials]

  32. Unknown says:

    Everything worked but the food and crafting, it wouldn’t let me craft any of the items. You also couldn’t find the food, but everything else worked. I liked the mod!

    • TheCommanderCreeper says:

      Mc version must be 1.12 and above and experimental gameplay is turned on.

      Use /give command to get the custom foods and items

    • TheCommanderCreeper says:

      MC version must be 1.12 and above and experimental gameplay is turned on.

      Use /give command to get custom foods and items.

      • Guest-2114982611 says:

        Well this addon is working for me in Minecraft EDU, but i dont know how to do experimental gameplay, can someone plz tell me how i turn on this experiemental gameplay??

  33. Tobi88 says:

    The crafting recipe dont work and i trade on crew worker its broken and i let open the happy meal on crew worker and its dont work and how to craft a money 😀 Fixed it pls

  34. Kyle Cedrick Tutaan says:

    How did it work?

  35. Mike says:

    I have been waiting for months for an update literally yesterday I was looking at the old add-on thank you

  36. Beam says:

    Why don’t you add your own custom blocks? In 1.12 can add custom blocks too!

  37. Stormplayzz says:

    Great job commander creeper you taken Minecraft into a next big thing

  38. Command boss says:

    I can’t see tray and chairs and other mobs don’t have textures

  39. Anna says:

    Great add on but you need to fix the tray/witch mob it won’t die so I had to push it into the void to get rid of it.

  40. BagusSetya11 says:

    Please the geometry file does not support my Minecraft version (

  41. lol says:

    the chairs and tray dont spawn for me.

    as i wrote that i realised i was in peaceful.

  42. Fawfuls TNT says:

    This looks great, but is missing some things… Would you please add the animatronics from Five Nights with Mac Tonight? (Mac Tonight, Hamburgler, Mayor. Mc. Cheese, Grimace, Birdie, Captain Crook, and Speedie?)

  43. James says:

    It is not working

  44. Ezzat Nabil ezzat says:

    This mod is very awesome

  45. Natyn says:

    This addon is so cool but its not cool its amazing 🙂

  46. Zach says:

    First and what does it replace?

  47. Harold says:

    How to download

  48. Anonymous says:

    Why would you replace entities when you can just add more?

  49. LivingWithGaming says:

    McDonald’s Mystery,McDonald’s Mystery 2,McDonald’s Mystery 3 Coming Out Soon And Now McDonald’s Add-on.It’s Just So Perfect And I Was Hoping To Have A Burger Or Fast Food Add-on.Great Job! 👍

  50. Xxxxxxxd says:

    Yay u made happy version

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