McDonald’s for Minecraft

Welcome to McDonald’s for Minecraft. We need Roleplay chefs to help us feed the construction workers building Highway One. Are you eligible for the job? Well then, let’s get to work.




Are you looking for work? Remember that Highway One project I’ve been working on? Of course 😁. I’m offering a restaurant job over at McDonald’s to help our economy highway builders get a quick meal so that they don’t have to drive all the way home to eat or elsewhere. Join our McDonald’s for Minecraft team now to Roleplay the best chef position ever made. Add this Adventure Map to your collection of Roleplay maps now and have a great one! Thanks for Downloading, Please 😎.

Big Data Maps

I build my maps with high detail with a lot of blocks just to give you guys the utmost quality & attention to detail backed by a realistic experience with the 1 and only Texture Pack Partnership I have stated below. As a result my maps will require a big amount of memory to Download.


RDJN – Map Creator

M7MOGAMER – Aero Star Modern Texture Pack

– M7MOGAMER wrote, This texture pack is not for survival mode or medieval/rustic style building, so please do not use this pack in stuff that’s not related to modern/futuristic building style.

– RDJN wrote, Do not use the Texture Pack without giving M7MOGAMER full credit and be sure to link your project to his MCPE DL project.


Changelog View more

*Made a minor quick update to the description. I had to fix some sentences. ?

*Minor Update, I've changed the link via the credits section for my nickname RDJN.

*Minor updates to the description.

*Performed a download link quality check.


Download Instructions

To Install this map, I've given you 2 options. Choose one. You can DOWNLOAD the .mcworld file or .zip

For the .mcworld edition you should be able to import it. For the .zip edition you can download it, unzip it and move the folder inside to your MinecraftWorlds folder. Hopefully this was convenient for you.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Ihatemylife says:

    I hate my life

  2. Guest-3356417376 says:

    “Level import failed”

  3. Guest-1671824697 says:

    Why is it 227 mb, if its one mcdonalds? Does this mean the world is FAT?

  4. Guest-1381000611 says:

    When I try to enter the world it always says another version saved it and that I can’t enter.

  5. Liam TDP says:

    Great build bro I like it it looks realistic

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