MCEE Magics – Chemistry

Have you ever wanted to use chemistry blocks or items in the survival, like Ice Bomb, Lab Table, Colored torches, Undewater torches or Underwater TNT? Then this addon is for you!

It adds recipes for many Chemistry items and blocks

Original recipes aren’t designed for survival, my recipes – yes

All blocks and items is vanilla


Lab Table:

Material Reducer:

Element Constructor:

Compound creator:


Bleach: (Shapeless craft) Water Bottle + 3 White Dye

Ice Bomb: 4 Ice + Water Bucket

Empty Bucket will return

Sparkler: Blue/Green/Orange/Purple/Red Dye + Gunpowder + Stick

Has only blue, green, orange, purple and red colors

Glow Stick: Dye of color you want + Glowstone Dust + Stick

Has all 16 colors, but Light Gray and Black is buggy and has red texture

* There is a bug in game, where Glow Sticks has a normal texture only after reentering the world.

Super Fertilizer: (Shapeless craft) Salt + 3 Bone Meal

Balloon: 7 Wool of color you need + Torch + Lead

Has all 16 colors

Colored Torch: Red/Green/Blue/Purple Dye + Torch

or Red/Green/Blue/Purple Dye + Coal/Charcoal + Stick

Has only red, green, blue and purple colors

Hardened Glass: 3 Iron Ingot + 3 Glass/Glass Panes of color you want or clear + 3 Iron Nugget

Has all 16 colors + clear (undyed)

Underwater TNT: 4 Prismarine Shard + TNT

Explodes and destroys blocks even underwater

Underwater Torch: Prismarine Shard + Torch

or Prismarine Shard + Coal/Charcoal + Stick

Gives light even when placed underwater

Heat Block: 4 Coal + 4 Iron Ingot + Torch


Water: Water Bottle or Water Bucket

Empty Bottle will return

Empty Bucket will return

Fill Empty Bottle with water

Fill Empty Bucket with water (Shapeless craft)

Salt: Torch + Water Bottle/Water Bucket/Water

Empty Bottle will return

Empty Bucket will return

Torch won’t return in any case

Changelog View more

- Added info about Experimental Gameplay

- Updated addon description


Resource Pack is optional

Education Edition need to be enabled in world settings!
Experimental Gameplay need to be enabled in world settings!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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25 Responses

3.46 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-4401842001 says:

    Bro goodjob i fw this add-on

  2. Pootato111doesstuffnow says:

    This is honestly a pretty neat concept. I much prefer this over the regular Education Edition crafting recipes since I’m not to much of a chemistry person. I have yet to try the addon but I’ll get back here once I have to give a proper rating.

  3. Guest-4152359464 says:

    The only useful recipes are for the blocks, you can craft all the items you put except for the tables in education edition.

  4. iamded64 says:

    I honestly don’t know why there is so much hate on this add-on. Well if it’s about “stealing ideas”, or “already implemented”, ignore it. I give you 5 stars to lift up your add-ons rating because you don’t deserve this hate. Have a good day!

  5. Guest-2645351616 says:

    My texture packs dont work. How do i get them to work??

  6. Guest-9306564475 says:

    When school don’t exist anymore so you download this

  7. KMTrager says:

    This is been already added in Minecraft why did you have to make this add-on didn’t you know really.

    • Yes, it is in minecraft already but you can craft anything from chemistry in survival: chemistry tables, hardened glass and other?

      • Guest-1440330194 says:

        This is great and all, but I’m just reminding you that you forgot crude oil.

      • Guest-1405394803 says:

        Yes and those recipes you stole from vechrozilator’s add-on which is Un-Craftable add-on it seems impossible that you have the exact idea about what should be the recipe. Maybe you can’t code those so you steal it. Vechrozilator and MCPEDL do something about this!!!

        • Yes, I’m copied ONLY the lab tables recipes, but there is no “Do not copy” item in the “Un-Craftable add-on” description, so anyone can copy anything!
          + in “Un-Craftable add-on” no recipes of other items, but that items has recipes in my addon, i’m stolen that recipes too? I wrote that recipes by myself!

  8. Guest-2389838258 says:

    There already education edition in the switch and there a lot more recipes you can craft than this add-on I think this kinda useless but good job for making it thx anyways

  9. Guest-3681127548 says:

    It lets me get the tables but it doesnt let me craft any of the items

  10. Guest-4645580210 says:

    Wtf man, this is literally in Minecraft
    Just use ‘education edition’ and voila
    This is actually useless

    • LucienDeath says:

      This add on is far more useful then the education edition it self where as this add on allows for proper use in survival with out the issue of the blocks them self thinking they are in creative mode where you have unlimited us of that single block where as survival it should count as a single block have limited use take the periodic element blocks for example that’s how they act.

    • You can “on fly” without any help say for example how Red Torch crafts? Or Underwater Torch? Or Heat Block?
      You just don’t remember that ugly crafts! They aren’t designed to use in survival!
      My crafts are designed for survival

      • Guest-8074600679 says:

        dude I always have the online recipe book for mcee open when I use it. the only useful stuff here is the crafting for the tables

        • dont type hate here, he has done hard work for this addon and instead to telling him good job you are calling it useless. This addon is for making educational features available in survival

          • Guest-9665570466 says:

            No he hasn’t, that’s the point he’s put literally no work in this ,
            But copied everything from the game

          • To Guest-9665570466
            What i’m copied? No blocks or items added to game!
            I just added new RECIPES that is NOT in game
            What i’m copied?

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