Mcflower’s Microblocks

I think you have long dreamed of microblocks in minecraft. I tried to create an addon that will give you this. Introducing Mcflower’s Microblocks!                                                        

Inspired by yBrothers – vertical slabs

Microblocks are custom-sized blocks that may be needed for many things:

Decoration and detalisation

Secret ways


And even decorative city wiring

At the moment, the addon contains six types of microblocks:


Railings upper

Railings lower

Vertical slabs



Corners upper (NEW) 

Corners lower (NEW) 

Beams (NEW) 

Now this addon contains !135! various blocks

Each type has 15 variations:

Oak planks

Spruce planks

Birch planks

Jungle planks

Acacia planks

Dark oak planks

Warped planks

Crimson planks


Stone brick






Unfortunately, so far this cannot be crafted, but can be obtained through the commands

/function panels

/function railing_a

/function railing_b

/function slabs

/function steps

/function halfstep_a

/function corner_a

/function corner_b

/function beams

Changelog View more

Added 3 new types of microblocks: 

Two types of corners and beams

Added 3 new types of blocks: Vertical slabs (1/2 block), steps (1/4 block), halfsteps (1/8 block)


Supported Minecraft versions


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64 Responses

4.68 / 5 (37 votes)
  1. Kyleshun says:

    Craftable please..

  2. Realcancov says:

    I believe this addon is great, but it also needs some changes in the ways to obtain the items and i would personally love to see furniture be incorporated into this addon and a few more things like; middle-pannels, corner-pannels/walls etc which would make this one of the best mods for building in my opinion, possibly even the top 3

  3. hellojk says:

    this is and amazing addon i hope your able to make a chisel and bits addon

  4. Could you make the /function give you bedrock versions? cause i have to type /give in order to get a bedrock panel or slab

  5. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    Works great! Would you be able to make things like a sliding garage door for example?

  6. BangBen says:

    Your mod is nice but upgrade it to Minecraft PE 1.16.201 please.

    Thank you.

  7. BangBen says:

    I can download this one but there isn’t anything panel or vertical slab in game, used command /function but still not work in 1.16.201. Can you fix it ?

    I hope to hear your reply soon.

    Thank you.

  8. HorrorMystery says:

    i tried it but it no work either its not working or im a complete idiot but i would go for complete idiot 🙂

  9. Valentino99649 says:

    does this work in 1.16.200?? it looks so cool btw :0

  10. This mod can be used in minecraft 1.16.100 official?

  11. RAC1000 says:


  12. RAC1000 says:

    Still hasn’t worked for me, mind if i could use a different link? Such as preferably straight to mediafire, or linkverse?

  13. ErrdogLive says:

    I have not tested yet, looks cool though. I have a question: are you able to make mini blocks like in that mod for java. If you are able to do this please make an addon like this.

  14. Nice little decoration addon. I like it!

  15. EpicHuman says:

    Does this work with other textures?

  16. Alphanitute says:

    Cool mod ?

  17. EmmanuelSeda1 says:

    I downloaded it but it did not work. There is no /function commands

  18. Mcfl0wer says:

    There may be some problems with access to links, wait a little and everything will work

  19. RAC1000 says:

    Can someone help me with adfly, i want to download but im stuck in an endless loop of adfly and ads, pls help… I’ve used adfly before but this is new, all it does is give me ads and not redirect me. But it looks like good addon so full stars!

    • Enderlord2002 says:

      There should be a skip button top right also it will ask you to allow or deny say deny

      • RAC1000 says:

        I’ve used adfly a lot, so i’ve done those steps, but right when it brings me to it’s other screen saying “press allow to continue”, which I press deny, which usually works, but it just redirects me back to that screen again…

  20. Herogamer340 says:

    I has good ratingss but wasn’t working for me

  21. I’m making addons too and this is a very good addon. Nice worked, Mcfl0wer!

  22. Derp Craft says:

    I didn’t download it because im not in beta ? But good work! Five stars!

  23. EnderCreator says:

    I’ll take your entire STOCK!!!

  24. Ilikestuff says:

    So this is what u been working on

  25. CreepX451 says:

    Wow! This looks really cool! Keep up the good work!

  26. Creator can you make a version 1.16 without being beta? please answer me

  27. MONTH says:

    I liked it but can you do a 1.14 version, please.

  28. Very good, my world mobile phone version will also have a promising future

  29. MrZombiePlaysMC says:

    Why Adfly? It just takes more time to download and i ain’t gonna support any creators that use adfly.

  30. BoiLaToi68 says:

    @Haze, Its easy to join the beta unless you just dont want to because of friends

  31. Pokest45 says:

    I like this, this is one of the few addons that adds new customization options without removing the creative factor. Most addons that add new blocks don’t increase creativity; instead, they remove it with an influx of premade blocks, instead of forcing players to find block hacks.

  32. Haze says:

    This looks rlly good :DD sadly can’t try it since I’m not in beta

  33. Tohru-Chan says:

    Wow!! incredible ?

  34. Wao esto es increíble O_o 5 stars

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