Mclaren P1 Addon

The McLaren P1. This is a vehicle in real life which during its time of production only produced 375 cars of its kind. If you weren’t able to get one then well then now is your time as now you’ll be able to get it (for free) in Minecraft!



This addon adds to the mclaren p1 which you can use to race or ride in your minecraft worlds,in this addon you can have the mclaren p1 in blackthe mclaren is driving easily, it is like riding a horse


  • it’s fast
  • available in black
  • Does not replace any entity


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

13 Responses

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  1. Guest-7220552903 says:

    Can you make another mclaren? Like the mclaren 720s? That car is amazing! Like your work! Keep it up!

  2. Guest-2552128999 says:

    My Car be looking thick though!but awesome!please make it kinda slimmer

  3. Dom says:

    Can you please make a Koenigsegg Argera RS and also the Corvette C8

  4. denni says:

    how do u spawn the car

  5. Rhuiz says:

    Also make it experimental because of the new items i mentioned you

  6. Rhuiz says:

    Can you make a cars 3 addon they roam around and here are the cars
    Lightning McQueen [cars 3]
    Tow mater
    Cruz Ramirez
    Chick hicks
    Strip weathers
    Jackson storm
    Dusty rust eze
    Rustry rust eze
    Cal weathers
    Bobby swift
    Todd the pizza planet truck
    Miss fritter
    Demolition derby sedans [8 variants]
    If you want to be a car chat
    /function lightning mcqueen
    /function Tow mater
    /function Cruz Ramirez
    /function Mack
    /function Sally
    /function ramone
    /function flo
    /function sarge
    /function fillmore
    /function red
    /function sheriff
    /function luigi
    /function guido
    /function chick hicks
    /function strip weathers
    /function sterling
    /function cal weathers
    /function bobby swift
    /function rusty rust eze
    /function dusty rust eze
    /function jackson storm
    /function sedan [any 6 color]
    /function derby sedan
    /function todd the pizza truck
    And some new items like pepperoni pizza dinoco oil and rust eze and also chick hicks and miss fritter are hostile they can attack you and lightning McQueen and please make my request☺ and submit it if your done☺

  7. U mother says:

    Make it a mediafire link

  8. nathan says:

    This mod doesnt work it is a trojan virus dont click download

  9. Daniel Centeno says:

    Why do i keep getting golyah ads someone help

    • KirbyFan64Bro says:

      I have the same thing here! But just wait for 5 seconds and press skip ad in the top right corner. Close all the popups (in case you have no adblocker installed) But don’t close the maranhesduve (weird) site. Press allow if it asks to send notifications. You can now download the addon.

      Afterwards, to prevent suspicious notifications you have to delete all browser data.

    • FireDragonIII says:

      Your supposed to click skip ad. I understand dude.

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