Mcmmo Skill Addon

This addon adds like a skilling system to your Minecraft world. This adds more like a leveling aspect to the game. This is not useful at the beginning of a Minecraft world and is more like an end game addon. As you level up your skills the more powerful you get.

How Does This Addon Work!

This addon adds Skill In Combat, Archery, and Mining.


Combat Points Are Earned By Killing Hostile Mobs.

Hostile mobs don’t always give points on killed.

At 2000 points – Strength 1 (Infinite Duration)

At 5000 Points – Strength 2 (Infinite Duration)

At 10000 Points – Strength 3 (Infinite Duration)

At 13000 Points – Strenght 3 and Resistance 1 (Infinite Duration)

At 16000 Points – Strenght 3 and Resistance 2 (Infinite Duration)


Archery Points are Earned By Using a bow or a crossbow.

Every arrow shot gives 1 point. (Need To have Bow in hand if you want to get upgrades by commands) 

At 750 points – gives power 1 to your bow

At 2000 points – gives power 2 to your bow

At 5000 points – gives power 3 to your bow

At 10000 points – gives power 4 to your bow

At 13000 points – gives power 5 to your bow


Mining Points are earned by as said in the name Mining.

Mining Points are only earned by mining ores. (Like Diamond ore, coal ores, etc)

At 750 points – Haste 1 (Infinite Duration)

At 2000 points – Haste 2 (Infinite Duration)

At 5000 points – Haste 3 (Infinite Duration)

At 10000 points – Haste 4 (Infinite Duration)

Video For Better Understanding:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.9

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Installation Guides

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22 Responses

3.36 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Guest-8133293673 says:

    I think something like a magic skill would fit nicely into this addon. But still 10/10 in my opinion.

  2. Guest-3880228275 says:

    This addon is just the thing I was looking for. keep up the good work!

  3. Guest-5566539688 says:

    This is a copy of dakonblackroses mod

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a list of mobs that do give points?

  5. Guest-3682239386 says:

    Maybe add special items for different levels

  6. Guest-4248209725 says:

    I like it but i have a cuestion if i die i lost the updates ?

  7. Guest-9571404415 says:

    Everyone saying that he copied DakonBlackRose are not considering the fact that DakonBlackRose had copied from other Java Mods… Plus on my opinion this mod has way more potential than Dakon’s mod. also note to the creator if you can add some sort of skill points into the game or a lvl system it would be great, especially if you make it like an actual mmo it would make this mod top-tier. Like some sort of quest system. but overall great mod.

  8. Guest-3016441553 says:

    Does it work on xbox
    Its not working for me??

  9. Guest-2711262003 says:

    Not valid zip achive

  10. This is copied from DakonBlackRose. He has already made something just like this.

  11. Guest-5206805201 says:

    1.14,iOS 13, not a valid zip archive

  12. BoxCatMC says:

    DakonBlackRose is already in the works of making an addon JUST LIKE THIS! You copied him and you know it.

  13. Guest-4760757991 says:

    It is good but the points required to level up are too high, but nice work

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