MCPE Master Launcher

MCPE Master is an Android launcher app for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It adds several easy to use tools which greatly increase your control of the game. For example, changing the time of day and switching current gamemodes have never been easier. There are literally tons of features included in the app and to find out more continue on reading and we’ll walk you through all the features!

Creator: Kevin, Twitter Account


  • Set game settings before entering game
  • Import maps, skins, addons, textures, mods
  • Switch between day/night, survival/creative
  • Change the weather
  • Set experience level (0-2000), enchantment level
  • Fly, invincible, sprint, teleportation
  • Switch between big/small GUI
  • Spawn items, mobs
  • Screenshots

In-Game Options

To open the in-game option panel tap on the top-right MCPE Master button. On the left side of the screen there is a menu from which you can choose what kind of settings you want to adjust.


Enchantment levels can be a very tedious process to level up if you were to do it all manually by hand. But with this option you can set your enchantment levels simply by pressing a few buttons.


The item spawning function lets you find items very fast as they are sorted by categories. You can also use it to spawn custom items.


One other useful function includes the possibility to add all different types of mobs to the game. Select the type and then how many you would like to spawn.


Teleportation is probably one of the most underappreciated features. For example, one use for it could be to have one spawn point setup in the mine and another back at your house.


The screenshot feature is perfect to capture funny experiences. As a result, it would have been better if the screenshot button was a bit more accessible. Right now you need to press three buttons before actually capturing a screenshot, but perhaps we’ll see a fix for that in a later version.


Weather was one of the new features in Minecraft PE version 0.12. Control the weather by turning it off and on using the weather option. Rain will turn to snow if you are in a snow biome.


The Launcher

The first thing you will see when opening the app is the launcher. From there you can select many different kind of options which will affect the in-game options. You can also use this area to import maps, mods, textures and skins.


Download (Google Play)
Download (APK MediaFire)

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95 Responses

3.91 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-8425495535 says:

    funciona los mods (hacks) en la 1.16? y si es asi cuando cambio el modo de juego a creativo los demas jugadores que esten en el mundo tambien cambiaran o no

  2. Guest-8782243592 says:

    Dude, Try TLauncher for Computer, And it also launches Minecraft LMAO

  3. Guest-2805292482 says:

    I love it a lot great app to play question well it work for iPhone 1.14.30

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make this app to go on tablet\kindle fire also please

  5. Leo says:

    Can you make one for IOS pls

  6. eric says:

    how can i get granny addon on minecraft on android

  7. avi yadav says:

    try this one

  8. Caleb says:

    Is it like block launcher??

  9. william says:

    make it to windows 10!!!!!

  10. HyperSuperSanic000 says:

    Though mods kinda don’t work😢

  11. HyperSuperSanic000 says:

    Great app

  12. llh says:

    very good!

  13. Cody marks says:

    Invincible No-clip and switch to creative mode?

  14. cool981 says:

    Yup. But not really.
    You have to enable: “Invincible”, “No-clip”, and switch to creative mode.

  15. Cody marks says:

    Spectator Mode?

  16. Cody says:

    Spectator Mode?

  17. Donald says:

    There is a problem i can’t search

  18. Saxon says:

    You are the best

  19. Ryo Stonewell says:

    Where can I suggest or request a new addon for mcpe master?

  20. Deb says:

    Bro does it have any prblm cause i downloaded from play store earlier and i had to reset my android. So its a yes or no

  21. Random guy says:

    Is this compatible with windows 10

  22. Mcpe mike says:

    I can’t get it make it free OK thanks for all the sup port me thank you

  23. Jeff says:

    Make it so us iOS users can use it too, It looks cool

  24. Anna says:

    How do I remove a mod Iv downloaded in the app? For example the tree_cutter mod. I checked out the link you provided to another person that commented but it only shows me how to Uninstall the app and I don’t want to do that. Much appreciated.

  25. Lawand says:

    So cool and thanks but i don’t know what is minecraft update need but yeah it’s awsome

  26. joshua says:

    Every time i drink i potion of instant heeling it instantly kills me!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I have minecraft 0.15.6 and I updated it to the last version it when I go in it and I press the start button it crashes but it worked for the later version but now it doesn’t plz help I’m using Samsung galexy tab 3

  28. James says:

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I’ve seen videos of how great and fun this app can be but whenever I try to download anything in the app it says upgrade the app. So I tap upgrade and it brings me to the app store and all I can do is open it :(. Someone please help p.s. I have an Amazon kindle fire O6 so that may be the problem too, but just please help!!!!

  29. Ryo says:

    Hey, I’m on mcpe version 0.15.0 atm, and there haven’t been anymore new mods for a while since the last one, which I think was the pause mod. Do I need to update the actual game again?

  30. Xexus says:

    Hi,this is a great app and i have using it normally before this but one day when i touch the floating window icon it said that i need to enter the map first.but eventually i have entered the map when i touch the floating to sovle this?

  31. Ghost says:

    Why mods doesn’t work well ?

  32. Fox_Lover123 says:

    I searched it up in the google play store but I did not see it

  33. Fox_Lover123 says:

    I don’t know how to get it

  34. Minecraftquestioj says:

    How do I remove mods if I aply them

  35. Blake says:

    When will this work on version 0.14.2?

  36. ThinkingThinker says:

    When I try to get on it will crash 🙁

  37. Sansy says:

    Can I use this app one MY server (I’m using multiplayer for minecraft) if do how pls I hope u respond ….. By the way great app =) rate 5 star

  38. Daniel says:

    I have one question, why won’t it let me use on servers? Tell me plz.

  39. cole says:

    How do i turn off a mod i dont want?

  40. The PE Minecrafter says:

    Will this work on mcpe v0.14.0 b7?

  41. Darrell says:

    How do I install it

  42. Azza Malik says:

    I have a ZenFone2 whenever I start the map and press the floating window it says open a world and you can open the floating window

  43. Natalie says:

    I can’t get mcpe master to work on asus zenpad 7. Can you tell me why and if there’s a fix

  44. satoshi says:

    very nice

  45. Daniel Vazquez says:

    I wish I can get this game.I ❤️mcpe master

  46. Matthew says:

    I love it so much!!!

  47. MichaelNava says:


  48. lol says:

    how do u remove a mod from yhe game???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  49. Lee says:

    When I hit start, it will just go back to the main menu!

  50. epep says:

    How do you update it for 13.o b3

    • Editor says:

      Try to go to Google Play and find MCPE Master Launcher there. We’ll get the download link on this page updated within a few hours.

      Edit: We’ve updated the download link. Please try again.

  51. Luca says:

    It looks awesome, but I got a problem:
    I have an Asus Zenfone 2 (The CPU is an Intel Atom Z3560) and when i launch the game with this launcher, it starts loading, but then the screen goes black and the game closes to the home….. I really want to try this launcher!

    (*Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian*)

  52. danica says:

    I’ve already downloaded and updated the MCPE Launcher v1.1.24 which works to Minecraft PE v0.12.1. I have 0.12.1.b5 (version of Minecraft), it’s not working. It’s says that only available to v0.10.x and v0.11.1. Please help.

  53. Adriana says:

    How do you exit MCPE Master the Mine craft app, and return to the original app? I would like to test other sharers.

  54. sanjay says:

    How to download this app

  55. Mary Anne Willis says:

    I can’t download

  56. david says:

    How do i use the mods in mcpe master laucher and why are not any mods for 0.12.1 please tell me and add some 0.12.1 mods. Thank you

  57. tyler says:

    dont get scared in the awakening its just that it is impossible

  58. Talhameli808 says:

    How can I play this game at iPhone

  59. jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for the app

  60. DowimbNinja says:

    I love love love love this app though it just needs a little editing ?

  61. Laurynasst1 says:

    When will it be able to download mods from the launcher

  62. Sassin says:

    Does it work with mods not downloaded by it? Say a mod that requires textures?

  63. Abbie says:

    Can I get this on my kindle?

  64. Gaetan says:

    When will this work with 0.12.1? Please let me know as soon as you have an answer.

  65. siddharth says:

    This is great mcpe launcher especially on v 0.12.1.Very good app.This is cool app.Minecraft pe shall be very easy to play.This app gives a better control,speed.We can also fly in survival mode.

    • Kade says:

      For some reason when I search it up on the Google play store it doesn’t come up because it is incompatible with my samung galaxy tab 4 and my android version is lollipop please help

  66. Long says:

    I love love love this mod sooooo much!

  67. Long says:

    Pls could i get that mod?

  68. rhafa3l says:

    This is great mcpe launcher especially on v 0.11.x

  69. MikuNicolas says:

    Very good app ! Thanks ^^

  70. EF3STO says:

    That’s very cool!!!

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