MCPE Showcase [Creation] (1.1.0 Only!)

Short after we got the 1.0.5 version released on all platforms it was announced that the 1.1.0 beta had been opened, and so far it’s limited to Android users only. The 1.1.0 version will introduce a lot new content to Minecraft Pocket Edition and this map showcases most features which exist in the current (and most early) beta version. For example, llamas, colored beds and terracotta blocks are some of the new features.

Creator: KobeYashi / ProGamer5802

There are lots more things to explore in the map!

Important: This map requires beta version (or higher)! Android users can sign up for the beta here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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52 Responses

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  1. BitPitz says:

    Will this be updated when 1.2 Releases? 😀

  2. KobeYashi says:

    For all of the MCPE players, I’m sorry I didn’t create any maps YET because I’m currently studying since it is back to school. I hope I will finish my map soon! 🙂

  3. ahmad khoerudin says:

    All great map this amazing

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmm.. is it just me or does this not work?

    • KobeYashi says:

      Wait, let me guess, you’re playing on iOS as well. Currently the iOS users will have to wait until the official release date to get this cool stuffs! 🙂

  5. John says:

    Only missing is woodlands map and ocean explorer map.

  6. Florian Cassagne says:

    Very cool map and thanks very much !!!
    I will use to present the 1.1 update in one of my videos 🙂

  7. Hello says:

    Until now I don’t know what is MCWorld?

  8. BlueSheepNYT says:

    Look I downloaded this today and there’s no features nothin I’m on my IOS aswell just…. you know fix it……….

  9. M1N5X says:

    Seriously, i like the pattern of the floor

  10. Gavin says:

    when will mcpe ios 1.1.0 come out?

  11. Dominic Santilli says:

    lol it’s wierd

  12. Raymond says:

    Please! We Want this Mojang (Whoever your called)

  13. Therix says:

    Why are my comments being deleted?

  14. Katy Harding says:

    I’m excited for the beds alone!

  15. EXIMIOUS says:

    hey there
    a video has been made
    have a nice day

  16. SomeRandomGiantUser says:

    Nice I am currently on IOS which is v(1.0.5) where there are still command blocks I can’t wait for the update I heard it added new structures like woodland mansions lamas new bed colours and things from the PC version of minecraft!
    Can’t wait who’s excited !

  17. Mon Abram L.Siojo says:

    can you realease the version of MC on PC To MCPE Android like version 1.12 or PoopLog VERSION the Poop Log version is 1.12.1

  18. Mon Abram L.Siojo says:

    can you realease the version of MC on PC To MCPE Android like version 1.12

  19. TheFireBrother/// TFB says:

    Great map! It helps me a lot and makes it easier to look at what’s new!

  20. JMS1717 says:

    I downloaded this in 1.0.5 just for fun because I wanted to use it when we got the update and it worked for me instead of denying me and I spawned in and I could clip through blocks I think I was in adventure mode but it didn’t exist so I was flying around and clipping blocks and almost all the blocks were update block if you have 1.0.5 you should really try it

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t you post my addon for dual wielding

  22. PowerMinerYT says:

    But great map!!

  23. MarcosGamer362 says:

    Cool exelent =)

  24. Therix says:

    Finally a map for 1.1

  25. SFGalGamer says:

    Thx it’s cool and I’m first

  26. RageGamer12440 says:

    They forgot to tell that Renaming a Vindicator Johnny will make the Vindicator Hostile to all mobs. And placing different colored carpets on Llamas will make a Unique Decoration.

  27. Sean Chris Regner says:

    When do you think will it be released?

  28. RageCoder says:

    They forgot to add that renaming the Vindicator *Johnny* will make the Vindicator attack every mob that is near. And they forgot that Llamas can be customized with Carpets.

    • KobeYashi says:

      No I didn’t forget that, but it is an Easter egg, and to be true, I was too lazy adding those. Sorry about that 🙂 also I’m currently working on a new map!

      • MC_Aerial says:

        Is ur new map out yet? I also wanna know how u post these maps because I too am currently working on a new horror map and when it’s done I wanna post it

  29. MCGamer says:

    I know the features already

  30. UnknownFile says:

    I Can’t Wait Until I Get This On iOS 😛
    It Will Be So Fun 🙂
    Anyone Know The Realise Date For It?

  31. Enderman PE Official says:

    Does it also come with new command like latest gamerule command?

  32. Lisette Hoogenstrijd says:

    Ur Website is awesome

  33. Lisette Hoogenstrijd says:

    Cool Showcase ! But can u add a power rangers addon plz because a new skinpack has releashed i like this so much but can u plz add the power rangers addon ?

  34. JPlaysPE says:

    Great map! All the new features in a map 😀

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