MCPE Vanilla Tweaks By MythicFunk

Fixed Downloading Issue!

This is a texture pack that hopes to make certain textures more appealing, or convenient. The Texture Pack for 1.14 will no longer be updated due to the release of 1.16. This pack changes the textures of many items, blocks and other aspects of the game.

Supports versions 1.14-1.16

Changes to Ores:

Ores have been outlined to make them easier to see in dark caves. Ores have also been split up into three groups, bye their texture. Group 1, being diamond, coal, and emerald for being able to be affected by the fortune enchantment. Group 2, being iron and gold for needing to be smelted. And Group 3, being lapis lazuli and red-stone, for dropping multiple items. Nether ores included.

Changes to Tools:

Colors have been changed to match the colors of the materials they’re made of. I also changed the designs of the tools to just make them look better.

Changes to Water:

Everything about the water textures have changed, from the normal colors, to the individual textures of the still and non still water blocks. Water in cauldrons have been stripped of everything except for the new color palate to show that the water in a cauldron is still.

Changes to the Galactic Alphabet texture:

All alphabet textures emitted by bookshelf’s are now colored in a rainbow pallet.

Changes to Grass-type Blocks:

Grass-type blocks have had their side textures filled in to make them look a little bit better than the original textures. Nylium included.

Changes to Helmets:

The front and back of the helmets have been trimmed to fit their item counterparts as well as look better while being worn. The texture for the turtle cap has also been slightly changed.

Changes to the Iron Golem:

I changed the position and color of its eyes to give The mob a less mean look. I also changed the golems yellow flowers to red flowers to match the fact that they only hold red flowers.

Changes to Glass:

 I got rid of any textures in the middle of the glass, that would make it seem less clear. This applies for the glass panes, and beacon texture as well.

Changes to Doors:

So far, I have only changed the texture for oak doors, which now have have a glass window, instead of a cross.

Other Changes:

– Pumpkin blur has been toned down. I will probably make it less cursed in the future

Changelog View more


- A better still-water texture

- Full blocks of Warped and crimson variants of nylium

- Change to the Netherite helmet

- Outlined and changed textures for new nether ores

- Hopefully I did not forget anything else!


- New textures for the netherite tools

- Changed water textures

- Fixed Downloading Issue


- New textures for the netherite tools

- Changed water textures


- Changes to all glass related textures

- Rainbow Galactic Alphabet

- Toned Down Pumpkin Blur

- Changed tool textures


- Ores received outlines and different textures

- Helmets have been slimed or made to look better

- Grass-like blocks have been made into full blocks



Supported Minecraft versions




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13 Responses

  1. Guest-7897338904 says:

    i cant load it on realms

  2. Guest-1896401197 says:

    When I try to import this texture pack onto my minecraft. It said it failed to import and and I have a texture pack with the same files even I actually don’t. I had to delete almost all my texture and behavior packs and it still won’t work! Please fix the glitch in a feature update?

  3. Guest-4671923798 says:

    I Dont Know Why But When I Tried To İmport İt İt Says That This İs A Copy Of Digs Simple Pack Can You Try To Fix Please I Love This Pack

  4. Guest-4343071729 says:

    Could you maybe make a versoin with just the tools? they are so good!!

  5. Guest-6253492723 says:

    8/10. I don’t really like the outlined ores, maybe you can make a version without it.

  6. Guest-7213608421 says:

    you stole this from

  7. Guest-9475591135 says:

    Make a special pack for weapons only please

  8. Guest-1846821892 says:

    thank you! i really need this mod.

    • Guest-9974813030 says:

      Nvm,i Were looking for the item frame.

      • MythicFunk says:

        Sorry dude, I looked around and could not find the right file to for the border of the item frame. It seems that they apply the texture for the birth logs to the item frames border and I can’t really change that with out ruining the pack.

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