MCWig : Anime’s (Bug-Batch Update)

Tired with pixelated hair? Well no more! with this pack, you’ll get more HD and now itsnt cubic model! Grab now to change your minecraft Appearance into more advance! (well its enough of introduction, eh?)

Doesnt like it? Well dont worry, i gotcha homie.. Now the pack has also the cubes variant! (Off course, its more cursed) Grab some to make your Minecraft Character more……uh…..good?

  1. I dont know how to descript this but hey! Here’s some preview taken on Third Person-Front!

Also another preview taken from the back perspective :

Well Yeah, its better to remove Your “Hat” Skin layer for better look!

Blocky Update :

Fiuh, MCWig now has other variant for you to use! Now you can use the blocky version of the hair and also available with 3 variant! There’re 128x, 64, and 32x cubes resolution. Choose one, that you might think will fit into your game style! (You can also call this as “The Cursed Update!” WoOoOOoOoO!)

Enough of that, im going to show you what the difference between those cubes resolution!. First, im going to introduce you the 128x variant! its has extremely detail and almost the same as the original one! Its constructed by hundreds of cubes, so i just recommend this to player that want more extreme detail (I dont know why..) and its requires high/mid-end devices to make this work finely but just try it!

Second is the 64 resolution! off course, it has less cubes than the 128 variant but without losing its remaining details. I highly recommend this, as you can use this one most devices (i think?)

Come to the last one, Its a good variant for those who likes Minecraft Blocky Style! Im really sure that this has more less cubes and off course its still fit into your pixelated and bicubic skin! even though, its less detailed but the most important thing is…. its still USABLE!

Now that’s a lot of work! Thanks for the feedback you gave on the comment section! If you have any kind of bugs or suggesstion, leave it below! You can also join my Discord server and leave your suggesstion there for faster notice.

>>> Discord


Q : Why the the hair doesnt load when i switch types?

A : Alright, when you encounter this problemo…. make sure you already switch hair types and then just re-open minecraft or alternative way is that to remove the resource pack first from the resource pack section (I mean not to delete it) and apply the resource pack again with other hair types already selected and *BOOM*

BugBatch Update : 

   On this new Update, you can now change the skin easily without using Image editor or whatever. This update also clearing some Known Issues that you faced with. Here’s how you change the skin on this new update! Just choose the skin you want and BOOM!

 Curious with how’s the pack looks like? You can see the Video Preview listed below.


Dont Republish The Content AnyWhere Else! Its Required Permission From The Owner first. if you want to make another content, remake, or anything based on this, make sure to link some credits. This Content exclusively uploaded to MCPEDL!

Changelog View more

Update 1.4.0 : 

  • - Fixed Texture Transparency
  • - Cleaning some codes
  • - More easier to change skin
  • - Added new render_controllers.
  • - Fixed Duplicate UUID
  • - Fixed Thumbnail
  • - Added Clips to change Skin
  • - Added License on each pack
  • - Re-texted header.
  • - Fixed texture overlapping

Blocky-Block Update (1.3.0) :

  1. - Added New Blocky Hair Variant
  2. - Fixed Male2 Offsets on the latest pack
  3. - Differentiate the UUID for the Blocky Update Pack
  4. - Added Discord link
  5. - Thumbnail Updated

Update 1.2.0 :

On the new update, i've been added more variant texture size to fit with users skin :D. There's 2 variant that you can choose :  

  1. . 128x128 variant is now available! its suitable for any 128x128 skin and even 128x64 skin size!
  2. The default one (64x64) is also changed! by changing the texture offsets, users can now use 64x32 and 64x64 skin size!

*Note : The others skin included inside, randomly picked from the Internet,


If you struggled with download, just follow these steps :

1. Open the link variant as you wish

2. If the captcha pop's  out of nowhere, just click the box and it'll automaticly shows the procedure area.

3. Wait the 10 secs countdown until its finish

4. Click on "Free Access with Ads" if you doesnt have linkvertise premium, otherwise just the premium instead for faster access

5. Now click on "Discover Interesting Articles", just open random articles and close it. after that, click on "X" button and wait for another 6 secs countdown

6. Click on "Continue" button and it'll automaticly route you to the Mediafire Page

7. Now just download the content and start rickrolling with your hair!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


128x 32x 64x

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  1. Mario Craft says:

    what the fuck of pack

  2. GuckTheGamer says:

    please make a adfly link or a direct link because my wifi thinks that link is a virus


    Rambut jotaro next?

  4. RahFioLis says:

    Ah yes, cursed

  5. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    Warganet Indonesia Manggil Negara Malasyia Sebagai Malingsia,Karena Bilang Budaya Kita dari Dia,dan Polisi Malasyia Pukul Seorang Atlet Indonesia [itulah kenapa Malasyia dan indonesia Belum damai Akibat Rasis]

  6. Theblueman500 says:

    jangan lupakan jojo…..

  7. Guest-7730323411 says:

    can you make hair from shows like dragonball, naruto, yugioh ?

  8. Guest-5570164328 says:

    Tambahin juga rambut naruto dan sasuke

  9. Guest-2776530656 says:

    bro ane ada ide tambahin gaya rambut hentai mc

  10. Guest-6017764160 says:

    Syaa kecewa Kepada orang indonesia. Atas masalah racist dan maupun Malingsia #BehentiBilangNegaraTercintasayaMalingisa #BehentiRacistTobatlahkepadaAllahSwt

  11. Guest-6122757640 says:

    Can i chance the hair color?

  12. Guest-2216724532 says:


  13. Guest-2330654503 says:

    Made from Malasyia

  14. Guest-7730934661 says:

    Ini bisa di ganti kah warna nya kah bang rambut nya?

  15. Guest-2793356027 says:

    could you make one that lets you use hd skins like 1024×512 skins

  16. can you add Goku Super Saiyan Blue hair or Super Saiyan 1?

  17. AkangKrep says:

    Oiya Ane Re-Create Boleh?
    Ane Mo Jadiin Armor Nanti Sekalian Ane Chat Di Discord
    Ya Ane Pen jadiin Armor Aj Jadi Nambah Gitu

  18. Guest-1881081630 says:

    Yeeey Ga payah Pake diacord W Belum Download:)

  19. Guest-1845692221 says:

    Can you please add Kirishima from BNHA

  20. Guest-8851218512 says:

    Can you please add naruto hair? Also i tried changing it to my skin and it didn’t work. Could you please do a video on how to do it?

  21. WesleyPlayersG says:

    Como faço pra selecionar a skin que quero?

  22. WesleyPlayersG says:

    Ótimo addon adorei mano faça um vídeo no seu canal explicando mais detalhado, adorei

  23. Guest-1915812234 says:

    Anime is for gay person. Me and Oleg don’t watch anime (we no gay peple).

  24. Guest-7881275435 says:

    Minecraft already got ruined with people’s horrible skins, and you went and did this. Smh 😠

  25. Guest-2089810607 says:

    Anime is vomit 😫🤮

  26. Guest-4833394876 says:

    Kaneki combined with Goku bruh

  27. DuztierBladeYT says:

    Why is everyone using i cannot download this?

    • MC874 says:

      Just click on articles (dont choose any articles)after that click on x button and wait. Now for the step 2, just wait for 10 seconds and press on download button, it would bring you to the mediafire

  28. I’m not even sure how to respond to this… On one hand non-cube items in Minecraft are cursed, and I don’t watch anime, but this looks like it would have been hard to do so congrats on that at least.

  29. Guest-3791576041 says:

    Hippity hoppyty your comment section is now indonesian property

  30. Guest-4257477813 says:

    This is cool, but could you add more anime hair from other anime, like for example, Jotaros hat (or maybe hair, idk).

  31. Guest-9092248415 says:

    Mantap bang jd content creator di mcpedl bang mc874

  32. Guest-3853942224 says:

    Bang Mc874,apa yg anda lakukan disini :v

  33. milkymemes42090 says:

    Can you please add a mediafire link because I can download off of linkvertise, it doesn’t work for me and I’ve tried, I need a .mcpack file not a .exe

  34. Guest-4108792519 says:

    amnjai wig weaboo👊😎

  35. Guest-7268727946 says:

    Bukanya upload di yt malah disini wkwkwkwkwkwk tapi gpp

  36. The Bijibox says:

    L0L 😅

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    why are there so many Indonesian people here

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    Mantap bang,tapi ini texture hanya bisa di lihat diri sendiri

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    Gg anjir

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    Dah lah

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    wah wibu lu bang

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    Bjir di upload nya disini :v

  45. Shirocraft says:

    never thinking you upload here in mcpedl MC874 xD
    salam Indonesia xD

  46. Guest-1873543319 says:

    Can you make a video of how to work this…?

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