Mech Cars Mod

Mech Cars is the third mod in the Mech series by TDS200. Before you can go for a ride you first of all have to craft the car. It’s an easy crafting recipe (which can be found below in the images) and only requires a couple of items, such as a car body, wheels and soon you’ve got the car ready to roll.

The car is quite small and doesn’t fit more than one person at this point being but it sure adds some speed and lets you get from one place to another faster than if you were to walk.

Impress some villagers with your new car or why not just go for a roadtrip on the countryside.. the possibilities are endless!

Item IDs

  • Car Body – 482
  • Wheel – 481
  • Car – 483
  • Keys – 471
  • Fuel Can – 475
  • Engine – 477

More Mech Mods

Creator: TDS200

car1 car2 car3 planes7car4


Download Mod
Download Textures

Download links are for the new Mech Mod.

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88 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Leokalan8 says:

    How do you add mods to Minecraft bedrock on Xbox

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get it

  3. Anonymous says:

    it can work on windows 10 edition right

  4. Isaiah says:

    How do I use this

  5. mcpe lover says:

    if you have problem to download the mod then you have to try this:

  6. Desstrick says:

    Why android I want iOS I don’t have android

  7. Alexander santiago-rivera says:

    Does this work for samsung galaxy tab4 ( android ) ?

  8. Hacker says:

    Why When I Open The Mech Mod Its Say We Cant Find The Website

  9. Saha wae lah says:

    What version mcpe for this mod?

  10. Alejandro says:

    Good website

  11. xander reeves says:

    it wont work for andriod

  12. Arisite~Chan says:

    How do you craft the Key?

  13. Mouaz says:

    How do u craft key Mr editor

  14. Mouaz says:

    I like minecraft

  15. DAVID says:

    how do u craft key Mr editor

  16. MinecraftPlayerForEver says:


  17. taufan says:

    bye can teach me how do install mod mech in mcpe

  18. Steve says:

    I tried to download mod,parts and items but it didn’t work
    If it is he version well I got version 0.11.1

  19. Pony says:

    Why can I never download mods or maps i have iOS but the videos show u mods or tells u to get jail breaker but I’m not allowed to get it and carnt so can u make more mods and maps for iOS and can u make it so I can just press a download button and it will download if u get my comment and do it thanks all the world

    • Editor says:

      Hi Pony. You are right, most mods here are for Android. The reason is because ModPE, the API which coders use to code mods, is for Android. Android provides a lot more freedom for coders while on iOS everything quickly become more complex and restricted. So far there’s only a handful of 0.11 mods for iOS and most of them are quite hard to install. I’d recommend testing the maps, skins and seeds found on our website instead.

  20. Kaylee says:

    Us that the only car you can get?

  21. URBANEQUINOX says:

    When i click on the link it takes me to

  22. DanTDM says:

    Pls add fuel station in ur mod

  23. Dominic John Merlow says:

    I cant see the Captcha on Mobile pls remove the authentication.

  24. Sean Donnelly says:

    How do you make the wheels?

  25. Demetri says:

    It will not let me download it when I click”textures”,”parts and items”‘ and “texture” it that the page not available.

  26. what says:

    I had no idea what hapepped when I yo used tath thing

  27. Mitch says:

    Well, I downloaded everything from all three links. I installed everything on block launcher like all of my other mods. On survival, I couldn’t see the recipe to make the car, or anything like that on crafting. I couldn’t even place any of the parts of the car, or the car itself. I then went to creative to try it out there, and I placed the car in front of me. It’s much bigger up close than I first thought. Then I noticed that the car turned around, and then it looked at me. I freaked out, and yelled, MY CAR IS ALIVE! I didn’t really yell it out. I wasn’t really scared, but I admit, it did creep me out a little at first. After that, it looked at me again, and went, MOOOOOOO! Now, I did waist time dealing with this mod, with the cow-cars and what not. So regardless of how humorous my comment may sound, I am still quite pissed. Quite pissed indeed.

    • Editor says:

      Yes, your comment was a little bit funny, I must admit. But apparently this appears to be a common issue with this mod. The reason why it happens is because of something BlockLauncher no longer support. It has something to do with custom models I think. So what to do about? Well, there’s not much you or I can do other than wait for BlockLauncher to fix this for us.

  28. Nick says:

    When I am on mediafire it takes me to a lot of coding and nothing else what did I do wrong???

  29. Not gonna say says:

    Uhh,…I can’t control my car. Why?

  30. michael says:

    oh okay, Costom entities are enabled in block launcher, I see,

  31. Russell putra says:

    Thx for the mod i know how to install and using it

  32. niko says:

    Please how i can install the mod?

  33. Johan says:


    I get the wooden cow instead of a plane, and the car wont work, I have installed textures and parts and items and I can see them on the inventorylist… What am I doing wrong?

  34. alex says:

    Can u make a map 2 go with this mod plz

  35. alex says:

    Wwhat do u make the engine out of for the car

  36. Miguel says:

    What do u do with the code, how do u install this, I have mc loader but I don’t know what to do

  37. saw wy wi says:

    Can you do a mod that have more ore mods

  38. Danny D. says:

    Hi 🙂 so i wanted to say that the car is a red cow for me. i can ride it, but i can’t go anywhere because its a cow. Could you tell me what’s going on?

  39. azhar says:

    Why in my mcpe the car is a cow?
    is that bugs?
    i’m use mcpe 0.10.0

    • Editor says:

      If you look at the bottom of the post there are a total of three download links. One for the mod, one for parts & items and one for textures.

      You must download and install all three for the mod to work properly!

  40. Harry says:

    Please remove the ‘authorize download’ thing in the mediafire download. People on mobile can’t see the code you have to put in!

  41. Fiona says:

    How do you download it?

  42. Blanca Breton says:

    Why can’t I place the car on the ground. I have it made but won’t work

  43. On ios says:

    Does this work on ipods

  44. Thanya says:

    Can this work on pe.

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