Mech Planes Mod

Mech Planes is a mechanical mod which adds two airplanes to the game which you can fly! All parts of the airplanes have to be crafted by you and put together to form an airplane before you can launch up into the air and fly swiftly over the world of Minecraft.

Sure is an easy and fun way to explore new areas, just make sure you don’t crash!

Creator: TDS200

Other Mech Mods

Item IDs

  • Keys – 471
  • Fuel Can – 475
  • Engine – 477
  • Tail – 478
  • Body – 479
  • Wing – 480
  • Wheel – 481
  • Wooden Plane – 476
  • Spitfire – 492
  • Metal Body – 489
  • Metal Tail – 490
  • Metal Wing – 491

Wooden Plane

The Wooden Plane is a basic plane perfect for exploring areas and getting around easily.


It’s quite small so it is easy to fly in narrow spaces.


planes7 planes8 planes9 planes10 planes11


The Spitfire is a fighter plane which was used by the Royal Air Force (British/allied for those who didn’t know) during the World War II. It includes the ability to drop bombs and shooting at enemies with its mounted guns.



Download Mod
Download Textures

Download links are for the new Mech Mod.

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Installation Guides


122 Responses

4.29 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Samuel says:

    Minecraft it’s super

  2. Darwin says:

    Bruhh open the files and it will take you to blocklauncher then press import and play blocklauncher now make sure the mod is enabled now create another world tnx

  3. Toon says:

    Is This posebile to download For ios 11 so NO pleas fixs thath


    wow it is not workin for ma

  5. Me says:

    Does the mod replace anything?

  6. Yahya says:

    Why isn’t that plane a war plane.

  7. yousef says:

    Quite perfect

  8. Cole says:

    Um… please get a jet mod

  9. On no says:

    Do this only works in creative?

  10. Yasmin says:

    Hi i feel a little stupid but how do u install this mod!

  11. read do 1 says:

    My blocklaucher always crash when I play mech mod. I only can play this mod just a second and suddenly crash.

  12. francis says:

    Can anybody post an mexh texture mod when i brouth my ipad on school theu saod why is your spitfire is black please can you posr texturepack link

  13. Mark says:

    It’s not working in creative world

  14. creeper hunter says:

    Can yiu pst the download link on media fire please

  15. Harrison says:

    can you download block launcher on ios

  16. North says:

    I downloaded the texture pack, and tried to open it from blocklauncher. I didn’t find the texture pack, even though I looked in all places. I have successfully installed texture packs before

  17. Allisong211 says:

    How so I download it?

  18. Sebastian Willingham says:

    I can’t figure out how to get the textures working

  19. a human says:

    wow this mod amazing,but why there nothing helicopter mod???

  20. Manuel says:

    I love minecraft so mouch and i dont have a mod please i will become a mod

  21. korey says:

    I can’t open the file

  22. Hans says:

    I’ve got the plane, key and fuels already but i cant spawn it. How to spawn the plane ?

  23. hawks says:

    I meant that the link you gave me in the description above,should it be after or before I am through with the map that I should send the email?,because you said I should send you guys an email

  24. Minecraft says:

    I can’t download but I will try again and look epic

  25. hawks says:

    That’s awesome,but is it after or before I am through with the map that I should send the email?

  26. hawks says:

    Hey “editor” my map is almost done and I am too sure that you’ll like it,when it is done,I’ll inform you when it’s done,and don’t forget to post a comment

  27. hawks says:

    The plane moves because it was replaced by a mob(probably a glitch by block launcher) but just refuel the plane and use the key(somtimes it works in 3rd person mode only) I hope that helped?

  28. Danny says:

    Plane walks around and can’t fly? How do you fly!? I need help! Pls Tell me how to fly it, or with a bid on how to fly it. Thx

    • Editor says:

      Make sure you have installed all three things which is linked in the bottom of the post. If you have and still are having problems please let us know.

  29. It won’t fly it just acts like a cow litterally it moos!

    • Editor says:

      Can you please verify that you’ve downloaded and installed all the things mentioned at the download links in the bottom of the post? If you have then please let me know and I’ll look into it.

  30. hawks says:

    aright thanks…ill showcase the map on minecraft forum….

  31. hawks says:

    Sorry,can I use the mod in one of my maps….pleaseeee….

  32. hawks says:

    Alright,its working :)……thanks so much,very cool

  33. hawks says:

    I keep trying,for months now,and I really like the mod

  34. hawks says:

    Please help,the plane is moving itself

  35. Devin says:

    how do I get the mod

  36. Minecraftlol says:

    it looks like wooden texture cow.help plzzzz!!!!!

  37. Wil says:

    Best mod ever?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

  38. Sam says:

    How do i download

  39. Casey says:

    It would not download

  40. ejhaye says:

    I just summoned wooden cow lol. Where is my wooden plane? -_-

  41. ShOt Volume says:

    When I spawn a spitfire it doesn’t have a color it’s just black

  42. will says:

    Now I can place and enter the plane but can’t fly it

  43. red says:

    Only in 0.9.?????

    • Editor says:

      The mod works for the current version of MCPE but custom models don’t function 100% with BlockLauncher yet. But as soon BlockLauncher adds support for it then it will work perfectly fine.

  44. red says:

    How to download texture of this

    • Editor says:

      You’ve probably done it right but BlockLauncher doesn’t work with the latest version of Minecraft PE. BlockLauncher is working of resolving this issue though.

      Textures can be found when clicking “Download Textures (optional)”.

  45. Hunter323 says:

    Please fix thismod because when I spawn a plane it comes out wooding cow.pls pls fix

  46. IronGolem88 says:

    Is it just me or are all of the mech mod models just retextured cows?

  47. Houska says:

    pls, idk if i can download, is there any suitable versions of mc for this mod or i can use it on everything, and versions of block launcher? And pls, Block launcher is only app, right? 1st install mcpe and 2nd instll blocklauncher? thanks for answer if it is possible 😀

  48. Bas says:

    Download links are not working.

  49. evan says:

    the plane is a cow

  50. Nayeli says:

    Um. My plane looks like a wooden cow. Help

  51. piet says:

    There is an spitfire in this mod, but i cant place it

  52. XxEsCGhilLiExX says:

    How about you make a guide about installing .js files not .deb files… Cuz you’re telling people to look at the guide but that only covers .deb files!!

  53. TDS200 says:

    You must have the simple parts mod downloaded. If it’s not installed my mod/mods wont work for you.

  54. laa says:

    I cannot install the texturpacks and i cant craft anithyng or place it down

  55. TDS200 says:

    I am sooooo sorry guys I just now seen the crafting bug for the plane it is fixed now and should work.

  56. Jappeth says:

    its working buti cant craft a plane coz lack of wooden tail, but i have many craft wooden tail. i craft also a car but i cant put on the land. do i have a missing requirements to works all for me?

  57. qin says:

    its look like your install guide on android is only a gameplay. could u make video that helps how to patch mods working.??

  58. qin says:

    i cant patch the mod. it says that “these patches cannot be patched because they are not in a format the blocklauncher recognizes: MCPE_MECH_Planes_v0.1.0.js

  59. Bob says:

    Hey this mod looks really cool but when I download it i just get the files and don’t know what to do. Could someone help me please?Thanks!

  60. Oscar says:

    Ijust follow the steps but, i cant get the files required to install the mods, i only am avaible to install spped mod and stuff like that, just tell the ppl HOW TO INSTALLTHE MOD, cuz when i finish the dowload i only get a lot of text …

  61. Audessy says:

    How do u download it…help plz

  62. I downloaded it but I don’t see it in MCPE, help?

    • Red_pokemon says:

      If you want to use the mod your need a block launcher.in minecrft the mod will disapeer imediatley.to download use skip button in the adfly in browser

  63. TDS200 says:

    You guys are great at posting mods!
    I am telling everyone I know about your website!!

    Thanks for posting my mods 🙂


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