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Published on May 28, 2017 (Updated on May 28, 2017)

Mechanic Apocalypse 2 [Adventure] (Addon) ( Only)

This map is a sequel to the first Mechanic Apocalypse map. In the first map you helped destroying the Vanguard but now it's time to take the fight one step further and fight them at their own headquarters. It's all up to you to eliminate this threat once and for all, but even then it's uncertain whether it's actually the end or if they have already spread globally and become a worldwide threat to the human race.

Creator: TheEnderface, Twitter Account

If you enjoyed the first map then there's no doubt that you'll enjoy the second.


  • Don't play on peaceful mode
  • No cheating
  • Don't break blocks


Important: This map is limited to beta users only. Android users can sign up for the beta here!

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4.92 / 5 (26 votes)
This reminds me of mega man. Boo mavericks! Go X!
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Please make it so you can download the gun add on
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Play the other map I played because its also resets. :)
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I got no guns
And it’s not good
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You should make a pvp make of this. And put out the gun add-on
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Can you make an addon for the guns? Because I downloaded the other addon and it didn't have them. Please make one asap I need it for a mini-game
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Are you Japanese? Just wondering
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Thx this was lots of fun?
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If u plan on updating this map, make an Obsidian Destroyer that hz 882 HP points. Oh and make it teleport, 7-16 damage, and drop GlowingObsidian. Thx for the map! Keep being a awesome}3! Sorry for mine gramar, I'm Japanese
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i finale so you can make something like this maybe zombie apocalypse or other horror paranormal activity thing. Or you know what probably like hunting monster. I want something like medieval. Also if you make horror game pls make the story about the a detective trying to find the missing person.
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I luuuuuv the elevators. My bro was Liek ??????? NO WAYYYY! I was liek yup
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Hey his map was simply awesome. There are a lot of MCPE maps that you download and they are just ok. But this one was amazing. It felt like I was playing a PC map.
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The most detailed, and creative map I have ever played. Amazing job! Not great to play on low-end devices, though.
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I want the behavior/texture packs for the blocks/guns ☹️
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