Medicine Addon

This add-on add a lot of objects used in professional medicine to facilitate the possibilities of regeneration of the player, this Addon can adapt to any type of game (PvP, PvE, Survival …)

This add-on add the next items


This new item It is used to create another 4 pills with different effects

Normal pills:

The base from the next pills:

Speed pills:

Gives speed from 2 minutes

Regeneration pills:

Gives regeneration from 2 minutes

Strength pills:

Gives strength from 2 minutes

Jump boost pills:

Gives jump boost from 2 minutes



Like the pills, this syringe has different variations

Normal Syringe

The base from the next syringes:

Poison syringe:

Gives poison from 3 minutes

Regeneration syringe:

Gives regeneration from 3 minutes

Harmless syringe:

Gives wither from 3 minutes


Liquid items:

Medicine from: Blindness

  1. Clear the blindness effect

Medicine from: Poison

  1. Clear the poison effect

Medicine from: Nausea

  1. Clear the nausea effect

Medicine from: Weakness

  1. Clear the weakness effect

Pepto bismol

  1. Clear the nausea effect
  2. Clear the poison effect
  3. Clear the hunger effect

Recipes: (Note: this recipes is from the brewing stand)

Other items:

Bandages: gives regeneration 2 from 1:30 minutes

Blessed: gives regeneration from 30 seconds

Pickups: gives regeneration 2 from 5 seconds

Bismuth: this item works to make the Pepto bismol

The most powerful item

First Aidkit:

Gives regeneration 5 from 5:00 minutes

Future plans:

  • Add doctor suit
  • Add more pills
  • Add more syringes
  • Add more uses to the bismuth

Changelog View more

Correct the items name

Correct the download links

Now just can download the mcaddon


You need put the experimental gameplay to this add-on works


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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26 Responses

4.7 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-5683739603 says:

    The syringe recipe doesnt work, Overall this is a great addon.

  2. Guest-1747397328 says:

    Drugz 😀😵🤮🤑

  3. Guest-1286387750 says:

    you should make a addon like this except you have a function that a deseise is infecting everything and you have to find a cure. if you ever do this don’t make it a map make it a command. create a deseise and don’t tell us how to cure it. we only know the basics so we can figure it out

  4. Guest-3847233617 says:

    do u have an actual list or somethin that tells u how to craft the items without looking at the screenshots

  5. Guest-3370443288 says:

    Hey If You Add Me Uriel On Discord I Will Gave you some new ideas my name on Mcpedl is BUBBLESNight

  6. Guest-3830765348 says:

    Sry I made a mistake it was ghast stuff and not iron nugget

  7. Guest-9525426851 says:

    Also We CanT Craft the “Medicine:pickups”

  8. Guest-1401960511 says:

    Hey Uriel If You Want to talk with me because I’m the one who send you all the message I mean almost my discord name is xxmortgunxx#0052

  9. Guest-5902655882 says:

    Also We Can Craft the “Medicine:pickups”

  10. Guest-4758547218 says:

    Change The Medkit so when it is dropped the item disappears and gives you the items in it minus the chest.

    • Maybe I implemented it but in a different way, it would be that if they kill you the medkit disappears and throws all the items on the floor that were in the

      • Guest-9766489536 says:

        Put Coronavirus mask Plz and a dead bat. the Bat will have the coronavirus and if you go close like a radius of 5 block you will lost health but if you have the mask you will have 50% to have the coronavirus

  11. Guest-9971258487 says:

    I Realy Like This Addons I Give It A 5 Star But could You put that we can Throw syringe to others players because if there are poison syringe and we can throw it to other player then why we have it?

  12. Guest-1092049184 says:

    If You Don’t Know To Craft The normal Syringe you need to put the craft at your left and not in the middle

  13. Guest-3054783882 says:

    Maybe you could add a hospital structure that has some of the items in chests

    • The idea does not convince me much, but what it could be is to add a villager who trades you the materials, only that he will already order from iron nuggets to gold bars, hence items how diamonds, emerald, coal, etc., will not enter into payment methods

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