Published on January 25, 2022

Medieval Castle

The build is by HASMA777, second winner of the koffyt contest.  (He gave us the rights)It is a beautiful medieval castle, to be able to walk and play with your friends, it has beautiful interior details.What are you waiting for to immerse yourself in this wonderful time!?

On January 20, a contest was broadcast on the koffyt youtube channel "The best medieval construction", this construction is set in the medieval theme.

To tell the truth, this contestant impressed us with his building style, he has quite a lot of imagination and experience when building.

In case you were wondering, who is the winner of the second place in the contest?  HASMA777 also passed the verification test.

We have a very splendid castle, we were pleasantly surprised by his work, inside we find a large library to read from the best enchantments to the best recipes ever and to be.

After having passed through the library, we are going to sit in the beautiful garden, where we can clear our heads and walk a little.

After leaving the garden, we pass through the main area and see a seat fit for a king or queen.

The interior details are very nice and well set.  It can be used as a survival world or to play with your friends.

The creator HASMA777 gave us the rights to build it.

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Thank you very much for reading, have a nice day!  <3
See you in another post, your Koffyt server says goodbye happily. 


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Hello, I liked your construction a lot, could it be used for an addon?