MeeThya’s WorldEdit Mod (Android)

Do you wanna create huge buildings, untypical landscapes or make other great world changes? Then this mod is for you!

WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft.

Not one mobile version of the mod is already known but at the moment the most multifunctional one is MeeThya’s WorldEdit!

This mod is one of the closest to the original Albert Pham’s (sk89q’s) WorldEdit and functionally based on it but written from scratch in ModPE by MeeThya.

This mod adds a great amount of the original WorldEdit commands and functions, such as:

  • //help
  • //wand, //pos1, //pos2
  • //undo, //redo, //clearhistory
  • //set
  • //replace, //replacenear
  • //walls
  • //stack
  • /info
  • //copy, //cut, //paste, //rotate
  • /clearclipboard (added in v2)
  • //flip (added in v3.0)
  • //schematic (added in Final Release, makes and supports PC schematics!)
  • //[h]cyl, //[h]sphere
  • //[h]pyramid (added in v4.0)
  • //hollow, /pumpkins (added in Final Release)
  • /brush, /mat, /mask, /size (added in v2)
  • //limit (added in v2)
  • //sel, //shift, //expand, //contract, //inset, //outset (added in v3.0)
  • //generate, //line, //smooth (added in v3.0)
  • //deform, //move, //overlay, //outline (added in v4.0)
  • //forest, /forestgen (added in v5.0)
  • /floodfill, /repl, /cycler, /tree (added in v5.0)
  • //curve, //fill, //fillr (added in Final Release)

and others (total: 98 commands!). In short, almost all the commands from the original are added. And rest assured, they are usuable!

You can open a list of all the commands with /we help in v1 and v2 or with  in v5.0 and later ver.

Bonus opportunities (missing in the original on PC)

You can change the language with /we menu (added in v3.0, earlier versions Russian only), supported languages are Russian (default) and English

In v5.0 and later ver., this property exists in games / com.mojang / minecraftpe / config / worldedit / with some other changeable settings

You can post-edit signs with a simple tap on them (added in v4.0)

and generate the Nether Spire (undo-able, no holes!) with old nether reactor (added in v4.0) but then you need to set core (ID 247)

Thus download the mod and edit your world with it!

Supported version: any full version where BlockLauncher is okay

Recommended version: 1.2.x

Click here to watch review of each version (Russian)

Thanks MCPEHUB for helping with the development.

Changelog View more

Edited the description, added installation description (just in case for help).

Fixed some bugs, replaced file (without changing link), edited the description respectively.


Note: This mod works Android only (sorry, it doesn't look possible to make a mod like this for iOS or Windows 10 but I hope I'll find a solution to the problem).

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed BlockLauncher for your Minecraft.
  • Download any version of the mod, make sure the file is in .js format.
  • Open your BlockLauncher.
  • Open BlockLauncher menu.
  • Select Manage ModPE Script, make sure it's turned ON.
  • Select + (Import).
  • Select Local storage.
  • Select the folder the mod is downloaded to (as a rule, Download folder).
  • Select the downloaded .js file.
  • Well done!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

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85 Responses

4.3 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. fuighy says:

    i can’t download this it says an error

  2. Guest-5204969220 says:

    Eh I’d say it when im done

  3. Guest-7434425884 says:

    idk how to use a zip so make it mcpack please

  4. Guest-2890902747 says:

    can u make it a mcpack please and for 1.16 bc id how to do that zip thing ima kidso please update that

  5. Guest-5517506811 says:

    I like your mod

  6. Guest-1234698229 says:

    PLEASE update this for 1.16 this is an amazing world edit mod and I will die if i cannot use it! Thank you!

  7. Guest-9754115659 says:

    Pls update to support v 1.14 plsss

  8. Guest-6707727376 says:

    how to you install it to Minecraft? it says it cant because the creator is unknown. please help

  9. Guest-3193672378 says:

    Could you make it an addon not a script please because block launcher doesnt work anymore ms/mr creator and script maker members please thank you

  10. Guest-6535279391 says:

    How to use schematic ?

  11. Guest-8929763901 says:

    please fix the language ang make it in English! I do not speak nor understand Russian!

  12. User-7867587158 says:

    Is It possible to download for this for Minecraft on Windows 10, and if so, can you tell me how?

  13. A says:

    Looks good but why do you need Block launcher for it? Block launcher doesn’t even work anymore. Is it possible do make this into an .mcaddon file?

  14. Neonbiome19 says:

    can you fix the mod cause when i use the //undo command its crashes my game on Android

  15. Ilan says:

    you would have a gamertag so you can help me please

  16. Normieslayrweeb says:

    You need to do save target as (for xbox)

  17. CoinTD says:

    Us the “/fill” command in minecraft don’t use this

  18. CoinTD says:

    Never download things made by Russian people. I downloaded a free version of minecraft and it was Russian and my computer got completely wiped out and my brother downloaded this and the same thing that happend to me happend to him. Please don’t download this.

  19. Hilmir Örn says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    Any way of making it english

  21. Notch says:

    Hey please make a zip file

  22. DubbWubb says:

    Is this. xbox compatible, and yes i do realise that it says (Android). I’m curious

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love this mod because it helps me biuld quicker and saves time

  24. Zaman Sakib says:

    Is it possible to copy something from one world and paste it in another?

  25. Infory says:

    Hi can you maybe make it for Windows 10(Bedrock Edition) its written in c++

  26. Jake Atcher says:

    This mod literally saved me a few days of straight building. Words literally cannot define how thankful I am for this mod! Thank you!

  27. Krishna Gopnarayan says:

    Pls help how do I change into English in final version pls help

  28. Caleb Kellogg says:

    how do install this for pe downloaded from apk

  29. ThatGuyAgain says:

    Hey, I hope you frequently check the comment section here. I have the problem, that blocklauncher crashes when I set (any) blocks within an area of 11x11x11 (or bigger).
    I used the axe to select two points and played on MCPE v1.12.0.28 (Blocklauncher v1.26.1).
    Maybe I missed a setting in the properties?
    If you need any further information let me know how to contact you!

    • Zaman Sakib says:

      I have the exact same problem. Did you find a solution or any other world editor that actually works?
      I’m trying to get some structures into my world using schematics

    • MeeThya says:

      The latest BlockLauncher versions work much worse than Minecraft 1.2’s, for ex. crashing ModPE-API’s “Level.getSignText” in 1.9+ makes working with signs impossible… I hope warning it in a new WorldEdit (potential name WorldEdit-ModPE+) that I’m working on.

  30. A Potato says:

    Gooooo, Meethya. Soooo… I downloaded the latest script. Can u pls tell me what app I should use to change the default file language to english? THX in advance

    • MeeThya says:

      The default language is Russian but it is changeable with /we menu and clicking English (then the default changes).
      Now, I’m working on a new WorldEdit making the default language Russian if Minecraft language is Slavic or English otherwise. Maybe it will be possible even to add a custom translation:)

  31. Anonymous says:

    How do i change the language????? Please help me :{

    • MeeThya says:

      I wrote about it.
      In any version besides v1 and v2, you can change it with /we menu (if BlockLauncher is okay)
      In v5.0 and Final, this setting is saveable (because of the added .properties file)

  32. lachlyn270 says:

    can i use this for windows 10

  33. MeriNgue YT says:

    OM gosh this is the exact thing I was looking for a few days ago!!!

  34. MeriNgue YT says:

    This was the exact thing I was looking for a few days ago!!

  35. BlitzPE246 says:

    I’m a windows user but bring it for windows 10 and ios please!

  36. ChaosRuinsYT says:

    Dude make it for iOS, I have been trying to find a world edit Addon for iOS for freaking ages now please make it for freaking iOS

  37. Anonymous says:

    Make it for iOS! We don’t have blocklauncher!!!

  38. Camrein 🤑🤑 says:

    How do you get ti

  39. Anonymous says:

    I would like to use it, but all it downloads is a bunch of text that I don’t know what to do with.

  40. Anonymous says:

    There are a ton of servers that could use this, is there any way to turn this into a plugin for server owners to use?

  41. Justin says:

    iOS doesnt have blocklauncher

  42. burger with moldycheese says:

    allow this for windows 10 please 🙂

  43. DelTaco24 says:

    Discrimination against iOS. What if I wanna fill big spaces without the risk of f*cking up my city?

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