Mega Destroyer Capture The Flag (PVE) [Minigame] (Beta 1.5 Only)

This map was created to offer you a great way to train your fighting skills. It has been made for PvE (player vs environment) which means that you don’t need any additional players in order to get started. The map features a Capture the Flag inspired game. You gain experience points by killing the enemy which you can then use for upgrading item in the Exp Shop.

Creator: TheEnderfaceTwitter Account

How to play?

It’s really easy to get started in this map since you can actually play it just alone by yourself if you choose. There will be other players, but those will be computer controlled bots.

There are two different teams (blue vs red) and you win points by killing the enemy or by capturing the other team’s flag.

You can use your experience points to buy new things in the Exp Shop.



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28 Responses

4.45 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Pronoob1234 says:

    My knights are attack at my flag and I attack at my flag I get points

  2. beam says:

    This is the best capture the flag map

  3. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Idk what happens but when I play the map it keeps crashing Minecraft

  4. Wes says:

    Can you try making this in current Minecraft

  5. Random guy says:

    Why no load

  6. Iceko_28 says:

    Tell us how to get beta 1.5!

  7. Iceko_28 says:

    Tell us how to get beta 1.5!

  8. Glazierstorm says:

    Can you make moba like the old mega destroyer.Maybe combining the pve map you made and mega destroyer

  9. Win says:

    It crashes at 1.5 beta for me 😐

  10. Loneleer says:

    Awsome build! Thanks for making it PvE cause I have no friends :/

  11. Space Boat Joe says:

    Uhh, what happened to skyfight?

  12. Aimbow_1 says:

    Well, its very good game. What if making another map like CS 1.6 with PvP mode, and zombie mode

  13. Feed8Fall says:

    this is a really unique map

  14. Dabolicious says:

    Every time i open it my game crashes

  15. ??? says:

    I have I cool seed if someone could post it for me it’s 1997230742
    It’s a huge ravine with a mineshaft at coordinates 306 72 -50.

  16. WeasleWheat says:

    Yay just great since I have no xbox account.

  17. Araiguma Kiruno says:

    I just updated my MCPE into v1.5.0.0 Beta Bulid 10! I must try this cool looking map!

  18. JeremiMcPE says:

    Oh its for, 1.5 beta only 🙁

  19. Zack123 says:

    Its not letting me play

  20. iahffiagfregqioerufh says:

    Uhhh beta 1.5?

  21. 3vro5 says:

    How do u get beta 1.5?

  22. robby says:

    reminds me of the old ‘mega destroyers’ modded map

  23. Anonymous says:

    First comment!!!!!!

  24. Hmm says:

    1.5? We jumped from 1.3 to 1.5?

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