Mega Destroyer [Minigame] [Modded] (Android)

Mega Destroyer is an awesome PvE map which lets you play 12 different PvE arena games against computer controlled mobs. Once you’ve won some games and gained enough coins you can purchase upgrades such as new classes. This map is amazing if you want to train your battle skills in a controlled environment. But also really cool as it keeps statistics such as total kills and deaths.

Creator: TheEnderface, DarkPhantom, Animature
Updated: 28 January, 2017 (bug fixes, 500 coins per kill)

How to play?

There are 12 different PvE (player versus environment) games to play. As a newbie I would recommend to start out with ones described as “Easy” or “Very Easy”.

Before entering a level you will be able to choose between 6 different heroes. For the first couple of games you will only be able to select the Griefer. But as you level up you will be able to unlock more classes.

  • Archer (Level 60)
  • Arcanist (Level 150)
  • Mage (Level 30)
  • Warrior (Buyable class)
  • Reaper (Level 100)
  • Griefer (Level 0)


The objective in each game is to destroy the other team’s egg. Everyone (besides you) are computer controlled non-player characters. Each kill will give you 500 coins which you can spend in the shop.


You destroy the egg simply by hitting it until its health reaches zero.


But you always gotta keep fighting as the other team will always try to kill you. Each class has a special skill. Long-tap on the screen to use it.


Once you have won a game you will get some coins. The coins can be used for purchasing upgrades.


To view your total coins select the first hotbar slot. If you can’t see the coin item in your inventory then just restart the game and it should be visible.


These are the classes which can be purchased.

  • Berserker: ground slam, earth berserk ($120000)
  • Reaper: regeneration, midnight poison ($70000)
  • Archer: arrow, ice barrier ($30000)
  • Mage: teleport, ender helper ($10000)
  • Warrior: fireball ($5000)


Feeling lucky? Go to the Coins Bomb room and gamble to win coins (or lose it all)!


Important: This map requires a ModPE mod which is included in the download. I tested it with BlockLauncher and there it worked fine.


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49 Responses

4.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Plsss remake the mod into addon plssss so we can play

  2. Kenshinix says:

    It does not work on the latest update why? Pls help i want to play this map and also when idid everythng it shows no name?

  3. Can u change all the mod into addons, cuz if mod u will download block launcher and btw, this map doesn’t work on me 🙁

  4. john says:

    HI can we play this in the higher version of minecraft 1.2.3. and also can we play without needing blocklauchers and can we play this multiplayer on mcpe

  5. dank says:

    Awesome Map!
    And Cool Sounds!
    Where Do You Make A Mod!

  6. Da Swag Lord says:

    I’ve been looking forward to playing this, and the map did import well, but whenever I imported and enabled the mod in Blocklauncher it froze. It gives no error log or anything, it will just play a short sound then freeze. I’m on MCPE v1.6 with the latest Blcklauncher (Not Pro version). If you guys could help me with this, that would be great. Thanks!

  7. TheCannibull says:

    Can someone remake this but with an addon, so ios players can play in it?

    I would do it but i dont have jailbreak and my computer is down

  8. golden freddy says:

    download button won’t work pls can you help me editor

  9. Marcus dedsec says:

    Hi, the creator of this map… I tryed to download it but the download button is not working please fix your modded map

  10. ImAMinecraftPlayer says:

    Does it work in 1.0?

  11. Ahyun says:

    Where is tha map?

  12. MarvinHolidays4 says:


  13. Berserker rules says:

    Plzzzzzzzz put the Berserker back in and take the Arcanist out, I spent so much time to get the berserker but now I have the Arcanist!!! If you put the berserker back in i know you will make many people very happy! Plz do this

  14. SnowFallPlayzMC says:

    I need some help with the texture pack, when i go to select a kit its like purple and black! But the sword texture works.

  15. Ivahne says:

    Where can I get the map? Plz plz tell me.. I really want to play this one..Cuz it’s cool lookin’

  16. Anony mousy says:

    How do i select class?

  17. Hassan says:

    How can I install it in iOS

  18. CoOlBoY_22 says:

    How to play this map? PLEASE ! Help me !

  19. Spooderman says:

    This Like A Server!!,
    I Want This Map Suport For

  20. Anonymous says:

    How do i install a .modpkg file?

  21. HaKun69 says:

    Nice Map.But I’ve bought warrior class and give it a try I was out of the world that I was re-entered and want to try another class warrior I can not use the warrior class anymore and I have to buy it again, can you help me?or is it a bug?

  22. TheUndeadGamer says:

    PvE stands for Player versus Entity, not Player versus Environment. Anyways great map!

  23. BokuraIsiasas says:

    This Map So Cool, Awesome!!!!!
    So, How To Get Coins Faster???

  24. LordOfBrightnes says:

    Very gooooooooood

  25. RaisenCad1920 says:

    very good! i loved it i will make some improvements on your modded maps! but also, i will not distribute them to others, download link soon for the update!

  26. Reaper240 says:

    This map won’t work I need help please

  27. PrestonPlayz says:

    This map like knocker heroes

  28. Endergon says:

    BEST MOD EVER!! Please make more Mods like this! It’s really cool Mod and I enjoy it 🙂

  29. TheEnderface says:

    hi what you like with modded maps of the type like this?

  30. Aulia Rakha Ilhami says:

    This look awsome!

  31. Derpy_danTDM says:

    I tried to download it using mcpe master but when i play textures ok but when i try to click the sign that said tap to play its not working i cant play it pls fix its good because of the description but when i tryi fel bad for thi

  32. Harsukhdeep says:

    Hey for modded maps do I still need to extract the zip for maps and then separate the modPE from the map or can I go straight to block launcher

  33. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    cool map!

  34. AVRGN says:

    Does this work for MCPE 0.16 beta?

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