Published on August 12, 2016 (Updated on August 12, 2016)

Mega Dropper 5 [Minigame]

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Thanks for the map!!!!
EPICCCCCC COOLLLLLLLL AWESOMEEEEEEE AMAZINGGGGGGGG EVERY FREAKING WORD THAT IS SIMILAR TO THESE! This is a very good map, just the only downfall is a creeper blew up part of the 2nd one for me lol, so just don't forget to get difficulty set to peaceful! Other than that tiny downfall, this is such a good map, 5 stars, not counting creeper part and how difficult and impossible-like it is. Still haven't finished but after doing the first one, I knew to make an epic review for warning of FUNNN!
yeah that can happen :|
So great I did all droppers and this one is my fav
Really good map. Had to cheat a few times to win, but really good. Very well done, hope the creator makes another.
This is. A good Map.
Why it take me to facebook?
That is so cool
That was amazing
His is a really fun map, rather Easter eggs are cool
Really cool map please Part 6