Mega Dropper Halloween [Minigame]

Mega Dropper Halloween is the fourth map in the popular Mega Dropper map series. There are five different levels to play which makes it shorter than usual but it’s nonetheless a great minigame with jaw-dropping levels to experience. It’s also more difficult than the previous maps. The ultimate goal is to collect all the keys to unlock the door to the freezer where Dr. Finkel Fracken has been locked up. It’s getting cold in there.. you better hurry up!

Creator: MegaStriker (aka StrikerTeam)Twitter Account

How to play?

At the bottom of each level there is a little bit of water. Your objective is to fall safely down to the bottom and land in the water. If you survive the fall there will be a chest at the bottom with a key (also known as a sand block). In total you will need six sand keys to unlock the door to the freezer where Dr. Finkel Fracken is stuck and need rescue.

megadropperhalloween3 megadropperhalloween5 megadropperhalloween4 megadropperhalloween2megadropperhalloween1

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  1. GoldenBoyEN says:

    Man I like this map I lot

  2. John says:

    It’s my first time PLAYING MEGA DROPPER

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