Mega Metropolis Valdin City

Welcome to Valdin City, huge metropolis with a giant amount of things to explore, in the city we have many Skyscrapers, mansions, shops, hospitals, services, and almost all of the builds are decorated.

This is an update of Valdin Land but, this map is bigger by far than the initial map, what was a small project, became one of the most beautiful cities you’ll see on this game.

Hope you enjoy this amazing map that I have been building for a year, there are secret places, and easter eggs.

Links to support me (optional) by Paypal are in the map.

Creator: SimonValdin

I recommend to play with friends! 

This world has:

  • +60 Individual houses.
  • 9 Skyscrappers (+100 blocks tall)
  • +20 Tall buildings
  • Many railways
  • +30 Shops/restaurants
  • Around 10 Luxury Homes (mansions) and vertical luxury homes
  • 1 National Palace
  • Many redstone systems and command block system.
  • A total of +200 Builds.

Changelog View more

I added new skyscrapers, new mansions, more pathways, streets, and railways and a secret bunker.


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15 Responses

4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. BossmanNL says:

    Dan you also make a city with airport?

  2. Ugly man says:

    It takes a hour to download

    • Tea Spiller says:

      Okay some Pros & Cons of this map.

      – it’s beautiful
      – many fun places to explore!
      – fun to play
      – takes too long to download
      -some buildings not decorated
      – your game crashes very often

      Thats the tea.

  3. fin says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    that took too long

  5. SimonValdin says:

    The map of the bunker is in apollon’s tower one of the floors has a shulker box that has de map

  6. Snickers says:

    Just a random question but is there any schools in this map?

  7. Day Chikwama says:

    Build an airport with realistic planes

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where is the bunker?

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