Mega Mobs Mod (iOS, Android & Windows 10!)

This is the first mod which works for iOS, Android and Windows 10 (0.15.0-0.15.6). It modifies the size of four different mobs in-game. Hopefully this mod will give you an idea of the new modding possibilities which are being added in 0.16.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Sure, we don’t know exactly how that modding will work but it’s likely going to be something similar!

The only reason why we found out about this is thanks to Finnegan who tipped off RageElixir who then recorded a video about it, so big kudos to them!


Modified Mobs

The spider is the largest mob of them all. Due to its massive size it looks incredibly dangerous but it is really just as difficult to kill as before.


The pig is twice its normal size. You can place a saddle on the pig but it looks slightly awkward to ride it. There’s nothing I can do about it but if someone else comes up with a solution be sure to let us know in the comments.


At first I tried to make the enderman much taller but it didn’t work out because I couldn’t find a way to move the position of the head to adjust to its new height. However, I did change the width and length of its legs and arms.


The creepers now look much larger than before. But similar to the other mobs it still got the same powers as before.


Install / Mod Information

This mod/addon/resource pack should work for all versions of Minecraft (0.15+) as well as all operating systems e.g. Android, iOS and Windows 10. It’s installed just the same way as you install texture packs but since it doesn’t actually change any textures it’s more like a mod.


How did you do this?

Edit the mobs.json file in a texture pack and then load it. RageElixir got a detailed video about it here, and so does EckoSoldier!

Will you add more mobs?

Yeah, sure. It can totally be done. You can help though. Just edit the mobs.json file and give us your edited file!


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29 Responses

3.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Hud2Hud42 says:

    First ever addon!

  2. vinsensius says:

    is not mod im give you 0 diamond

  3. Babymovie says:

    Wow this is the first Addon

  4. Shaheen says:

    I love addon

  5. Guy says:

    Where can we found the .json files ? In the files ?

  6. Guy says:

    How can I find the JSON names of the other MCPE entities so I can modify them as well? I can’t seem to find them on the MC wiki.

  7. Anonymous says:

    can you make a mod like toolbox for mcpe

  8. Gengar says:

    It says that its for windows 10 but why you always lying

    • Editor says:

      What are you talking about? It works for Windows 10, iOS and Android. Please see the guides which I included in the bottom of the post.

  9. Radcliff says:

    Wow, mcpedl! I never knew this mod will be useful (Story Mode reference)! I scared my friends into playing my world by editing the size of the zombie to a larger one (I prefer copying the mob named Giant from vanilla Minecraft PC). Thanks, mcpedl!

  10. Timme says:

    I can’t use it because Minecraft always crashes when I want to enable a texture pack 🙁

  11. MicoLets says:

    Hey guys! I want you too watch my video about editing the item.json this is a cool stuff too. Watch at my YouTube channel name “MicoLets”. Guide in the desc. Of the video. Thanks!

  12. Anonymous says:


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