-Parkour Master- [Final Levels Update]

-Parkour Master-

if you want some action, download -Parkour Masters- this map is in development, but you can play in the worlds that are available, subscribe to if you need help or find a bug that you can report in My Profile of xbox Y4H1RX 11

welcome to Parkour Master try to pass all the levels you can and try not to die in a vacuum you can play with many people with sibling friends or family to see who passes it before everyone else

I’ll leave you some pictures of the game

          🎉This world has 35/35 levels✨

                          Here is a video

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-Final level update-

1-New levels

2-Shop [Bug fixed]

3-New textures

4-New shader

5-bug fixed

-Final levels update-

1-New levels

2-New final

3-New texture world

4-New shader

5-Player count [Bug fixed]

6-Bug fixed

New Big Update

1- New Levels

2- New Spanish edition

3-Bug Fixed


5-New configuration update

6-New start update

7-New shaders

New Update

1-New Levels

2-Link download

3-New shop fixed



  • 1-New Levels
  • 2-New Shop
  • 3-New Player count
  • 4-Bug fixed
  • 5-New Blocks

New Ice parkour expacion

New Castle Parkour

New levels

New name MegaParkourMasters --> [Parkour Master]


How to install Parkour Master

1- Download the world file [Zip or Mcworld]

2-Open the file

3-add it to minecraft

4-Let the world be exported to minecraft

5-Once all that is done, enjoy the map


Supported Minecraft versions


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11 Responses

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  1. Uhhh how did you get glowing obsidian

  2. NotKritical says:

    I did a speed run of this on my channel
    Channel is Kritical

  3. -TGHQ- says:

    This map was great! Not annoyingly hard, was overall pretty easy, and fun to play. The aesthetics/themes for each level we’re really good and yeah. 5/5 for me.

  4. MajorExperiments says:

    its ok. but its: english, not inglish

  5. Guest-6840237194 says:

    Shader Pack?

  6. Guest-8057602229 says:

    i love this map 😀
    what are the shaders?. My inglish is so bad,sorry :/

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