Mega Skyblock [Survival]

Mega Skyblock is a little bit different from the ordinary skyblock survival challenge as it includes 41+ different islands (instead of just one) which the player is required to go out and explore in order to complete the map. Each island is supposed to symbolize a biome or a dimension and will provide you with new materials you can use to survive.

Creator: TGC and Better United

(read changelog)

Social Media/Contact- YT, Twitter

How to play?

The player starts out on a skyblock island which includes only the most basic resources you’ll need to survive. Open the chest to find some items. Make sure to use them sparingly as there’s no way to get any of the items back if you lose or break them. There are 41+ different islands and on each one, you will be able to find new resources that are necessary for your survival.


Time to take an ongoing journey! With over 41 islands filled with loot, creatures, and surprises. What else do you need??


There is always a story. Always questions. Who’s Echo? What event? Why are you here? Are those true questions? Well, its time to begin your story. player.

Next Update Preview!

Terms of Use

Don’t post this on any other Websites/sources. You can make YouTube/Twitch videos on the project but must have proper credit. Don’t use the map to build on to, and claim. If you’re found not using these terms, it could result in some action being taken.

    Thank You (to the fans)

    This project is over 2 years old now and honestly, it has been a journey. This will not be the last update, yes, we will be doing more with this map! The most important thing I’ve learned over the 2 years is, never be afraid to commit to your desires. I’m so glad to have a fan base, so thank you all! From me and Better United, You made our dream even more Mega. We will be back with more updates soon. 🙂

    Changelog View more

    -Fixed Multiple Exploits
    -Fixed Floating items that randomly track players
    -Fixed Players not being able to re spawn on main island
    +Added Lecterns instead of using chests for books
    +More barrier blocks to help players not break the map

    -Fixed Multiple Exploits
    -Fixed Floating items that randomly track players
    -Fixed Players not being able to re spawn on main island
    +Added Lecterns instead of using chests for books
    +More barrier blocks to help players not break the map

    *Updated Video Showcase

    +Added a new island!

    +Revamped some older islands!

    +Greatly improved the opening scene!

    +Redone some loot balances for certain islands!

    -Fixed many bugs related to spawning, Commands, ect.

    >New Update coming soon!

    +Added a new island!

    +Revamped some older islands!

    +Greatly improved the opening scene!

    +Redone some loot balances for certain islands!

    -Fixed many bugs related to spawning, Commands, ect.

    >New Update coming soon!

    +New Mega Skyblock logo added to map web page

    >Updated the map page to make it look even more polished!

    >Added a new way to support us through downloads! (Optional)

    >Updated the video link.

    >Changed the look of the webpage to give it a nice touch-up.

    >Prepareing for the next big update.


    If you want to support better united then please go through the adfly links, Avoid tapping on ads. This wont give you viruses but, anyway be careful!

    If you don't trust adfly links, then use the "adfly free" links :)



    Supported Minecraft versions


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    Installation Guides

    AndroidiOSWindows 10

    133 Responses

    4.35 / 5 (57 votes)
    1. NipIsTrue says:

      Hey, something appears to be wrong with the .mcworld file, when imported to Minecraft it just says “level import failed”. It may be corrupted, you might want to check and re upload it if it is.

      • TGC_YT says:

        Thank you for notifying me! This has been a problem for a bit of time but the results seem very hit or miss person to person. I will make sure to look further into it.

    2. TGC_YT says:

      !To everyone reading chat!

      An update is coming in the next month or two!
      A lot is changing and being added like; introducing a currency, Upgrade tiers, New endgame items, redesigns to many islands, Custom spawn island presets, choosable Pets, New spawn lobby and market designs, new islands, and so much more!
      I can’t wait to share more with everyone! ~TGC 10/7/19 1:30 am
      Progress on update: 40% is done so far

      ps. Thanks for all the great support and feedback, keep it up! I promise you, this next update will change a lot and make it even better. See you guys soon. Keep exploring!

    3. Anonymous says:

      BEST SKYBLOCK!! but can u add save inventory i have downloaded this 3 times cuz i died and can u do something about about phantoms?

    4. Anonymous says:

      The EXP Market teleport doesn’t work

    5. Jojo Dancer says:

      Is there a place where I can just download the texture pack? I love the items and apples!

    6. Alex says:

      Hello I played the whole thing and was sad after exploring every island. Will there be a way to go to the end or the nether? Can I get more diamonds? And also good map. Let me know if you are still working on it. Thanks.

    7. Nat Pedersen says:

      It looks really cool and my boyfriend and i were excited but at first glance, the islands were too close together.
      Secondly we never felt the need tp make anything other than a cobbelstone generator cause everything we needed we were given at every island.
      The islands are waaaaaaay to small to do anything on or build anything on.
      It could have been awesome but it felt like a map for small children not a skilled minecrafter.

    8. Awesomecory says:

      Thanks for the adfly free links,i got a virus on adfly and i did not click adds at all.

    9. Chris says:

      What does the included Resource Pack change? Just so I know whether it’s safe to use my own resource pack as well or not

    10. Slither says:

      when will it be out can’t wait to play

      • TGC_YT says:

        The importing world problem will be fixed in the next month so, a update should roll out in the next couple of weeks. It will take a bit of time because i am remaking the map on a totally other world so thanks for your feedback! Keep a eye out!

    11. Adel342 says:

      It wont import 🙁

    12. Matthew says:

      The map is absolutely outstanding just there is one thing I wanna know, how can I download the texture pack that comes with the map???

    13. Samuel says:

      I have a problem, I have downloaded each link for mcworld many times, and each time my Minecraft never imports it..Please help and try to fix this

      • TGC_YT says:

        This is a problem ive seen lately so im remaking mega skyblock in a entirely new world, this can help with bugs and just make the map so much better. thanks for your feedback, cant wait to update it here soon!

    14. Yax-Kin says:

      Hello, I liked, very good map!.. 👍
      I wondered if I could upload a Spanish version?

      I understand a little English, but for someone who speaks Spanish, it is difficult! 🤗

    15. Unknown says:

      Can’t start the map, the file can’t be read by mcpe

    16. bobomaster says:

      i will try this map for the first time I hope its good
      I think it will be and I would love to see updates and new maps from you!

    17. Anonymous says:

      Have you ever used blocktopograph to change biomes.
      Anyway love this map so challenging

    18. Jessepher says:

      Import does not starting.

    19. Juan says:

      How to update the skyblock map? If there will be an update coming.

      • TGC_YT says:

        Hello! There is a lot of development being put into a future map in the series, I cant give to much information but it is a a new Mega Skyblock made by us, the Better United Team. This map might get a bug fix update but we will try our best, Thanks for your support!

    20. ImmenseFiend says:

      Love this and love challenging myself to see how many things I can build in this. Some challenge suggestions I would add to the book are:
      1. Have two villagers breed
      2. Construct an Iron farm
      3. Find two nether fortresses.
      4. Claim a skeleton horse as your own
      5. Make a diamond sword (after you have made your diamond pickaxe)
      6. Have an entire set of armor enchanted with mending
      7. Have a tier two beacon.

      I’m sure I can come up with more and I’ve actually done all of these on one game (I have keep inventory turned on so progress is faster, I know it’s cheating)

    21. Awesomeness18283 says:

      Hi, remember me? I left a comment on this a year ago. As I said before, I have been a fan since Day One… I absolutely love this map. No other survival map matches the pure awesomeness of this map. Even PC survival maps don’t match. Again, thank you for making such a great map. And, you’re welcome for being one of the the first people to play this map

      • TGC_YT says:

        Thats so nice for you to say! Thank you for being a early supporter, you might have some great news coming your way! The Better United team and me are starting development on a new Mega Skyblock map so keep a eye out later on down the round! ~TGC

    22. Renger 8 says:

      The best skyblock

    23. Sombeee says:

      i love the map 🙂 superb ~

      however , there’s a bug by the nether island ( or whatever it is called ) wish you can fix it because players will be able to get tons of resources from the nether and place nether portals everywhere xD message me via email i’ll send the screenshots

    24. Bob says:

      Wow good job. One of my fave maps ever!

    25. Maahin says:

      How do I get back to my island once I die? I die and then I get teleported to the lobby. And then I click the start button. And get teleported to the cutscene type place. Which has a total of 3 chests and a paper in each of them. How do I go back to my island? That’s my only issue rn. There must be some way which I’m not understanding.

    26. Anonymous says:

      Where do I find this map to play it? I couldn’t find it and I’ve been looking for 30 minutes

    27. Aahtreau speck says:

      I made a video on this map!

    28. TGC says:

      It’s your opinion to like music or not and you can turn the music off in your in-game settings too

    29. Brandokia says:

      why did you put music in god… deleted the map after that.

      • TGC_YT says:

        Thanks for your feedback, honestly the music was just a test to see how it would work with others, you can always turn Music down in the settings, but thanks!

    30. ImmenseFiend says:

      Hey man, quick question: how do I make the mob spawned do something other than make pigs? Maybe add a teleport to an area where you can select the spawner of your choosing?

    31. Alesscreeper says:


    32. Brian Gonzalez says:

      The map is broken cause i spawned at the bottom which is flat world

    33. Anonymous says:


    34. deven says:

      hi the stone creator at the beguining of the game it dose not work if done corectly youll get 1 peace of cobble then the lava becomes obsidian

    35. jacob says:

      cool app

    36. EmperorBubbles says:

      I made a video about this on my YouTube channel at

    37. Awesomeness18283 says:

      So, I absolutely love survival maps. But when this map first came out, I was like, hey, this map is another bridging map. But I never expected it to grow THIS much. I have been a fan ever since the very beginning. I even used and addon for the island with the obsidian structure. The reasonable villager addon. Now, I look at this map and say, wow, this map is better than every single pc map out there. Keep up the good work. And if you’re a fan of Preston… #unsub2shot

      • TGC_YT says:

        Wow! That’s a message :’). Thanks so much! This map is 2 1/2 years old now, Its been a journey and cant wait to see what the future holds!

    38. Anonymous says:

      great map! never seen anything like it before

    39. simone pacileo says:

      Bellissima mappa ma una curiosità si può giocare in due

    40. simone pacileo says:

      Bellissima mappa ma si può giocare anche 8n due

    41. superOofOof says:

      It is great, carry on your amazing work. I’m sure at least 300,000 loved it

    42. Brian Dickson says:

      Hey, well I wanted to know if u could add a few more islands, and one of them could be a statue of ur skin. Anther could be a Mojang Island

    43. Cole says:

      This is amazing!

    44. Gekocaretaker1 says:

      Who is this Echo that he removed?

    45. Bibob says:

      Hi, i dont get this map working. Can someone help me?

    46. Maxs says:

      This map is so awsome

    47. TGC_YT says:

      yeah, i will think about it! Contact me on Twitter – @TGC_YT to DM me and we can talk more about it!

    48. Marruke says:

      Does this work in cross play? It let my brother download the resource pack but when he loaded in the game crashes or it tells him the server doesn’t work. Can I fix this?

    49. Bonesli says:

      Hi There

      If you are interested, i would help you build this map
      again better, i know mutch about command-blocks and redstone…

      Please Reply my Post

    50. Lol boy says:

      This game is EPIC

    51. Lol boy says:

      This is … EPIC

    52. Lol boy says:

      Epic map I can’t wait for more updates

    53. Kate says:

      OMG THIS WAS ON 31 OF MARCH MY DADS BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (P.S Amazing map btw.5/5 Love it keep it up!)

    54. Anonymous says:

      Can you make an Xbox download for this?

    55. Siddhu says:

      I have a problem. I installed this map and tried run it. Whenever i open this map, it spawns me in a flat world with nothing, no island and in the chat it says “at least one of your behaviour packs failed to load”. Please help.

    56. Anonymous says:

      My only question is how do you read the quest book?

    57. HISHAAM says:

      How do you use the mob spawner in the market

    58. Sterling Haning says:

      Cool map. Only one problem…..if you accidentally die in the tutorial, you respawn in the actual game.

    59. Anonymous says:

      BRoooooo please I beg you is there a way to get to the end? Pleaseeee that would make it sooooo epic!! Pleaseeee come up with more super duper cool islands as well and make like 3 mega ones! Maybe one can be a island with a barn and crops? Maybe they can have like a dungeon system where you have to fight mobs to get loot? Have you ever heard of sky den, cave den, or ocean den? If so make something like space den or food den because you have tons of potential to make one of those for mcpe! You can look it up on YT if you’d like :D. Please reply to the question cuz I’d like a way to actually kill the ender dragon.

    60. Firewarrior4278 says:


    61. CheeseYT says:

      Great Map, I played It Like 1h.
      And 6.2 Is Coming Soon?

    62. Epicsadface says:

      Great map, would love some more incentive to keep playing, like goals or custom achievements.

    63. DitDitGamingDL says:

      LOVE IT! When will the final version come out? I can’t wait!

    64. Pro of creeper says:

      I found some sercert on the map

    65. Pro of creeper says:

      I found some servers on the map

    66. Ism12345ail says:

      I don’t love it ther is no sav

    67. Omega Wolf says:

      Sup great map

    68. NotFakePacman says:

      I don’t need the 1.2 Beta to play this map correctly ? I’m playing in 1.1.5 since the 1.2 is very laggy and has a lot of bugs

    69. Steven Shi says:

      Loved it! It was one of my favorite maps! Because I can’t find skyblock on any of the mcpe servers 😂😂😂😅Can you make more survival maps! This map is amazing!

    70. Darius1st says:

      This is a great map and it’s very fun. My first try was me failing horrible but my second time was actualy great. Over all this is probably the best Skyblock map I played so far.

    71. dantdm says:

      best mapp ever

    72. Yuichiro says:

      Good map

    73. Brian Dickson says:

      Hey, well I wanted to know if u could add a few more islands, and one of them could be a statue of ur skin.

    74. Ayaanxame says:

      Omg me and my friend loves playing on this. Keep up the good work

    75. Anonymous says:

      OMG i found chests on the ground

    76. Riley says:

      Guys! I found some hidden stuff right outside the starting place/lobby. There are two chests in the ground next to each other, and I also found another chest in a tree. It doesn’t say no breaking blocks in the rules, which means you can get out of the lobby without cheating. (Simply breaking wood). And if you just got in, get the stuff in the chest in the mini game first!

    77. No-Name says:

      Good map

    78. Hobson says:

      What’s up with the backpack system??? Plz reply!

      • TGC_YT says:

        It is basically a shalker box but it acts as a backpack. The backpack can hold your items in it and carry your items around wothout taking up and slots. All you do is place it on the ground and put your items in it and pick it up and go on your adventure!

    79. Redstone addict says:

      So hard! but good so exited for an update

    80. Awesomeness18283 says:

      Pro tip: I was just playing the map and instead of using cobblestone why not use cobblestone slabs?

    81. Awesomeness18283 says:

      Since I’m on IOS I can’t really play the survival maps that much. So, I just play the maps over and over again and this map is so much fun! It’s a great survival map for a beginner

    82. Anonymous says:


    83. memelord says:

      Cool map!

    84. XXToxic_Gamer72 says:

      Love it make more maps

    85. Kajus says:

      It won’t teleport me

    86. Anonymous says:

      Woah bro it’s so cool I enjoyed risking my life on a tiny island just to build to other islands to get more supplies I need to not die. But in all honesty I enjoyed it

    87. CaddyAddy says:

      How do you install it? On my iOS device it took me to a website with a million numbers

    88. HMSPlayzMC says:

      Hey! Im Making A Skywars Map And Can I Use This Map I Will Just Edit It A Little Bit Please Reply If I Can Use This Map In My Build.

    89. FunkyFighter says:

      Hi i have tried this map and it TOTALLY SICK do more plz or make it even better

    90. Exact.modsOffical says:

      Great skyblock map

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