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MEGA Skyblock

Have you ever felt totally cramped on those itty bitty tiny little Skyblock Islands everyone loves so much? Well The Skyblock just grew up! This island is massive, big enough for multiple players to live easily side by side. Still all the same great Skyblock challenges just with more room. Including a full custom villager shop with over 60 items! Achievements enabled.

This is the Skyblock for anyone who ever felt like the classic Skyblock was just a little too small. If you have ever wanted to live on an enormous floating island then this is your map!

You will spawn on the Skyblock next to a button on a piece of bedrock, do not remove this button. This will be your link to the HUB where you can buy and sell items as well as change your settings. Press the button to teleport to the HUB.

Inside the HUB there are 7 villagers. 1 who will buy items from you in exchange for Green Bucks (emeralds) and 6 who will sell you items to help you survive.

There is a "stronghold" somewhere hidden inside the main island. This room contains the End Portal which will allow you access to the End Dimension.

There is a mostly built Nether Portal on the island as well, complete this and step inside to find a secret chest waiting. The Nether is a normal nether, I did not clear it out this time. If you would like me to clear out the Nether and make it void please leave a comment and I will consider doing this.

Once you make it to the End Dimension you will be greeted with a surprise.

I recommend keeping the texture pack applied as I made this to alter the look of emeralds and a few other items.

Achievements are enabled.

The Death Count can be viewed from the pause menu

-Creeper Defense-

Creepers will not destroy blocks in this world, if you select this option inside the HUB!

-Sleep System-

The one player sleep system in the world allows for a single person to skip the night with multiple players online by standing on top of a bed and selecting the sleep option. This will skip the night and reset Phantom spawns. Make sure to fully stand on the bed before selecting the sleep option.

I hope you guys enjoy this map and feel free to leave any helpful tips on how I might improve it!

You may share this map with anyone for any Non-profit purposes, all that I ask is that if you share this map that I am given credit as the creator. Please don't steal my work and say it's yours.

If you would like to help fund map creation you can donate to me at - 

all donations are deeply appreciated!

Check out my YouTube guys! I do command block tutorials and let's plays!

Follow on twitter for updates about maps and future project ideas @Mr_Green_Games.

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*Reduced prices in the sky store

*Added surprise in the End

*Added day counter

*Small other changes

*Changed resource pack


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There is a glitch where if you use a chorus fruit you can get on top of the shopping spot its kinda funny
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Can you make it so that a Command Block is used to teleport the player to the Hub and a Command Block that teleports the player back to the Main Island?
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Man I enjoyed the map pretty much I didnt get to see the nether but Im almost problem is that the traids for a green buck maybe a bit expensive to me...well keep it up bud!
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Every time I make a new "store" I usually have to balance it out after having it available for a little bit. No doubt there will probably be a store update sometime in the future. Thanks for the comment cheers!
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Just what I wanted in a SkyBlock!
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This map is compatible with others addons
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