Mega Stick Add-on – Infinite Range Melee!

Ever wanted to get your hands on a melee that has infinite melee range and can be only obtainable by Admins on your server/world? your time has come, download this pack!

About the melee:

– In Red or Blue, more colours will probably come soon *if I see this Add-on has potential

– Available by /give @s azoz:mega_stick (NOT CRAFTABLE), this is intended so other people in your world can not obtain it, because it is very dangerous to be given to untrusted people

– Infinite range, yup, no joke.

You need Split Controls ON

– 8 – 6 damage, will not kill Endermen or half health Wither Boss.

– Not laggy.

Viewmodels – First Person:

Viewmodel – Third Person:

Gif – Attack

Gif – Dropped

Changelog View more

- Added blue variant.
- 100% fixed links (jesus christ)
k have fun.

Woke up in the middle of the night and I remembered that the Resource pack had "Data" instead of "Resource". It has been fixed now, you can download the Add-on.


Supported Minecraft versions


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30 Responses

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  1. Can I use this method for my addon?

  2. MiningGold3 says:

    It’s cool if you do the addon without the recourse pack it’s like a reach hack good job.

  3. now this is what i call an addon

  4. PrestonPlays967 says:

    very cool so underrated

  5. Can you change it’s color to purple so I could shout “STAR FINGER!” everytime I use it?

  6. Chaotikonik says:

    Imagine playing with you’re friends and you just fu**ed them over in a situation

  7. xXMoisesMartin25Xx says:

    So this is the weird shit you said on discord…

  8. GibbsX says:

    Hey since your able to add range in minecraft now can you add the weaponry thats in rlcraft maybe even collab or help out the people making expansive fantasy

  9. PMoon says:

    I can see shitpost potential from this

  10. SkedleLmaoooooo says:


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