Mega Taiga Village Transformation

This map makes Taiga Village look more beautiful than usual because it has been changed in such a way starting from buildings, islands, gardens, mines and has 3 costume trees to make it look better than before.

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We hope you enjoy this map and good luck

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• Add a statue

• Add a farm

• Some improvements


When you have finished downloading the mcworld click the download result and it will immediately enter and import automatically :)


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8 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Kane Crafter says:

    I hope you will make more of these I would like to see a plains village next or maybe villages for biomes without them

  2. Guest-5243312697 says:

    Love this map, and the statues

  3. Guest-3786672845 says:

    This is GAY!

  4. Guest-4950381019 says:

    Make a mega Village below please

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