Megalodon Addon

This complement replaces dolphins with the mythical giant shark that lived 20 million years ago in our oceans.

The Beast possesses 50 hearts of life and deals 20 damage each time it attacks, and is hostile to ALL other entities

The megalodon is hostile to ALL entities, as long as they are close to it

He has 50 ❤️ of life. He deals 100 damage to his opponents. It is 4 times larger than an adult dolphin. It moves at a speed of 0.3 and when it dies drops cod

To summon it, you must use the dolphin’s normal respawn egg

It is recommended not to invoke too many, as they may cause delay due to their large size

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The title of the post has been adjusted as recommended by the administrator


1. Download both Resource And Behavior.

2. Click the files

3. Apply the Addon to your world


Supported Minecraft versions


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58 Responses

1.97 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. DoggoBEPIS says:

    And it looks more like dolphin tortoured by herobrine

  2. DoggoBEPIS says:

    its tail isnt even shark tail

  3. Guest-2983579313 says:

    This… is a dolphin…

  4. Guest-3761177627 says:

    have you already tested this addon with shark addon ?, uses the shark add-on packet with the behavior of the megalodon addon.

  5. Megalodon6002 says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this is an offense to my kind! >:[

  6. SirGecko says:

    I made an addon before and it wasn’t as much pain as you say it was. In fact, no offense, your coding is pretty cheap. I’d use a different application or website for coding.

  7. James g says:

    A dolphin with glowing eyes is not a Megalodon

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure roulette is secretly the creator of this dumb add on and trying to get people to actually like it, no ones changing our minds

  9. what the heck is this. just a big dolphin with glowing eyes and you call that a “megalodon” and you even want to make money of it, also roullette stop supporting this add-on I can make something 1000 times better than this and I don’t suffer while making it

  10. George Soros says:

    Why did you create a second account to constantly rate your own worthless add on 5 stars?

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s not even a shark.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My name is megalodon in most games so just seeing this makes me sad plz try harder

  13. Godzillasaurus says:


  14. Modded Survival lover says:

    dude not gonna lie you make great adventure maps but please improve ur addon creating its not cool when a mob gets replaced especially the dolphin, if your going to make a addon please use Android or PC not IOS please

  15. George pithyou says:

    By far the worst add on that I have come across, why does it replace the dolphin?

  16. Creator says:

    I am a mod creator but idkbwhat is the best mid creator for pc i liked this addon cause this addon is for beginners addon creator good job bro!!!

  17. Realms says:

    Looking from ur page past stuff u posted this ur first addon I understand it going to be hard, I tried make a model for a creature I wanted it didnt go so well just try to take these comments as constructive criticism.

  18. Eren Yeager says:

    I don’t see any add-ons that you’ve posted

  19. Roulette says:

    These fu**ers don’t know how much of a pain making a real and doesn’t replacing addon you guys just hating this addon, why not try it on your own and let’s see how much pain you will gonna get!

  20. Roulette says:

    Don’t listen to these people, they are the who need to make their own add-on… Plus making an add-on is hell fire to your hands. I understand that this is a great add-on! Unlike these people that dont accept a simple replacing add-on… Good work!

  21. mucleman says:


  22. Megalodon says:

    Bro this is not a megalodon this is a dolbrine lol but i really hate this addon cause its only a dolphin with glowing eyes…

  23. Anonymous says:

    This addon is just terrible

  24. Anonymous says:

    Okay literally I’ve seen add ons that have 100s of custom entities, and this is just 1 replaced entity that doesn’t even look half decent, it’s 2019 almost 2020 not 2010

  25. You seriously just replaced a dolphin and called it a magalodon. I could’ve rated this higher if you made a custom model.

  26. Bruh says:

    I didn’t even download it and I already hated it
    It’s just an oversized dolphin with glowing eyes! Just get a computer and make a custom entity and give it a different model!
    I’m sorry, but I hate this addon and I’m not even downloading it

  27. Anonymous says:

    everybody looking for a good shark mod just look up shark this is horrible and even 4 year old brother said that its an oversized dolphin

  28. MISAEL says:

    Mano não é querendo falar mas eu prefiro addons que ñ substitua os mobs vanila

  29. Rogelio says:

    Looks like I’m not make my dreams come true cuz I’m a big fan of megalodon shark 🙁

  30. Anonymous says:

    How did this even get accepted

  31. Modded Survival Lover says:

    Horrible this is just a bigger dolphin with darker looks and glowing eyes.
    1 it replaces mobs
    2 the texture isn’t even good
    3 barely even any effort into this
    Seriously man this is 2019! It’s nearly 2020 and your still making mods that replace stuff? Learn how to script and add a new entity.

  32. Why… This is just a dolphin

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