Melee Weapons Addon (Beta)

This add-ons adds 7 melee weapons with skins and more melee weapons will be added and skins! This pack is survival friendly which means you can craft the weapons and you can craft the skins!

Note: TURN on Experimental gameplay and when you activate several packs to your world,place this pack at the top of all the packs that you have activated or the addon will not work!

To get a specific weapon type the command:

/give @s weapon: parang

To get a skin:

/give @s weaponskin:tropical_slayer_parang

All weapons have durability of 500 and health 15

/function Melee_weapons_addon

The item in this addon is for making the skins:

Skin editor card

The crafting recipes :

Butchers knife:


Spear(At the moment the spear is not throwable but in the next update it will be)



Damage: 30


Damage: 10


Damage: 15


Damage: 8


Damage: 5


These are the skins below for the weapon:

Butchers knife skin:

Gold butchers knife

Spear skins:

Toxic spear

Red splash spear

Mace skin:

Blood moon mace

Katana skins:

Aqua katana

Emerald Katana

Hammer skin:

Toxic Hammer

Parang skins

Sugar rush 

Tropical slayer parang

Knife skins:

Galactic Bolt knife

Colour switch(made by The reaper)

  • Please read the Note given above

Addon made by:Mr fox 

Click on my profile above and follow me on Twitter to know more about the add-on and get notified with the latest addon and tweet and don’t forget to click on the subscription button above! 


Click on the link below to download the add-on!


Supported Minecraft versions


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14 Responses

3.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. ClenchFrame says:

    For some reason the crafting recipes wont work, do you have any idea why? I do have experimental gameplay on

  2. xXSuperZapXx says:

    Great addon! one thing is the items are extremely cheap and really high on damage. I feel that it makes the game too easy. But otherwise great job! 🙂

  3. MMAF11 says:

    no me funciona y eso que solo tengo ese mod y el juego experimental activado

  4. I see you put a really good effort on it, but that textures are just from those “mod maker” apps, so maybe you can change those textures, to simple textures you made in 16×16, there are lots of bases to use for doing this.

  5. PMoon says:

    Pretty good, my only problem is the skin textures but other than that it’s good.

  6. X_Externals_X says:

    Hey man chill out not everything has to be perfect. I honestly think its a good addon.

  7. Davifc says:

    yeah lots of textures that are simple bad or items that are unbalanced yeah no good addon

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