Merging Mobs Addon!

Here it is; the sequel to Merging Items! This mod adds new Mobs/Items and some of them are pretty cool and some of them have unique powers. You guys wanted it, so i made it! (Also, put your ideas in the comments below!)

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Added 4 new mobs to mess around with!

Added 4 new items to play around with!



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The Update Has Been Delayed As I'm Adding New Mechanics To The Game And It's Taking A Long Time To Make The 20 New Mobs And Some Custom Models.
is the creator done with these addons?
in the future can you make mob dna and if we throw the dna down with redstone dust we make new mob
Ender dragon + villager
Drop dragon egg obsidan firecharge drip thorns cobblestone bamboo
Merged dragon egg with any of the 5 items to make a night fury egg monstrous nightmare egg deadly nadder egg gronckle egg and hideous zippleback egg
Can be tamed the same way as taming a cat with the variety of food
Fish chicken and cobblestone
3 dragons are tamed with fish
Nadder tamed with chicken
Gronckle tamed with cobblestone
All use saddle to ride
Equip Chest for storage
Shear for 5 different dragon scales to make fire resident armor
Nightfuries shoot plasma blast
Gronckle lava blast
Deadly nadder shoot spikes from its tail
Monstrous nightmare shoot flame breath and set itself on fire to burn nearby mobs
Zippleback breaths gas and lights it to burn and explode nearby mobs
Btw my favorite is Toothless the nightfury :3
All from the following movies tv series and short films including Legend of the boneknapper Gift of the nightfury Dawn of dragon racers and How to train your dragon Homecoming with How to train your dragon How to train your dragon 2 and How to train your dragon The Hidden World
Riders of berk
Defenders of berk
Race to the edge
I would really love these dragons on this addon :3
Villager + endermen
Trade and build instant structures including end portal
Cat + villager
Drops emerald and phantom membrane
Merged into a laser pointer
Set blocks on fire and mobs
If he adds all the "how to train your dragon" dragons then he may get copyrighted
Merging Mobs Is GETTING AN UPDATE! At Some point In August, You Will See 20 New Mobs Coming To The Addon Including The Creepenger And The Willager!
The Update Has Been Delayed As I'm Adding New Mechanics To The Game And It's Taking A Long Time To Make The 20 New Mobs And Some Custom Models.
Wither skeleton + villager
New illager enemy
Drops nether star and emarald
Merged into emarald star
Use on bow to merged into a laser like IMMA FIRE MAAH LAZOR!!!!!
Wandering trader + enderman
Access the genie to grant a wish like what u really want like a item or
I'VE STARTED TO UPDATE MERGING ITEMS AGAIN! I want to make it the best addon in existance, adding more and more items! Go to Merging Items to suggest ideas. (I will update this soon as well!)
Skrill from httyd
Charged creeper + ender dragon
Tame with fish to own it as a pet
Shoots lightning
Gets its power from lightning bolts
Lightning kept to use it in other situations
Ride with saddle
Right click or trigger to shoot lightning Pc/xbox
Get dragon scales to make dragon armor to be immune to fire and lava
Can to obtained from dragons when they are resting
Wolf + Ocelot
Can now attack creepers
Creepers r scared to death
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious axolotl
Wither + axolotl
Drops nether star and fish
Merged into a food item to tame the axolotolf
Has powers of land and water
Spider + skeleton
Drops spider eye and bow
Merged into spider bow
Poison mobs
Spider + pig
Neutral mob
Drops porkchop + string
Merged into raw spider-ham
Cook eat and get great powers
Ursula ( little mermaid movie villian)
Spider + drowned
Drops trident and gold
Merged into King trident
More dmg farther range and ocean effects