Mermaid Tails Add-on

This Add-on brings you mermaid tails in 5 variations: Aqua, Red, Blue, Green and Pink! When you use a tail and swim in the water, your swimming speed increases! Add-on Creator: @GuilhermeMC0

The tails come in the following variations:





Light Green:

How to get the tails?

It’s very simple! Tails can only be obtained through shipwrecks, treasures and ruins! They are not rare to get too! Take them and venture into the oceans with much more speed!




Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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60 Responses

3.23 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. HarukaBR352 says:

    I wanted the tails to update, so the addon would be better, tails worked perfectly and neat textures ….

  2. HarukaBR352 says:

    Did the tails still update?

  3. LexiIshSleepy says:

    I can’t download it. The download link leads to a website called linkvertise. I keeps telling me to get the premium verse of it down go to the actual file. The addon it’s self looks cool, but there should be more color variety (maybe you can do it like dying leather armor).

  4. Guest-2266601990 says:


  5. Guest-9683902501 says:

    How do you put the mermaid tail on!?

  6. Guest-2310418016 says:

    HI i was wondering if you can change the models to a better looking tail i mean the mod is amazing but the models can be improved and if you lookup mermaid tails can the models be like them please and thank you

  7. Guest-2286948456 says:

    Hey i like the addon but if you can can you make the tails model better and make it look like a tail that would be awesome,also thanks for the addon

  8. Guest-1925028724 says:

    Buenas, he estado utilizando el mod sin problemas hasta que he descubierto que la cola de sirena se queda pillada en el personaje incluso aunque me la quite… He quitado el mod al completo y la skin de mi personaje sigue saliendo con cola de sirena… Me gustaría poder arreglarlo.

  9. Guest-4314235900 says:

    can u make a better animation if you are on land because it looks now weird

  10. Guest-1986154423 says:

    I cant put the tail on 🙁

  11. Guest-5054741317 says:

    It looks awesome. I would like to see new textures and tail stiles. Just a suggestion

  12. honeybeez says:

    just wanna know, is it alright if i make some skins on skinseed for the mermaid tails?

  13. Guest-6518649683 says:

    It dont work in my mcpe the screen get black then he kicked me out i need to denvital the addon for play mcpe but the link is good

  14. Guest-6843804850 says:

    Hey my dude, how do you put the tail on? I can’t figure out where, cause when I try to put it on, it doesn’t go on.

  15. Guest-2071988414 says:

    How do you equip it?

  16. Guest-1844539638 says:

    Linkvertise can succ my dic

  17. Guest-5911118637 says:

    how to get past Linkvertise

  18. Guest-5400965001 says:

    Hi, I could download the file, but it didn’t work, when importing it into the game. A message popped up which said the file name was unknown. Can you please help me? I’m using minecraft education edition.

  19. Guest-9687621283 says:

    no more Linkvertise

  20. Guest-7818527012 says:

    can you do ad fly or cuz on Linkvertise you need to pay for Premium

  21. Guest-5039186952 says:

    This Addon is capable of break your Minecraft 😎😎😎.

  22. shadowthefox says:

    Can we have a xbox version plz?

  23. Guest-4292655692 says:

    Two Legs become tails and flash when enter the world, is this a BUG

  24. FrostytheBEAST says:

    Yeah this is a cool addon but i dont like how the model looks like if you could change that would be awesome 4 stars at the moment im gonna wait until u change the model

  25. Guest-7797587329 says:

    I have been looking for a mod like this and i have found it. It is awesome now i use it all the time and i am on console. Thank you for making this addon/mod.

  26. Guest-1667779423 says:

    i have been looking for a mod for mermaids and now i have found it.
    This is awesome now i use it all the time

  27. Guest-6003642330 says:

    I can’t use Linkvertise. Is there a way that you can use MediaFire?

  28. Guest-9227827672 says:

    Is the tail supposed to flash?

  29. Guest-6574720604 says:

    can u breath underwater too?

  30. Guest-9388552371 says:

    Awesome addon! I just subscribed to you too.

  31. Guest-9031079523 says:

    Pretty cool!

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