-1850349118: Mesa Biome & Villages

This seed spawns you very close to two separate villages and combined they should contain food and supplies to last you for weeks. There are also great opportunities if you want to go out and explore since there is a large mesa biome very close to spawn. There you will be able to find lots of gold too.

Found by: HappyTimeOrange

The spawn is just in front of a medium sized village with one blacksmith. It’s impossible to miss. Enter the blacksmith and open the chest to obtain some useful items.

  • 2 iron boots
  • 2 bread
  • 1 apple
  • 4 saplings

The next village is located very close to the first one. Assuming you’ve set the render distance to max it should be very easy to find. It’s just straight ahead from the first village (or you can just follow the river).

Both of the villages are situated in a plains biome which borders a large mesa biome.

There are lots of gold you will be able to find in the mesa biome and the benefit is that much of it can be found on the surface without having to go deep underground.

Seed: -1850349118

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  1. Dabinnugget says:

    Actually this is useful and I’ll get two other mods with it!

  2. YoGamer244423 says:


  3. Sinbolism says:

    It might be lagging because of the zombie spawner that’s about 10 blocks down just past the end of the path by the blacksmith, as you head towards 2nd village. There is also a spider spawner about 30 blocks east (towards sunrise) from the zombie spawner, as well as a skeleton spawner about 30 blocks ‘SE’ from that one.
    I had to cut my chunks down as low as possible until I was able to light up the zombie spawner and take out all the mobs.

  4. CoolAwesomeGamer says:

    Is this super laggy?

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