Mesozoic Biology

Mesozoic Biology is one of many other dino addons, but, this one is special, because Mesozoic Biology aims for Scientific accuracy! Many effort has been putted into it to make the most accurate models ever, with assesory by experts on the field, we hope you like it!

Mesozoic Biology as said before, is an addon that aims for Scientific accuracy, and, archieves it, so, if you want to see how dinosaurs really were, this is your addon! So, let’s get into it!

In this beta, we have 7 dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops horridus, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, Edmontosaurus annectens, Diplodocus hallorum, Ornithomimus velox, Concavenator corcovatus and a prehistoric fish, Mawsonia gigas, all of them are tameable, sittable, rideable, and saddleable (saddle is optional)

First of all, we have the fossils, they are the remains of the colossal creatures that lived on the past, they spawn in every biome and there’s one for each dino

Then we have the cloning machine, to craft it you need the items shown in the image, it will give you a building set block that you have to break in order to get the cloning machine, after that, the machine gives you a dino egg depending on the fossil you give to it

Then, we have the eggs, for now all of them are the same, but in the future they will have special models and textures for each of them!

Now let’s go to the real focus of this addon, the dinosaurs!

Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus roamed north america in the late cretaceous, this guy has a big change during pubertry, tame one and watch him grow!


Sexual dimorfism: males are yellow with brown feathers and some other colors, while females are dark gray with a lighter gray on their feathers

HP: 2500

Attack damage: 1500

Tameable with: bones

Ageable with: most raw meat

Healable with: raw and cooked beef

Breedable with: cooked porkchop

Triceratops horridus

Triceratops lived alongside Tyrannosaurus in north america late cretaceous, this guy also has extreme changes during pubertry, is passive towards all neutral and passive mobs, except for chickens, rabbits, and bees


Sexual dimorfism: Females are cyan with white horns, while males are dark blue with orange horn tips

HP: 3000

Attack damage: 1500

Tameable with: golden carrot

Ageable with: leaves, apples, carrot, beetrooth, and raw rabbit

Healable with: apple and golden apple

Breedable with: golden carrot

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus roamed africa on the starts of the cretaceous, this one is the weakest of them all, but, it has a special ability, it swims super fast and with his own swim animation!


Sexual dimorfism: Males are blue with orange sail and red tail, while females are entirely brown

HP: 1800

Attack damage: 600

Tameable with: bones

Ageable with: some raw meat and salmon

Healable with: raw and cooked salmon

Breedable with: cooked porkchop

Edmontosaurus annectens

Edmontosaurus was the favorite prey of Tyrannosaurus, this guy is basically the most normal dinosaur of the addon, and it doesn’t even has a saddle :|, it attacks rabbits, chickens and bees


Sexual dimorfism: Both of them are green because they needed to avoid predators, but, the males have some red stripes here and there

HP: 2000

Attack damage: 600

Tameable with: golden carrot

Ageable with: leaves, apples, carrot, beetrooth, and raw rabbit

Healable with: apple and golden apple

Breedable with: golden carrot

Diplodocus hallorum

Diplodocus is the biggest and strongest dinosaur of this addon, this colossal creature is passive towards everything, except chickens, rabbits and bees, this guy can carry 11 players on his back!


Sexual dimorfism: Males are yellow with brown stripes, while females are entirely brown

HP: 7500

Attack damage: 3250

Tameable with: golden carrot

Ageable with: leaves, apples, carrot, beetrooth, and raw rabbit

Healable with: apple and golden apple

Breedable with: golden carrot

Ornithomimus velox

Ornithomimus is a small Ornithomimid from north america, this guy lived alongside Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Edmontosaurus, this guy is passive unless you attack it


Sexual dimorfism: Males have a brown back and blue dots on their wings, while females don’t have brown on their tail and neither blue dots on their wings

HP: 100

Attack damage: 20

Tameable with: wheat seeds

Ageable with: chicken, rabbit, carrot, apple, leaves

Healable with: wheat

Breedable with: wheat seeds

Concavenator corcovatus

Concavenator is a small carcharodontosaurid from spain, this guy hunted Pelecanimimus (not added yet) so, when seeing a Ornithomimus, it will think that it’s a giant Pelecanimimus, and it will attack it


Sexual dimorfism: Males are yellow with a red back, and orange stripes, while females are gray with some darker gray stripes

HP: 150

Attack damage: 40

Tameable with: bone

Ageable with: all kinds of raw meat

Healable with: beef and cooked beef

Breedable with: cooked porkchop 

Mawsonia gigas

Mawsonia is a prehistoric fish that lived alongside Spinosaurus, this guy is big and friendly, you can ride them and controll them with a Fish on a stick, this fish on a stick is crafteable with a fishing rod and a raw cod at his right


HP: 30-35

Concavenator Hump

Concavenators when dying will drop their hump, you can cook this hump to eat it and get possitive effects like regen!

Tyrannosaurus statue

Now Tyrannosaurus when dying, drops his corpse, and Edmontosaurus when dying drops his head, with these items, dirt and slabs of x wood in this order, you can craft the building set of the statue, when breaking it, it will give you the statue

Click here to go to our discord

Video guide will eventually come, I’ll post the link to it on the comments


Xenomorph and Dinosaurs


The Gaming Baryonyx

Roxy toxy

Primal Gamer

Dinosaurs Fan/Dinotopia/All for one





Scientific assesors:


Paleo Fan

Capitan Concavenator

R̵̩̭͐͂̕͠E̴̤̞͎͕͐ͅD̸̢̬͇̝͔̍̈ ̸̧̰̝̊̔Ţ̷̯̯̃͋́͌̔͜.̶̥͒̈̑̆͆ ̶̪̈́̋̽R̸͙̹͇͑͋͋ͅE̷̩̱̥̥͒̀͛̑̎X̶͓͒̆͝ ̸̝̂̀̈Ḯ̴̤̮̺͌͑̋S̸̥͙͗͌͋N̶͖̩̜̹͇̆̎͗’̵̨̖̽͌̊͆͂T̵̳̥͖̦̏̋̂͐͜ ̷̬͌́̏R̵̘̖̅ͅȨ̷̡̺̽̿̓͋A̸̼͉͖͆̿͋̽ͅL̸̬̲͎̮̓̆̍̈́͝ͅ

Changelog View more

-Added Mawsonia

-Added Fish on a stick

-Added Mawsonia corpse

-Added Ornithomimus

-Added Concavenator

-Added raw and cooked Concavenator hump

-Added translation to Spanish

-Removed Red T. rex

-Added sexual dimorfism

-Added ontogeny to Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops

-Added (still WIP) Sleeping and blinking to Tyrannosaurus

-Added fossils

-Added cloning machine

-Added Edmontosaurus

-Added Diplodocus


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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91 Responses

4.49 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Beam006 says:

    Can you add pteranodon and dimorphodon?

  2. Cobra48 says:

    This mod is amazing!
    I wanted to play Fossils and Archeology, but its such a hassle just to change the version.
    I Just have a few suggestions in order to change my rating to 5 star:
    -Make the cloning machine a block instead of an entity (just like in Fossils and Archeology)
    -Add new inventory sprites for the new feature, not just spawn eggs
    -Make fossil skeletons work a little differently (they are too common, try to make the skeletons rarer)
    -Add Fossil Blocks that can be found in caves, mountains, and cliffs.

    Other that that, this mod is surely amazing!

    • Welp, thanks for the feedback! And about your suggestions, due to limitations of MC we can’t make custom blocks have custom models or trading options, that’s why the machine is an entity, and for the fossil blocks, I don’t figure out how to make blocks naturally spawn yet, but we will add custom sprites for the functions and we’ll also make fossils rarer

  3. Anime Child says:

    Love the addon! Just one question though… Can you add fossil statues?
    If you can that would be great!
    I want the fossil statues to be craftable please.

  4. Inverted waffles says:

    Love this update and i cant wait to see what is coming for the next update.


    Pls add a pterodactyl if you can Great mod thx for making it

  6. Cat_trooper says:

    Very good Addon but I would like some things: conc’s foot steps are far from matching with the speed and it looks like it’s just sliding , I would like that ostrich Dino would run away at the same distant as at least 10-20 away , and finally I would like it if you can find a way to and a custom fossil block so we actually need to mine fossils (if you can it want to) but so far every else is really good

  7. J_dhen0030 says:

    Bro remember me I hope you put some sounds in it

  8. i like jwfk says:

    next update a mosasaurus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Davianortis says:

    Am I the only one who cant craft or spawn the cloning machine?

  10. The great Q says:

    “Unlike other addons, mesozoic biology aims for scientific accuracy” talk about false advertising all the dinos have insane stats and even the diplodocus is super fast.

    • Welp, first, the stats, we did some serious studies to the stats of the creatures of minecraft that exist irl to make them, minecraft is an unconsistent game, lava should instakill everything, TNT should kill everything on the range of it, and more, and then, diplo’s speed, the speed of diplodocus is estimated on 25kmph, and steve’s speed is 12kmph aprox, so, diplodocus has an accurate speed, maybe it should even be faster, I’m surprised no one has criticized the fact that Spinosaurus isn’t quadruped tho

  11. M.M.16 player says:

    Can you add therizinosaurus next update?

  12. Emeto says:

    The mod is great but textures, color choices and animations in dinosaurs need to be improved
    And i think we need fossil ore

  13. Beam006 says:

    Add stegosaurus, gallimimus, mosasaurus, pteranodon, dimorphodon, dilophosaurus, velociraptor, ichtyosaurus, elasmosaurus, ammonite, cretoxyrhina, baryonyx, suchomimus, carnotaurus, allosaurus, ceratosaurus, nasutoceratops, protoceratops, pachyrhinosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, sinoceratops, brachiosaurus, apatosaurus, dakotaraptor, utahraptor, albertosaurus, lambeosaurus, corythosaurus, hipsilophodon, parksosaurus, ankylosaurus, denversaurus, oviraptor, anzu, psittacosaurus, siamotyrannus, vayuraptor, iguanodon and lastly parasaurolophus

  14. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Le Mawsonia

  15. KH2890GamingYT says:

    This is my favorite dinosaurs add-on keep working what dinosaurs will you add next?!!!
    I’m so excited and 5 star for the creator✨

  16. DevastatorX5 says:

    Can you make them spawn naturally coz All I find are fossils. Please make them spawn but just rarely or I’m just stupid and can’t find them but great addon 5 Stars

  17. kayleia says:

    Okay so, I love the addon, love the update, but I cant download it. Cant change to zip. Nothin. Please fix the link?

  18. Blue Wizard Wolf says:

    Can you plz add pterosaurs and velociraptors?

  19. Drackinus says:

    i really love you work,is amazing ,give us more surprises s2

  20. Drackinus says:

    hi, good morning do you intend to put carnotaurus, dilophosaurus or even dimetrodon? i love these creatures and thanks for the great addon

  21. Irish Jevil says:

    Very good mod, but could you make the eyes on some of the dinosaurs more realistic and less cute?

  22. Metal sulvio says:

    hello I wanted you to add more carnivores like velociraptor, carnotaurus ….. (I don’t know if these dinos existed in the Mesozoic era) but add more carnivorous dinos so it will be a complete addon of dinosaurs 🙂

  23. Kain no kyoukai says:

    Hey guy please tell me i can install behaviour pack but i can’t install resources pack i delete resources pack and behaviour of old version. Please help me.

  24. akbarIndo47 says:

    is there a some way to remove the shadow of mob in Minecraft

  25. Flame X says:

    Hey creator!!! I loved your mod… Can you make a mod having Cenozoic animals…. If u can plz make a mod on it….😊😊😊

  26. GhettoSaurus says:

    Okay I like the idea with this addon but I have some problems with this.

    1. T. rex most likely didn’t have feather covering as an Adult, also for a predatory animal if you still want to use the yellow I suggest darken the tone.

    2. The textures in general feel out of place for a Minecraft addon in my humble opinion, maybe you should get someone else’s to retexture the models so they could come off a little natural.

    3. This one is a question but are you guys working on growth stages for the animals?

    4. Another one is will there be sexual dimorphism?

    • 1-Tyrannosaurus was probably feathered, as you can see in this video, it’s a bit outdated, but the info related to the topic (feathers) is mostly correct
      Also, the coloration of dinosaurs is totally unknown, and a yellowish tone would combine with the semi swampy habitat Tyrannosaurus lived in

      2-If you are talking about colors, welp, all of them have justifications and, Spino will come with a new and more natural coloration in next updates, while with Trike, his blue coloration means extreme danger, due to it being stronger than a T. rex, so if a T. rex sees it, it will know is dangerous and go away



  27. SuperMetaKnight2020 says:

    There are a few non scienfcally accurate parts of this addon.

    1. The Dinosaurs Colour palettes are wrong, The Trex should be Brown or Dark Coloured so those the other 2 dinos.

    2. Nerf The HP and Damage, make them have up such as 80hp because these things are stronger then the Ender Dragon

  28. The loop says:

    Hey xenomorph_and_Dinosaurs, please make the the saddle alittle bit bigger on the triceratops because it’s big head blocks the view in first person view, That’s all I have to say or then the rest of your add-on like the textures and behaviors is Amazing!

  29. Nexha says:

    i cant tame any of them i offer spinos and rexes bones but nothing pops up same with tricertrops can you fix it pls?

  30. Indoraptor145 says:


  31. Nobody knows what dinosaurs sounded like, but can you add sounds?

  32. Why do every modded creatures in literally every single bedrock addon deal so much damage? The mods in Java balanced this by adding weapons capable of killing them and giving them actual lores, but bedrock addons constantly add basically armies of Saitama for no reason. What kind of trend is this?

  33. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    You cannot begin to imagine how grateful i am for a good quality realistic Mesozoic addon.

  34. XxDracoAzul_GamerxX says:

    You can make a more big Spinosaur and Brown Rex and more designs to all dinos?

  35. XxDracoAzul_GamerxX says:

    You can make a more big Spinosaur and Brown Rex?

  36. I_Will_Judge_You says:


    • Why is it inaccurate? All the models were carefully assesored to be accurate, and all the precautions were taken to do it right

      • I_Will_Judge_You says:

        Alright, let me tell you why, let’s start of with the blur triceratops. The pigment of blue is very rare in creatures, even today, it is so rare that there are very few animals that are in this color, and also, how would the triceratops hide from its predators, it can’t camouflage! Because it is blue! You might make the excuse that it is brightly coloured so it can pretend to be toxic, well, do you know how a predator finds out wether a prey is toxic? They eat it. If nothing happens, they eat the whole species, and guess what? The triceratops is blue! So it would be easy to spot in the wild!

      • I_Will_Judge_You says:

        Now let’s do the tyrannosaurus, same reason as the triceratops, it is a bright colour. The spinosaurus model is realistic, but the color is not. Alright, now the final problem: the sitting. The way they sit is so scientifically unnaccurate that if dinosaurs sat like that they would break their legs. If they even could sit like that, they would have to have a ball and socket joint on their thigh bone joint, which is impossible, and it’s not there, and even if it was ther, how would they get back up?! Those are the problems I see.

      • I_Will_Judge_You says:

        Awesome addon, btw. Just these problems.

        • First of all, Triceratops coloration is blue not because of being toxic, is because of being extremely dangerous, and the predators wouldn’t attack it, but I need to admit that it’s too bright, maybe it’s because all of our skins are based on prehistoric park dinos, next thing is the Tyrannosaurus, the colors of it aren’t that bright, they fit with the place they lived in, and, the sitting, yes, it’s antinatural, it’s going to be fixed in next updates, and the spinosaurus coloration has the same justification as tyrannosaurus, and, another thing I need to mention, they are all that bright because we are also adding females, and we want to make a relatively big constrast between genders, basing this off on modern birds, thanks for the feedback!

          • I_Will_Judge_You says:

            Oh ok! Those where just little problems I had with the color and sitting, the models are fine and I understand what you are aiming to do now. But as far as studies go and every prehistoric expert I’ve met, they’ve never showed the coloration of the triceratops to be blue, same with the T. rex. Other than that, great addon! Thank you for your time!

  37. Good job! The models and behavior is pretty good but the textures are too colourfull please make them less colourful and more combinations

  38. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    The spinosaurus is the most accurate out of all of them, except for the colour!

  39. alessandre says:

    you can make a prehistoric crocodile like sarcosuchus purussaurus

  40. π play says:

    How are the generation rules?

  41. Avian Crux says:

    It’s amazing honestly

  42. Also, I forgot to say that Capitan Concavenator also worked on the addon! And I also forgot the link to our discord:

    • Nexha says:

      i cant express how grateful i am this mod looks and is amazing but can you pls make the dinos a bit more balanced they seem too op and so easy to tame can u make them like 250 health and 50 attack and rideable i wanna use it with other addons that add diffrent bosses with like 500 health so it would be nice to have my rex with me they just seem too op and too easy amazing job thank you so much

    • alessandre says:

      friend I am not convinced the spinosaurus is very colorful

  43. garrette says:

    What are the types of dinosaurs you plan on adding?

  44. M.M.16 player says:

    Good addon can you add more dinosaurs next update please!

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