MesozoiCraft: Rex’s Rivals

Welcome some of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs to you MCBE  world! Dinos that could possibly rival the tyrannosaurus!! Welcome the Rex’s Rivals!!! Tyrannosaurus better watch out!! These carnivores will terrorize your world!


If you are planning to showcase this addon, please link back to the mcpedl page and credit me and JurassicZilla

These dinos all have epic animations and sound! Animations include: Attack, Roar, Sleep(only activates at night), Drink(only activates when near water), idle, etc. They are very powerful creatures, and if you dare try to fight them, be prepared with armor. Adult dinos also can lay eggs. Beware of the great prehistoric hunters!!

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Hot fix update, (again). Sizes are more like real life.

Changed sizes of the dinos so they arent gigantic liike before.


Enable Experimental Gameplay


Supported Minecraft versions


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51 Responses

4.09 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. Pls end me says:

    How do you download this mod safely I followed the instructions but it’s forcing me to allow notifications now 🙁

  2. YayLol says:

    Hey legitdragonb0y what happend to the orespawn mod?

  3. SkMoreira1003 says:

    When are you going to update Dragon Mounts 2 to mcpe 1.16 version. When I play the addon with this version, the biomes and some kinds of dragons doesn’t spawn and I can’t tame any baby dragon. Please, update the addon! It’s my favorite dragon addon.

  4. Santoigorlima says:

    models are well made, movements are well made but I feel like the dinos textures are lazy. some of them you just used a brush on different colours and lined all its body. where is the blocky aspect of minecraft that we love so much?

  5. ThatOnePanda15 says:

    Can’t find the special biome generation addon? No dinos have spawned as well and I assume it’d because I don’t have the mesozoic biomes..

  6. J_dhen0030 says:

    Can you fix the glitch to their Animations

  7. The great Q says:

    Maybe you should nerf their stats also the t rex has barely half as much health as the carcharodontosaurids which makes no sense

  8. KevinBlue says:

    I downloaded from MCPEDL, but I have a warning on the top right of my screen that says #stopmilkingouraddons. How do I remove it?

  9. Ogniko says:

    Will you make more of mezosoicraft? I liked this one and the gentle giants too. Are you planning on making more? IF so, maybe you could do ceratopsians, like trike, styraco, nasuceratops, Andy others

  10. Flame X says:

    Hey creator!!! I loved your mod… Can you make a mod having Cenozoic animals…. If u can plz make a mod on it….😊😊😊

  11. J_dhen0030 says:

    I really love your addon really I used it in my JP map I build this week but I noticed that there is a BUG in the animations when you spawn this dinosaurs wait for 10-15 seconds they stop moving like when you heard them roar but their not I hope you fix that bug because I really love this Addon

  12. TheArbiter4690 says:

    Does this addon include the biomes that the dinos need to spawn?

  13. Dragon Black says:

    Awesome addon,please add indoraptor and indoraptor level 40,velociraptor and velociraptor level 40.

  14. FeralChild says:

    Change to link because it is blocked

  15. garrette says:

    I still can’t download it. I think I can’t get onto the website to download it. The mod looks really cool. I’m also having the same issue for your gentle giants mod. Your aquatic ++ mod works so can you make the link to download it work the same way as that please. thank you for your hard work on this mod

  16. The loop says:

    I love how you made the textures of the spinosaurus.

  17. Beam006 says:

    Spinosaurus take damage by water

  18. REXthedinosaurnerd says:

    #stopmilkingouraddons (Stolen from Diddy Konk, jurassicraft, project prehistoric, and more)

  19. REXthedinosaurnerd says:

    indominus model has been stolen
    And giga and charchara are stolen from project prehistoric

  20. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    And Finally make the dinos have an aware or idk whats it called(to make the scp addon human npcs scared than just standing there)

  21. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    And make the two addons(Gentle Giants) can Have Mob spawning bcuz It wont work

  22. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    Pleeeaaaassseee make it stop spawning BABIES PLS.(also the Gentle Giants)

  23. SuperMetaKnight2020 says:

    Add feathers to the T-rex

  24. Koen boomsma says:

    Make a addon of prehestoric marine animals and cenozoics

  25. GreenVoid 29k says:

    uuuum…….They’re Not actually Fighting Each Other When I Download It Except Indominus Rex….

  26. GreenVoid 29k says:

    uuuum….. They’re Not actually Fighting Each Other When I Download It…. Except Indominus Rex

  27. XxDracoAzul_GamerxX says:

    You can make tame all dinos?
    And can add or make a raptors update or addon

  28. DarkusAnima says:

    Looks super amazing

  29. TheManWhoFindsHisLostLegoPieces says:

    Please remove the #stopmilkingouraddons, think about people who use it for private use, you can copyright youtubers whom use it without permission.

  30. Pls put mediafire link LegitDragonbOy

  31. Notacow says:

    Really like the addon but can you tame them

  32. alessandre says:

    friend grabs a prehistoric crocodile and a level 40 prehistoric crocodile

  33. Nexha says:

    Very great amd balanced mod looking forward to see your work in the future maybe tamable and rideable?? always cool to have a rex friend amazing job truly great textures and animations

  34. AzureDragonXR says:

    Can u please make a resource and behavior download separate please I can’t download it without it

  35. AzureDragonXR says:

    Hey can u make a resource and behavior download links instead because for some older versions of devices like mine I can’t download a pack with multiple in it

  36. It’s amazing but spino takes damage when it goes underneath the water

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