Metamorposis Not Enough Items Mod

Metamorposis Not Enough Items Mod adds the possibility to access a graphical user interface (GUI) where you can change the time of the day, switch between creative and survival mode, enable magnet mode and lots of other options. It’s similar to Too Many Items but much more simplistic in terms of features.

This is the first release which explains why it still includes some GUI problems but such issues will likely be fixed in the next versions.

Creator: Metamorposis_2


  • Switch buttons: heal, survival/creative, trash can (empties your inventory), day/night
  • Magnet mode: all dropped items/blocks within a 10 block radius will be automatically added to your inventory
  • Inventory save menu: ability to save current inventory stats to be able to restore it later
  • Potion selecter: add potions
  • Potion remover: removes all active potion effects
  • Item/block list adder: select any item or block in the list
  • Item/block ID adder: input an ID and have it added to your inventory
  • Options: customize the resolution of the graphical user interface, change background

To access the new game options tap on the bottom-left N button.


If the GUI doesn’t fit the screen you can change the resolution by accessing the options. It’s still a little bit glitchy as only some of the buttons adjust to the resolution changes.



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14 Responses

  1. OM UsetYT says:

    Can you plz add shape shifting mod?

  2. Hendri says:

    I like This mods

  3. Eddie says:

    I love it so much

  4. Pedro Pinho says:

    I like these mod more then “these is the BEST mod ever”

  5. Carter says:

    There isn’t such thing as herobrine you now that right?

  6. Guillermo says:

    How do I download this I have ios

  7. Rob says:

    This mod will be amazing

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